Vung tau
It’s a special retreat for those who wants to see life with new insights. In this retreat we sleep in the day and we practice the whole night to connect with night nature, eating with your non-dominant hand and holotropic breathing at night and other unique healing and transforming activities.
- Nov 9th, 2021
- Nov 15th, 2021
Tp Huế
Nature provides an unconditional source of life for all things. And nature offers wonderful healing energy to those who are willing to open their hearts to connect with Mother Earth, with the forest, and with other elements from nature….
- Nov 26th, 2021
- Dec 2nd, 2021
Online Zoom
Self-healing and unleashing endless creativity 6 hands-on classes with Awakened Artist Kali Dan If you love painting and want to develop your passion… If you are looking for hands-on therapy to heal your trauma and understand yourself…. Or you simply want to practice an art form to increase your creativity…. Then Diviners present a special ... Read more
- Oct 2nd, 2021
At times things do not go smoothly, a tough and disturbing feeling may take place. So mastering the Inner Space process is key to maintaining a balanced and harmonious being in any circumstances.
- Oct 23rd, 2021
- Oct 24th, 2021

Community Events

Transforming pran...
6:00 AM
Sep 20th, 2021
The function of the human body is much like a transformer, receiving energy from the Universal flow of Prana, distrib...
Full Moon Festival
8:00 PM
Sep 21st, 2021
The Mid-Autumn Festival has special significance for the Vietnamese people. This time of reunion and sharing, you can...



Diviners Foundation was founded in 2014 in India by Ojas Oneness with the mission of showing the path to Enlightenment through Art & Meditation. Our platform is to unite all artists and Awakened people from all over the world in support of world peace & Festival of life.

Diviners Foundation was founded in 2014 in India by Ojas Oneness with the mission of showing the way to Enlightenment through Art.

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