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Day 184: “Unveiling Inner Radiance: A Spiritual Guide to Optimal Physical and Mental Well-Being”

It’s common for people to miss out on achieving great health and wealth due to small daily mistakes. The impact of these mistakes is straightforward.

When it comes to physical health, what and how you eat plays a crucial role.

Similarly, for mental health, how you spend your time matters. Time and food have a significant influence on enhancing your overall well-being. This is why the saying “Health is wealth” holds true. Wise individuals and masters never prioritize having more money in the bank as true wealth.

Health should always come first, while everything else follows. Regardless of your possessions, if your health is compromised, you won’t be able to fully enjoy them. Therefore, prioritizing your health is your most important responsibility if you want to live life to the fullest.

To be physically healthy, it’s important to have remarkable strength and flexibility in your body. Even if you have a demanding workload, your body shouldn’t tire easily. When you find yourself feeling less tired frequently, it indicates excellent physical health.

As for mental health, it involves possessing qualities such as patience, mindfulness, clarity in action and communication, and having control over your daily workflow and choices. Taking accountability, being transparent, and maintaining integrity is essential. Embracing authenticity and honesty within yourself reflects a healthy state of mind.

Message day 184 – Master Oneness (Diviners Vietnam)

What are some common mistakes that people make, which adversely affect their physical health?

One of the major mistakes is having toxic eating habits. Consuming an excessive amount of Tamasic food (processed or deep-fried food), consuming excessive amounts of unhealthy sugars, and eating heavy meals late at night can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

These toxins disrupt the smooth functioning of the digestive system and pollute the blood. Over time, these toxins accumulate in the cells and bloodstream, hindering the absorption of pure oxygen by the cells.

As a result, the body starts storing bad fats and gases, leading to stiffness, reduced flexibility, unpleasant odors, and a lack of lightness. Gradually, this diminishes strength, stamina, and energy levels, making individuals feel more tired. In the long run, these unhealthy practices can contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, allergies, and even certain types of cancer.

What are some common mistakes that people make, which have a negative impact on their mental health?

One common mistake is falling into habitual patterns in relationships and time management. This can result in not actively listening to others or observing one’s surroundings, causing individuals to miss important details and lack common sense. Moreover, excessive talking and accumulating unnecessary information without aligning words with actions can be detrimental.

Neglecting to genuinely care for others and focusing solely on personal gain, such as seeking fame and recognition, can further contribute to these mistakes. When commitments and actions are merely superficial, without deep reflection or a focus on integrity and mental purification, individuals may find themselves constantly chasing pleasures, cravings, and lust.

Engaging in such mentally toxic habits leads to impatience, unhealthy tendencies, a tendency to lie and escape responsibilities, and a strong desire to remain in a comfort zone without ethical considerations. If these toxic mental habits persist, individuals may live insecure and lonely lives, unable to experience an open-hearted existence.

Instead, they seek solace in secret affairs and toxic habits, becoming addicted to sexuality, drugs, cigarettes, and similar vices. Consequently, there is a loss of digestive power, lack of decision making, clarity, profundity, integrity, and satisfaction, ultimately resulting in a dark and heavy life.

Improving physical health requires a holistic approach that incorporates various aspects of your lifestyle.

Here are some practical steps you can take to enhance your physical well-being:

  1. Balanced Nutrition: Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet by incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Limit or eliminate processed foods, sugary snacks, and excessive consumption of unhealthy fats.
  2. Practice Mindful Eating: Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of mindful eating. Slow down, chew your food well, and savor each bite. Avoid overeating and pay attention to how different foods make you feel.
  3. Regular Exercise: Engage in regular physical activity that suits your fitness level and preferences. This can include activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up and improves your strength and flexibility.
  4. Adequate Sleep: Ensure you get enough restful sleep each night. Aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep to rejuvenate your body and allow it to repair and recover.
  5. Hydration: Stay properly hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day. Hydration is crucial for maintaining overall bodily functions and promoting good health.
  6. Stress Management: Find effective ways to manage stress as it can impact your physical health. Practice relaxation and mindfulenss techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and engage in activities that help you unwind and reduce stress levels.
  7. Avoid Harmful Habits: Minimize or eliminate habits that negatively impact your health, such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or drug use.
  8. Posture and Ergonomics: Pay attention to your posture and ergonomics, especially if you spend long hours sitting or performing repetitive tasks. Maintain a good posture, and take breaks to stretch and move around.
  9. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to any physical discomfort, pain, or changes in your body. Address these concerns promptly by seeking appropriate medical advice or consulting a healthcare professional.

Remember, improving physical health is a continuous journey that requires commitment, consistency, and self-care. By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can enhance your overall well-being and enjoy the benefits of a healthier body.

Improving mental health involves adopting practices that promote emotional well-being, resilience, and a positive mindset.

Here are some strategies to enhance your mental health:

  1. Connection with Nature: Spend time in nature and appreciate its beauty. Connect with the natural world around you, whether it’s through walks in the park, gardening, or simply observing the wonders of nature. This can bring a sense of peace, grounding, and spiritual connectedness.
  2. Cultivate Compassion and Kindness: Practice compassion and kindness towards yourself and others. Engage in acts of service, show empathy towards others, and extend forgiveness. These practices align with spiritual values and contribute to a sense of interconnectedness and well-being.
  3. Seek Spiritual Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your spiritual beliefs and values. Engage in group activities, attend spiritual gatherings or services, and participate in meaningful discussions or study groups. Building a supportive spiritual community can provide a sense of belonging and support for your mental health.
  4. Practice Acceptance and Surrender: Embrace the process of surrendering control and accepting the present moment as it is. Trust in the greater plan of the universe and let go of unnecessary worries and attachments. This can bring a sense of peace and alleviate mental burdens.
  5. Engage in Sacred Rituals: Incorporate sacred rituals or practices that hold personal meaning for you. This could include lighting candles, performing rituals of purification or intention setting, or engaging in practices specific to your spiritual approach. 
  6. Live in Alignment with Spiritual Values: Identify and align your actions with your spiritual values. This might involve practicing honesty, integrity, compassion, or non-violence. Living in accordance with your spiritual beliefs can provide a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and peace of mind.
  7. Healthy Relationships: Foster healthy and supportive relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. Surround yourself with positive influences, seek social support when needed, and communicate openly and honestly with others.
  8. Mindfulness and Meditation: Engage in regular mindfulness and meditation practices to cultivate a deeper awareness of the present moment. This allows you to quiet the mind, let go of negative thoughts, and connect with your spiritual essence.

In conclusion achieving optimal physical and mental well-being requires a holistic approach that combines spiritual principles with practical lifestyle choices. Prioritize health over possessions, improve nutrition, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, manage stress, and avoid harmful habits. Connect with nature, practice compassion, seek a spiritual community, accept the present moment, engage in sacred rituals, live by spiritual values, foster healthy relationships, and practice mindfulness and meditation. By embracing these practices, we can unveil your inner radiance and experience a profound sense of harmony and fulfillment.

About Master Oneness

Master Oneness is an enlightened Artist and Visionary of Oneness consciousness, who is spreading his light and wisdom to bring awakening energy to every artist’s life.

He teaches self-realization through Transforming Art, the unique technique that combines Art and meditation.

His 16-year experience in meditation enlightened him to the essence of art, which was the beginning of the Diviners organization. 

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