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you connect with your inner world, everything in the outside world is extremely simple and as long as you believe, life will flow. When you live with your own flow, you will do everything with inspiration, not fear.”

Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong

Mu Cang Chai Retreat

I wish I could say all the wonderful things I have received from this class's Transformational Meditation sessions to everyone I meet so that everyone can feel the same from Master Ojas.

Quynh Duong

All of the above content such as acceptance, gratitude, living in the present, the art of expressing,… are all taught in this course. Outside of the classroom, if I have difficulty, I can always ask the teacher for support, for life.

Nguyen My Dung

Ojas Oneness and the Art of Transformation course for helping me change, return to my true self, realize that for more than 30 years I have been living like a robot, and now I know how to live happily and peacefully.

Tran Hoang Yen

Back to Nature

With the good things that I have received from this course, I would like to thank Master Ojas Oneness, Diviners, and everyone for accompanying me, helping me and giving me the opportunity to help people during this time.

Nguyen Phuc Tham

Học viên khoá Tỉnh thức

Grateful to the teacher and the Diviners volunteers for always creating conditions to help Chau and his friends practice effectively. Better and better every day, after a full month of practicing transformation, from the bottom of my heart, Chau is grateful for all the causes and conditions that come and go in his life to help him understand more deeply about himself.

Kim Chau

Life insurance consultant


Transformation story

Diviners Foundation was founded in 2014 in India by Ojas Oneness with the mission of showing the path to Enlightenment through Art & Meditation.



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