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Q&A with Master Ojas about Spirituality

Returning to the spirit is how we honestly work with ourselves to find the Source of Awakened Life, awakening the Teacher within us. We will be prompted to see the truth of spirituality through the Answers of Master Ojas Oneness below.

1, How do I know if I am receiving a message from a higher self?

Master Ojas replied: Anything related to your spiritual growth, we can take it as a message. A message means an idea and a drive that drives us to transform. The message is an idea and motivation for you to know how to contribute your gifts and blessings to others.

2, I can feel the magnetic field of others, for example from the field of illness or a lot of anger… Sometimes I feel affected by it, even if I don’t touch it, what should I do, I hope you can give me some advice.

Master Ojas replied: Of course, everything around us affects us. This is very normal. When we watch horror movies, how do you feel? When you watch comedy, you have that energy. It is a natural occurrence of the mind. But how can you master it? How can even if you are around negative people, you are not affected by their negativity?

Don’t think they are negative.
We take negativity from someone because we have that energy inside of us. We label them negative people, and they influence us.
Let’s grow awareness.

3, What is mindfulness? Are there any signs to know whether you are mindful or not?

Master Ojas replied: Mindfulness means mastering your mind. It is the link between consciousness and memory. There are people who have memories and behaviors that don’t give them peace, they can’t enjoy the present moment, they complain and feel inadequate all the time. Mindfulness is the complete opposite of it. You are always grateful for what you have.

The way to know yourself is to observe/listen to yourself objectively. It means you observe without identifying yourself with your old memories and opinions. When you become objective, you will listen to other people’s points of view and perceptions in a better way. When you become a great listener, it is a sign that you are mindful.

4, Can you explain more examples of awareness?”

Master Ojas replied: Awareness is like a torch in a dark forest. At first you can’t notice something, but after you raise your awareness you can see or can go into more detail in anything.
So awareness is the basis for us to realize our unknown area.
Understand this: the universe and human existence are very mysterious, what we know as an intellectual entity is still a drop in the ocean, so there is much more to it-unknown for us to discover.
Thus, perception deciphers the unknown and reveals the reality of existence. Therefore, increasing self-awareness and universal awareness of the universe is essential to uncovering the unknown.

5, I have been told that hair helps to increase the connection with cosmic energy. Could you please explain if this has something to do with connecting with the higher self?

Master Ojas replied: Hair is an evolutionary opportunity. Depending on the climate and food, hair can help increase psychic sensitivity, which is why most spiritual masters have long hair and beards. Likewise every part of our body as well as cells and every cell is energy and universe.

6, The connection with the higher self, besides meditation, requires the application of yoga methods, right?

Master Ojas replied: The focus is on cultivating our mind through certain disciplinary methods from Yoga, and meditation is the primary way to connect with higher sources.

7, When it comes to karma from lifetimes, it can be tempting to create dependence and blame instead of learning to change!
It’s like believing your number, no matter where it goes. What does Master think about this?

Master Ojas replied:
It’s your choice!
If blaming is your choice, you can do it.
The end result depends on your choice, you can do it.
No fate! Everything is a result based on your actions.
In this universe, you can do whatever you want!
If you want to jump from the 20th floor, you can jump! But think about the consequences.
Every action has its reaction.
For example, if you want to put your hand in the fire what will happen, your hand will get burned! Then burns are the consequences.
So when you want to be the dependent, to blame, be ready for the consequences.
If you don’t want such consequences, then find the right direction to change your life!

8, I dreamed that I could reach a client’s house on high ground, where it’s very strange that the air is quite light, can jump high and fly short. But everyone can’t fly, I alone have the ability to fly and everyone there admires it? Please help me explain

Master Ojas replied: Dreams are projections of the subconscious. Such dreams will reveal your subconscious, let you know that you have a lot of intentions and ambitions to rise. Your confidence is reflected in the dream.

9, The duality in the current world I learned on the conscious level, had the experience of merging in the heart and the brain, but how to make my unconscious adept at it, is like making it. energy of the soul, a power like automatic breathing.
Is there any way, any method from Master Ojas’ experience to make this process of balancing this duality faster?

Master Ojas replied: The only way to speed up the connection with the higher self is to let your mind always be peaceful and serene. Increase self-awareness through the practice of meditation.
The more peaceful you are, the better you can connect with your higher self.

10, I can only connect to my Higher Self around 3pm – 5pm, not like Master said that we need to wake up early at 3:30am, I can’t connect that time. Is there anything different and unusual? I feel like I have a time zone difference, please explain.

Master Ojas replies: If you consider 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. as your time zone to feel a connection with your higher self, enjoy it.
Choosing to think too much and you will always try to understand things intellectually will keep you busy in your mind, distracting you from your connection with your higher self.
Be quiet and peaceful!

Dear friends,
If you find the Q&A helpful for your spiritual practice, you may also love to dig deeper in TransformingArt course.

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