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100 Wonderful Spiritual Documentaries & Inspirational movies

Diviners friends,

This is a list of wonderful Spiritual Documentaries & Inspirational movies, please do watch and use your wonderful time wisely.

1. Doctor Strange
2. Inception 
3. The secret
4. Matrix
5. Lucy
6. The shift
7. Little Buddha
8. They live
9. Inception
10. The Truman show
11. The fountain
12. Patch Adams
13. Awake: the life of Yogananda
14. Avatar
15. The laws of the Sun
16. Celestine
17. Prophecy
18. Samadhi
19. Ram Dass Fierce
20. Grace
21. City of Angels
22. Astral city
23. Him beyond Light Rene Mey
24. Cloud Atlas
25. Incarnation
26. The philosophy of sense 8
27. Ek cheez milegi wonderful
28. Myth breaker
29. The laws of eternity
30. Peaceful warrior
31. A dog’s purpose
32. Inside out
33. Zen (director – Banmei Takahashi)
34. What the bleep do we know
35. The Book of Eli
36. Jonathan Livingston seagull
37. 90 minutes in heaven
38. Conversation with God
39. The last shaman
40. The power of intuition
41. Soul Earthlings
42. The pursuit of happiness
43. Life of Pi
45. Shawshank redemption
46. Manjhi – The Mountain Man
47. bajrangi bhaijaan
48. Super 30
49. Mission Mangal
50. Chhichhore
51. Good will hunting
52. Forrest Gump
53. Rocky
54. 3 Idiots
55. PK – Bollywood
56. Blind Side
57. Braveheart
60. 127 Hours
61. Remember the Titans
62. It’s a wonderful life
63. Saving Private Ryan
64. Edward scissorhands
65. Dead poets Society
66. The Help
67. The Dark Night
68. Big Fish
69. Groundhog Day
70. Ace Ventura: pet Detective
71. The Green Mile
72. Up – Disney Pixar
73. We are Marshall
74. A Beautiful Mind
75. Rain Man
76. Lion
77. The Intouchables
78. The theory of everything
79. Sing (Universal studio Animation)
80. Awakenings (Robin Williams)
81. External sunshine of the spotless mind
82. Gravity
83. The Walk
84. Moneyball
85. The Legend of 1900
86. The Pianist
87. Taare Zameen Par
88. A good year
89. 12 years a slave
90. The imitation game
91. Hotel Rwanda
92. Freedom writers
93. An Inconvenient Truth – Documentary
94. Game changers – documentary
95. The Secret life of Walter Mitty
96. 42 (2013)
97. Invincible
98. Miracles from Heaven
99. Captain Fantastic
100. Extraordinary people – (the boy who seeing without eyes) – Documentary

Love and Light!

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