Diviners Fest 2022

Diviners Fest is an annual festival organized by Diviners with the aim of bringing healing, artistic

How to get rid of suffering?

The secret is that we can’t change everything immediately, but we can have the right understanding to master the situation. What we need is to understand that everything has a root cause, when we find the cause. The root cause will have a completely changed perspective. The pain you go through will become a blessing that gives you wisdom.

The Foundation of Meditation

Meditation is observing your natural breath and not doing anything. Such observing the breath is the process of meditation. The practice of meditation nourishes and sharpens your awareness. Observe the breath as it is, with 100% attention, not with sleepiness or distraction. 

Q&A with Master Ojas Oneness: Conscious Teachers

Hope you can get the answers for your practical problems here and spread this article to those who have care about the new wave of Conscious education for our next generation!

How to turn a house into a home?

You deserve to live in a home, not just a house. And you absolutely can become a talented engineer. Do this with all your love for your family and loved ones.

Why should we celebrate a vegan Tet holiday?

We often think that on Tet holiday, we have to treat each other with delicious and luxury dishes, and often the dishes are made from animals. However, is it the best choice for the health of our loved ones and meaningful actions for our lives?

The Beauty of Integrity

Integrity in patience as deep as the Ocean! There is no end point, just dip and sink in this patient water to reach the vastness, the expansion of the being and also the most tolerant. To be as profound as an expert, a scientist, a committed scholar, a compassionist…

Drop A Little Beauty Into This Universe

I become balanced, adding nothing to the world and taking away nothing. I let the world “be itself”. I just want to drop a little “beauty of the breath” into the air.

Healing with Nature

Nature has always generously given us the most important things we need to survive. Such unconditional love that we will be nourished from the roots of our cells physically and spiritually

Be the inspirer

When you have that resource, always say “yes” to help people with integrity saying that “This is my ability to help people right now”.

Consicous celebration helps us unite as one

We are one, not seperate. No matter where we are, the truth will always be the truth, we are here to love, to realize that we are one about essence, we are all lov, not separate.

Diviners Fest 2021 is Open To Welcome You!

Have you ever imagined a certain large space, surrounded by conscious friends from all over the world, getting together in the fresh festive atmosphere, immersing in art forms together?

Healing Energy at Diviners Fest 2021

The Festival is a combination of diverse experiences, including creative arts, music, transformation and lifestyle. Living in the festival.

Anand – colorful aliveness with Zumba

Anand – colorful aliveness with Zumba. For him, true freedom is when we have the insight into life to discover happiness from within.

The power of conscious community

When we have a clear view of the laws of nature, ready to accept the lessons, we can see the beauty of life even in the ups and downs.

Collaboration + Contribution = Celebration!

“After all, life is about experience and giving what we have” . We believe the true meaning of the festival is: Collaboration + Contribute = Celebration

True Freedom

Free Energy is always available within each person, only it is prevented by the conditions of the mind. What we need to do is allow this flow to flow through spontaneity and observe ourselves more in the process.

We are born to live life to the fullest!

We give our best in every activity we do and we enjoy every moment of our lives. To be able to do this we need to discover inner purity and become transparent.

Why are our moods so ups and downs?

Be ready to uncover the root of the problem, learn from it, and proactively find solutions to create the reality you want!

Our body is smarter than we think

The body is the creation of the Universe. Therefore, if you nourish, love, and accept your body, it means that you are walking on the path of transformation and discovering your true nature.

Healing Messages for Families on Mid-Autumn Festival

The Full Moon phase is a special time for families to have conscious activities together. Families that sit and practice meditation together, then express what’s deep in their hearts, that family will receive many blessings, purifying karma.

Become a Money Magnet

You can completely become a “magnet” to attract money when you raise your vibrational frequency.

Have you ever loved yourself, truly?

We always want to be loved and engrossed in love races. Finding love from the outside will never be enough, and the feeling of lack will drown you in the deadlocks and sufferings of life.

Going with the flow

The art of living at DIVINERS is “Going with the Flow.” So what is going with

Why should you be detailed?

Ultimate liberation or enlightenment is nothing but the breakdown of reality into its fundamental happenings. Master

Poem “I Am”by Diviners Team

Read beautiful and heartfelt poems written by Diviners team about “I am”. Celebrate the diversity and unity in the differences.

Be in the flow

One of the Diviners’s mantra is “Be in the flow.” So, what is the flow? Look at the river. A river flows naturally, freely, never stops.

Totality in our Consciousness

Life is frustrating when we are unconsciously conscious! We can never experience totality and completeness until

Recap Diviners Fest 2020

With 20 guest artists, 50 vendors and nearly 2000 participants cheering and watching, and a team of volunteers giving their all – Diviners Fest 2020 has ended with a great energy of the festival. for community.