Ojas Oneness

Ojas Oneness is an enlightened Artist and Visionary of Oneness consciousness, who is spreading his light and wisdom to bring awakening energy to every artist’s life. Ojas teaches self-realization through Transforming Art, the unique technique that combines Art and meditation. His 16-year experience in meditation enlightened him to the essence of art, which was the beginning of the Diviners organization. 

About Ojas Oneness

Ojas Oneness is a new age spiritual master, with the message of a limitless life, a visionary Enlightenment artist of Oneness Consciousness. He teaches realization about Art brings us into the deepest freedom of life and celebration. He is a born actor and a dancer. When he was 16, he began to practice meditation. 16-year of meditation enlightened him to the essence of art, which was the beginning of the Diviners organization.

The story of his transformation journey is an inspirational story in many ways for different generations. With his experiences, he brings a message to young people: How to create a life / make dreams come true / understand the purpose of life / dare to live / live meaningfully. For parents, he brings the message: How to understand children; How to love and support children in the right way. He inspires a life of fullness, prosperity, freedom, celebration and enlightenment.

Ojas carries a wonderful pure energy. There is a pure love in him. He carries within himself the natural flow of spontaneous energy.

Ojas inspires a new age, a new stage of Consciousness. The Age of Celebration – the Age of Oneness Consciousness – The Age of Peaceful Cooperation and Understanding. No more borders, no more territories, no more races, no more color discrimination, no more religions, no more divisions. We are the Oneness Consciousness, we are the same red blood, the same environment, the same breath, living on the same earth, the same water, the same sun, coexisting in harmony of the universe.

Ojas was born on November 20th, 1989 in Andhra Pradesh, India. His original name was Srikanth Mangaraju. However, after his awakening, “Ojas Oneness” has been the name he is known by. In 2015 this name was officially registered and is now used in all of his official documents. This was accomplished through the grace of powerful manifestation. This was the first step for Ojas to come out of all cultural and social boundaries, to be connected with an inner calling of oneness consciousness.

He was born into a family when his parents were very young teenagers.
When they got married, his father was 17 years old and his mother 16 years old.
A year later, Ojas was born.
His parents got married because of traditional customs at a very young age, so they had a lot of difficulties in relationships and faced great pressure in life.
As a child, he wondered why he was born into such an unconscious family.
Later, he realized this was to help him fully understand the human unconsciousness.
His father is the main breadwinner for the family.
Mother stays at home and takes care of the children.
He inherited his mother’s carefree innocence and perseverance, hard work, and never giving up.
He is an inspirational role model of overcoming family, social, cultural, and border boundaries to realize his life as he wishes.

He was born with the gift of dance, he often dances his own style.
Dancing has played a very important role in his life. It was always what brought him endless joy. With his passion, he often participated and performed in dance shows at school shows, at various get-togethers, festivals, etc. He received many compliments about his dance, which encouraged him to continue dancing.

As a child, he witnessed many beggars begging on the street. The compassion in him wondered why they were so poor. If everyone could share and help each other, the world would be free from poverty. That thought always pushed his mind to think of ways to help them. A thought flashed in his mind: If I am rich and famous, I can help many people. That thought was intense inside. With his artistic energy, he wanted to become a famous actor so that he can help many needy people.

And he knew he couldn’t become an actor if his family didn’t have a background in movies or finance.
However, the urge was too great to lead him to continue looking for opportunities.
One day, he thought, with confidence, he could do anything. He started looking for confidence, looking for ways to improve his self-confidence.

And the search for self-confidence led Ojas to meditate very early at the age of 16.

During a casual walk on the street, he was attracted by an advertisement about Meditation, which said that Meditation improves self-confidence. Therefore, he came to practice with the desire to have the confidence to realize his dream of becoming a Hollywood Star.
Then, a few months later, he returned to the ashram, because he went home to prepare money to go to the ashram. He shared with his mother and she said: Go for it, if you need money, I will give you money to pay.
He has more confidence to go to the meditation center. When he went to the center, he received information, learning to meditate does not cost money. He was very happy and eager every day to go to the meditation practice center, read spiritual science books and talk with teachers.
Here, on the first day of hearing the teachers’ instructions that meat is not human food, as soon as he received that information – he immediately turned into a plant-eater.
Ojas’ path to Meditation is as simple as that.

2006 – 2013: 7 years of profound transformation

So after 16 years of studying at the school, since 2005, he started practicing “Anapanasati Meditation” (meditation technique that observing the breath) at the Pyramid Spiritual Social Movement meditation center. His regular and sincere practice of meditation molded him into a very humble, self-balanced and fully aware person.
Since 2006, for 7 years, he had been engaged in volunteer work for spiritual organizations. This is also a period of profound inner transformation, allowing him to completely release unconscious habits, limiting beliefs, and self-identifications.
Since 2008, he has been teaching meditation.

It was a very important year in Ojas’ life. Along with his spiritual knowledge and wisdom, his passion and love for Dancing & Performance also grew. With love and passion for Dancing, he started the “Anando Brahma School of Music and Dance”, with help from the masters of the Pyramid Meditation Movement (PSSM). While training the children, he discovered various unique elements in Dancing and began to realize the deeper meaning and essence of all art forms more. He began to understand that art is not just a tool for entertainment. He can feel a divine energy present in every art form, which can lead people to their own self-realization and transformation. Just like that, by observing and knowing this truth of art… you understand that self-observation is the ultimate Teacher. And he realized that he could share, learn, and expand this wisdom about art through “transformation through Art” instruction for people, all over the world.

One day, during his journey of spiritual self-discovery, while he and his brother Mukesh and friend Praveena were experimenting with a past life regression technique…  unexpectedly, a channeling spirit happened to Mukesh . During this channeling, the soul shared many wonderful things with Ojas about his spiritual endeavors to go further. The spirit said to Ojas: You are a savior and have a great mission for you on this Earth. That mission is to awaken and unite the countless people on Earth.
After saying this to Ojas, the spirit asked him to promise the same. Thus, Ojas promised and said: I will definitely do as you said. However, I do not know how to go forward in this spiritual purpose.
The soul says: Don’t worry, get started and the important things will come naturally.
After this experience, he continued his journey of spiritual self-realization and his mission more sincerely. He has traveled all over India from South to North such as Chennai, Banglore, Surat, Mumbai, Delhi, Himalayas (India and Nepal) etc. In 2011, while in Mumbai, he learned and gained a lot of experience that helped him understand his life purpose in a better way.

The journey was 2000km long, in which he walked 300km, the rest hitchhiked.
Volunteering brings him a lot of happiness and honor. He studied, worked and served many teachers. He sees himself as himself when he is dedicated and served. He has a lot of good friends around.
But with his youth, he did not live like other peers, his path was different, and with the views of his family and society, they believed that he had to study to be successful, to be successful. make money, not volunteer service.
His path of Meditation, his path of Service was not recognized by his family and society. They thought he was on the wrong track. They think he has wasted time and will destroy his own future by not following the trend of society… trend of material development.
Journey to the Himalayas is his experimental trip to know himself and discover life, more deeply. He was determined to understand the ways of nature and the workings of the Universe. He walked about 300 km in the Himalayas. He began to live without any demands for money. Within a few days, he even experienced deep hunger pangs and faced a near-death experience at one stage.
Along the way, he met Prem, a Nepali who gave him a ride. Admired by his wisdom, Prem invited Ojas to his home. Prem’s family honors and cares for him like a friend, like a teacher. Ojas shared his knowledge and wisdom with them which made them feel very connected. Their connection created deep gratitude and close friendship between Ojas and Prem. With this experience, he realized that pure giving and sharing is the bridge between Human Hearts. He experienced it realistically and understood that true love and wisdom were honored beyond the borders of the country, rich or poor, religion, gender,… And that, with love, people We can certainly live beyond the demands of money to live a very happy life.
This Himalayan trek experience awakened and transformed him into a whole new person. He understands that one’s life purpose begins with an intuition and that we can fulfill our purpose with love and wisdom, despite difficulties and challenges.

On the way back home, he stayed in Delhi for a while. There, one day, he heard his inner voice asking him a question, very powerfully – ‘Ojas, when love and humanity are stronger than money, why would you take a fee from someone you teach? do they dance? He was amazed by this question. As he pondered this question more deeply, he realized that dancing, or any other art, was for that sake alone, not owned by anyone. They are pure gifts of nature that man freely gives, to know, express and share his limitless potential in as many creative ways as possible. This realization made him understand the deepest nature and true meaning of all the art in the world. He understands that Art is not material/or for business. It is our way of showing our gratitude to the Creator… Art is a gift to be shared with others, not to be traded.
Since then, he has decided and sincerely committed to the idea of ​​sharing his gift of the art of Dancing around the world beyond the exchange of money. He understands that material demands should not guide or drive our purpose and work. But, the love we share and the services we provide to humanity will create and recreate all the necessities of life.

At the age of 23, after awakening, he realized that he came to this life to live his own life, his family, society, culture, beliefs should not determine and affect his life. So he decided to choose a new name for himself, Ojas Oneness.
Ojas means Energy.
Oneness means Unity.
With perseverance and unremitting efforts, after 2 years, Ojas Oneness has become a legal name on papers, he becomes a new person living with the mission he has chosen. It is a marked step for him to step out of all limits from regional barriers, laws, habits, customs, customs, culture, family. He connects with the inner calling of the divine being and establishes a sense of Unity.
This choice carries the message that everyone is responsible for their own life, can live true to their dreams and realize their own potential.
Since then he has traveled all over the world to carry the message Life is a Festival, Awaken Your Soul through Art, Unify Human and Cosmic Consciousness, Pure Being to Connecting with the world, sharing sessions with students about meditation to transform emotions, open minds, mend family relationships, Awakened Parenthood, Awareness of Love , Simplifying Meditation and Applying Meditation Science to Life, Study, Work, Relationship, …

One more important aspect of Ojas’s spiritual journey and self-transformation was his mother’s blessing.
After reaching home, Ojas shared his experiences and the wisdom he gained during his Himalayan trip with his family. His transformation was clearly seen by all. He expressed his decisions with his family and friends about sharing his gifted art of dance all over the world without any exchange of money…and, about his determination to bring oneness all over the world by spreading the awareness and importance of pure giving & sharing without any expectations…which can lead everyone in the world towards oneness.

Seeing his unwavering determination & unconditional love towards one and all…his mother blessed him saying “ Ojas when so many great spiritual enlightened masters like Brahmarshi Patriji and others are able to do so much good for the world by dedicating their lives for the service & peace of humanity at their middle age…I can sense how much more good you can do for everyone in the world by dedicating & surrendering yourself to such a huge, grand Oneness Mission on earth, at such a more younger age than them. The world definitely needs more of such enlightened youngsters like you for sure. I set you completely free my son, and I wholeheartedly wish you complete success in your oneness mission.” Saying thus, she set him free to go ahead as per his free will to fulfil his life’s mission of bringing Oneness among all mankind.

From there on, Ojas has been able to move ahead more freely and easily towards working and manifesting his vision and life’s purpose of spreading Oneness. This is his complete life work now. And the ‘Diviners Organisation’ is the first & one of the main parts of his huge Oneness Mission. Here, through Arts, he wishes to spread the awareness of ‘pure giving & sharing’, all over the world… by helping everyone know the importance and significance of ‘ pure friendship & unconditional love’ which the world highly needs now…and that this is the main way to realise one’s own divinity and to establish oneness, peace and harmony on the Earth.

In October 2017, Diviners org was established in Vietnam with many festivals, sharing sessions and courses in many provinces throughout Vietnam.

From 2018-2019, he traveled across Asia and taught Transformative Arts in Singapore, Bali, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, and China.

Artists need to understand the noble and sacred mission of Art. Art should help raise the mind and intellect of people. Art should not be limited to commerce, fame and popularity. Artists should contribute their voices to the development of Mind, the sustainable development of society, to the development of a better society for present and future generations. Artists must lead a new way of life, a lifestyle of Awakening – Lifestyle of Peace – Celebration – Happiness – Freedom. Artists should contribute to the transformation of the people’s Consciousness and world peace.

Spread the Awakening lifestyle in the family, help parents balance their emotions, minds, and help young people gain confidence and live to their potential. And each Family must be a real home, a place of support for members to live up to their true potential, where everyone can find true love, where everyone can take refuge, find peace after the storms in the society.

Society must be built on the foundation of Love and Gratitude, society should develop according to the laws of Nature, otherwise the world will forever be engulfed in competitions that bring suffering and war, for generations. 

Spreading a conscious lifestyle through a plant-based diet, limiting the use of plastic and man-made materials that affect the earth’s ecosystem.

Festivals held in Vietnam:

  • April 21, 2018 Green Living Festival – Spreading Vegetarianism and awakening lifestyle at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind
    June 9-10, 2018
  • APCF – Art & Photography Collaboration Fest  at the Ho Chi Minh City Cultural Association
  • August 25, 2018 Dance of Life Festival at Ho Xuan Huong Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City
  • 11/20/2019 Diviners Festival in HCM
  • 11/20/2020 Diviners Festival at HAPPY LAND KDL BEN Luc LONG AN, VIETNAM

And 300+ other events, courses online and offline to spread the power of the Art of Transformation to thousands of people around the world.

The living evidence for


As a vegetarian for over 16 years, and not only continuously teaching meditation, Ojas Oneness also constantly immerses himself in many projects large and small, but he never gets tired of any amount of work.

He is the living testimony to the extraordinary amount of energy by a master who has mastered his mind and body through the practice of the Art of Transformation. Here are a few Ojas records, living examples of this power:

– Walking barefoot for 1 year, crossing hundreds of kilometers of asphalt roads as well as forest roads in extremely harsh weather
– 6 months to become a pure fruit eater
– 3 consecutive days of blindfold meditation
– Many times of body purification practice, record 8 days of fasting, 3 days of fasting

When he was young, these extraordinary practices of his led many to think he was lost or radicalized. Later, as he learned to express his true nature, he helped those around him understand that this was a cleansing of body and mind that he committed to with great self-discipline. He is an endless source of inspiration about pushing yourself beyond your limits.

About Diviners Movement

 The Art of Living Fullest

Ojas Oneness sometimes wonders why, in his long journey of learning from so many teachers around the world, he has never seen anyone discover the power of the combination of Art and Meditation.

For millions of years, Art has been an important part of human life. In the ancient caves, the earliest works of mankind have shown that prehistoric humans began a new creative journey, beyond survival.

For thousands of years, meditation has also been discovered, researched, developed and replicated. The liberating power of meditation has been tested by millions of Zen masters, yogis, spiritual masters and practitioners by their own life experiences.

However, it is only in this day and age that science has gradually caught up with spirituality, to have the authentic test of the extraordinary experiences – of boundless creativity and the enjoyment of life to the fullest – that artistry can enjoy. Art and meditation can bring.

And Ojas Oneness is the first person in the world to strongly spread the synergistic value of these two lifestyles – the lifestyle of the talented creative artist and the intelligent meditator – to his daily life. everybody.

Meditation brings awareness, awareness, and helps us connect with our deepest truth. Art opens up spontaneous and creative energy, helping us to connect with the powerful life force to create the most fulfilling reality for ourselves.






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Our Team

Kichenko Aneta Valentinovna

Art Director

"Kichenko Aneta Valentinovna Slav, originally from Uzbekistan. Lives in Saigon, Vietnam.
Deciding to radically change her life, she did not know how it would turn out. A lot of events prec...

Minh Nhu

TA Team Leader

"Always yearning to be transformed and live a full life, Minh Nhu is constantly looking for new experiences with many different fields of work: Import-Export Business, Travel Operations, Media E...

Trung Nhan

Studio Assistant

"Currently, I am taking the position of Studio Assistant at Diviners. After having the opportunity to experience the Vung Tau retreat in 9/2020, I feel very connected with the sharing from Ojas,...

Trung Hieu


I completed bachelor's degree in finance and MBA in general management. I'm joining team as accountant which fits my interest in numbers. I joined my first Transforming Art 1 course two years ag...

Jasmine Nguyen


Jasmine is a truth explorer. At 17, Jasmine left Hanoi, her home city, to pursue college in Minnesota, United States with a full sponsorship.

After graduating from college, Jasmine was aw...

Our Collaborators

Geeta Manahalli

Founder of Conscious Creators - India

Transforming Art session is a Powerful combination of Science and Spirituality.
Attending TA course in the guidance of Master Ojas Oneness enabled me to understand unconscious patterns in ...

David Dubroeucq

Spiritual explorer - France

Master Ojas Oneness delivered an incredible 6-day workshop and I’m so grateful! Mixing spontaneity, awareness and consciousness, his teaching style is truly universal and allows you to express t...

Ms Orange Ng

Yin Yoga Teacher, Zumba Instructor - Singapore

November 2019, I attended the Diviners Fest in Ho Chi Minh, a celebration event organised by Diviners Vietnam volunteers. When I was at the fest, everyone was just enjoying fullest in that momen...

DR. Romy Paredes MD

Doctor - Philippines

Our Health Institute in Cebu Philippines had the opportunity to host Ojas Oneness. We were able to organize a Transforming Art Session-Workshop with Ojas Oneness. The Session-Workshop was attend...

Deborah Mary

Movement Art Therapist - Canada

Diviners, led by Ojas Oneness, is a heart lifting, and inspiring organization, touching the lives of artists, meditators, yogis and lay people who are looking for something that shifts them out ...


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