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Master Ojas Oneness, an awakened artist and the Founder of Diviners, is transforming thousands of people around the world through art and meditation.

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In this powerful (and free) guidebook, you will learn simple ways to become your best self. This is a part of Transforming Art technique that is changing lives across the world.


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Diviners is a non-profit organization founded by Ojas Oneness in 2014. We offer a path of spiritually awakened transformation through the combination of Meditation and Arts to the world.  Diviners actively inspire about Conscious Lifestyle in four main areas:

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Transformation Programs

Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

New day meditation - Generate energy
5:20 AM
Jul 12th, 2021
During the current pandemic, we have to face a lot of difficulties and pressures with problems in life. Starting a new day by meditating in the mor...
12:00 AM
Jul 19th, 2021
Luxury Retreat will bring you a new breath of healing, celebration and enlightenment with Ojas Oneness – with a very special edition and ener...

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Community Events

Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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Before taking the Transforming Art Course only 1 week, I was a divorced woman who lives alone, struggles to raise children and has been battling illness for 30 years, and is now suffering from terminal cancer. During the past 30 years, I've been through so much pain, so much sorrow and tears... Now I've been completely tra...



After only a few days of Transforming Art with Master Ojas Oneness, I have been practicing awareness in every thought, action, and word, so I speak only honest words, do things from the heart with thoughts. think always bright. My life became at times still and alive with energy and life force within. I am grateful to my e...


Yoga Instructor

“Thank you very much Master Ojas and the Diviners team. I was introduced by a friend and knew about the TA course taught by Master Ojas. After taking the course, I don't have as many fears and worries as before. I learned how to love myself, always love life and love people. I felt an inner state of happiness that I never ...



Thank you Master and team Diviners. I met Ojas in a sharing session on the topic "Love yourself" at Co's house. At that time, I was still a shy, afraid, self-deprecating girl. The Master's sharing that day touched me. I started taking the course “Transforming Art”. My life gradually changed markedly. I know how to accept a...

Tang Khanh Duyen




Check out our regular events in the upcoming weeks here!

Workshop TA
Jul 18th, 2021
New day meditation
Jul 12th, 2021


Blogs & News

Ojas Oneness’s wisdom quotes, our Transforming Art blog, video and audio library, etc. – all are to be found in our “Blogs & News”!

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Becoming vegan or Vegetarian, utilising the power of healing energy from nature, using non-plastic and non-chemical products.

These three choices lead to a healthy life and a healthy environment.

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As human beings, it is our highest responsibility to care for our environment for a peaceful life. We focus to protect our nature, promoting non-plastic and non-chemical usages, renewable & free energy usages.

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Everyone is born with creative force. The creative force is seen only when it is directed and utilised in a conscious way through any form of art like singing, dancing, painting, or drama because art is nothing but the form of expression. This helps one come out of all suppressed emotions, leading to a balanced state of emotions and a stronger immune system.

The beauty of life explores when the power of creativity is utilised consciously.

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Enlightenment comes from the metaphor that ignorance is a state of being in the dark and that knowledge is illuminating. It is the total purification of body, mind & soul. With the help of meditation & transforming art technique, we can explore deeper wisdom by realizing the greater understanding of the truth of Life.


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