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Day 188: From Curiosity to Calling: The Journey of Interest, Passion, and Purpose – Message from Master Oneness

Interest, passion, and purpose are three distinct concepts that shape your life and influence your choices.

While they may overlap at times, it is important to understand their differences and the role they play in your personal growth and fulfillment.


Interest refers to a curiosity or attraction towards a particular subject, activity, or area of knowledge. It is a natural inclination that draws your attention and engages you in learning or exploring. Interests can be diverse and ever-evolving, driven by your innate curiosity and the desire to expand your horizons. They serve as avenues for exploration and self-discovery, allowing you to gather experiences and knowledge in various domains.


Passion, on the other hand, is a deep and intense emotional connection towards something. It goes beyond mere interest and evokes strong feelings of enthusiasm, joy, and dedication. Passion is often fueled by a sense of purpose and personal significance. It is an inner fire that drives you to invest time, energy, and effort into a specific pursuit or area of interest. Passion is infectious and can inspire and motivate others as well.


Purpose, the most profound of the three, refers to a higher calling or a sense of meaning and direction in life. It goes beyond personal fulfillment and encompasses the impact you wish to have on the world around you. Purpose is a guiding force that gives your life a sense of significance and empowers you to make a positive difference. It is a deep understanding of your values, strengths, and the unique contribution you can offer to society.

While these concepts may seem clear-cut, people often confuse them due to their interconnected nature. Sometimes, a strong interest can develop into a passionate pursuit and eventually align with one’s purpose. However, not all interests or passions necessarily align with one’s purpose, and that is perfectly okay. It is a natural part of the journey of self-discovery to explore various interests and passions before uncovering one’s true purpose.

The level of focus and commitment varies among interest, passion, and purpose.

Interests are often more fluid and can change over time as you explore new avenues and expand your knowledge.

Passions, on the other hand, tend to have a stronger sense of commitment and dedication. They inspire you to invest significant time and effort, often becoming a central part of your life.

Purpose, being the deepest level of alignment with your values and impact, provides the greatest focus and commitment. It acts as a compass, guiding your decisions and actions in a way that aligns with your sense of meaning and fulfillment.

It is worth noting that while passions and interests may fluctuate throughout life, purpose has the potential to endure and remain a driving force.

However, this does not mean that passions and interests are less valuable. They contribute to your personal growth, provide joy and fulfillment in the present moment, and can even lead you to uncover your true purpose.

Understanding the distinctions between interest, passion, and purpose allows you to navigate your life with greater clarity and intention. By embracing your interests, nurturing your passions, and aligning with your purpose, you can lead life that are filled with meaning, focus, and commitment.

It is through this holistic approach that you can fully embrace your unique journey and make a positive and tranforming impact on yourself and the world around you.

Message day 188 – Master Oneness (Diviners Vietnam)

Combining interest, passion, and purpose can lead to the manifestation of profound things in your life.

Here are some steps to help you integrate these elements and unleash their transformative power:

  1. Explore Your Interests: Begin by exploring various interests that captivate your curiosity. Dive into different subjects, activities, and experiences that pique your interest. Allow yourself the freedom to discover new passions and uncover hidden talents. Engage in learning, experimentation, and exploration without the pressure of immediate results.
  2. Identify Your Passions: Pay attention to the activities or areas that ignite a deep sense of joy, enthusiasm, and dedication within you. These are your passions. Reflect on the activities or pursuits that bring you the greatest fulfillment and align with your values. Consider how you can integrate these passions into your daily life and make them a central part of your journey.
  3. Connect with Your Purpose: Reflect on the bigger picture of your life. What is the impact you want to make? What values do you hold dear? What unique contribution can you offer to the world? By understanding your purpose, you gain clarity on how your interests and passions can align with something greater than yourself. Your purpose becomes the guiding force that infuses your actions with meaning and direction.
  4. Seek Alignment: Once you have identified your interests, passions, and purpose, seek alignment among them. Look for opportunities where they overlap and can complement each other. Explore how your passions and interests can serve your purpose and contribute to your personal growth and the betterment of others. Identify projects, endeavors, or career paths that allow you to combine these elements harmoniously.
  5. Take Inspired Action: Manifesting profound things requires action. Take deliberate steps towards your goals, guided by your interests, passions, and purpose. Cultivate a sense of discipline, perseverance, and resilience as you work towards bringing your vision to life. Embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning, staying committed to your path even when faced with obstacles.
  6. Embrace Growth and Adaptation: Recognize that the journey of combining interests, passions, and purpose is dynamic and ever-evolving. Be open to growth, new discoveries, and unexpected shifts along the way. Allow yourself the freedom to adapt your direction and redefine your goals as you gain deeper insights and understanding. Embrace the process of continual self-discovery and transformation.
  7. Cultivate Mindfulness and Gratitude: Throughout your journey, practice mindfulness and gratitude. Stay present in the moment, appreciating the joys and lessons that come with aligning your interests, passions, and purpose. Express gratitude for the opportunities, experiences, and connections that support your path. Cultivating a awakened sense  and nurturing a grateful heart will amplify the profound impact of your endeavors.

By combining your interests, nurturing your passions, and aligning with your purpose, you can manifest profound things in your life. This integration allows you to create a life that is deeply fulfilling, meaningful, and impactful.

Remember that the journey itself is transformative, and the process of aligning these elements will continue to unfold as you evolve and grow. Embrace the power within you to manifest the profound and create a life that resonates with your true essence.

About Master Oneness

Master Oneness is an enlightened Artist and Visionary of Oneness consciousness, who is spreading his light and wisdom to bring awakening energy to every artist’s life.

He teaches self-realization through Transforming Art, the unique technique that combines Art and meditation.

His 16-year experience in meditation enlightened him to the essence of art, which was the beginning of the Diviners organization. 

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Hiện nay, với vai trò là một trong ba bạn tiên phong của dự án Thiếu Niên Tỉnh Thức toàn cầu, Thiên An mong rằng sẽ lan truyền cảm hứng về sự tỉnh thức đến với nhiều thanh thiếu niên trên toàn thế giới. Cùng với đó là luôn hết mình đào sâu vào sự thật, không ngừng phát triển và sáng tạo để mang đến những giá trị ý nghĩa cho cộng đồng.

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