The Diviners Movement, established in 2014 within India by Ojas Oneness, is dedicated to guiding individuals toward Enlightenment through the fusion of Art and Meditation. Our initiative aims to bring together artists and those who have attained spiritual awakening from across the globe, fostering a collective effort to promote world peace and celebrate the essence of life.






Diviners' Project

Diviners Foundation was founded in 2014 in India by Ojas Oneness with the mission of showing the path to Enlightenment through Art & Meditation. Our platform is to unite all artists and Awakened people from all over the world in support of world peace & Festival of life.

Diviners Ashram-05
Diviners Ashram is a space that is close to nature, offers vegan meals and organizes transforming activities through art and meditation, completely free for those who want to explore ultimate freedom and the journey of enlightenment. It is a place to nurture and spread divine friendship and unconditional love, a conscious home for you to ... Read more
HCMC, Vietnam
With a passion for film, Master Ojas Oneness founded Studio Shot to Shine to create high-quality movies, to give viewers the best possible experience, and gradually create works that bring awakening messages to the community.
Heal and Celeb Logo
HCMC, Vietnam
With the desire to bring healing and festive energy to life, Heal & Celeb Vegan garden always focuses on delivering nutritious food to heal the body and spreading awakening energy to heal the soul. Let’s come and feel the love in every delicious and healthy vegan dish. Live freely and enjoy every moment of celebrating ... Read more

Noble Guidelines

1. Embracing Green Living
Earth is our cherished home, and as Diviners, we take responsibility for the environment through tree planting, promoting eco-friendly products, and advocating for organic farming.
2. Ctultivating Veganism and Meditation
We purify our bodies and minds by adopting a Vegan or Vegetarian diet and regular meditation, fostering inner peace and harmony with nature.
3. Promoting Self-Sufficiency
We strive to be self-reliant in food production and preservation, reducing dependence on corporate systems.
4. Transformative Art and Meditation
The practice of TransformingArt Technique (TA) and Meditation is essential for our growth, and we spread this wisdom globally.
5. Harmonizing with Sustainable Sciences
We merge ancient wisdom with modern science, utilizing free energy and renewable sources to bridge societal divides.
6. Empowering Self-Healing
Embracing ancient practices like Yoga and Ayurveda, we become self-healers, promoting natural well-being.
7. Inspiring Artistic Awakening
Encouraging creative expression and meditation, we unlock higher awareness within each of us.
8. Fostering Divine Friendship
We acknowledge the inherent consciousness in each individual, transcending social labels, and uphold mutual respect without using titles like uncle, aunt, brother, or sister. Instead, we address one another by our names, fostering genuine connections and unity within the Diviners community.
9. Enlightened Artistry
As artists, we aim to transform lives through our creative work, promoting wisdom and higher consciousness.
10. Seeking Inner Transformation
Our artistic pursuits prioritize personal awakening over fame and recognition.
11. Nurturing Holistic Education
We advocate for a peaceful, nature-oriented education system that nurtures freedom and wisdom.
12. Deepening Relationships through Art and Meditation
Art and Meditation enrich our connections, fostering harmonious bonds.
13. Celebrating Life's Abundance
Finding joy without excessive consumption, we celebrate the richness of our existence.
14. Embracing Impermanence
We value the present moment, finding equanimity amidst life’s changes.
15. Family Meditation and Nature Connection
Together, we meditate and connect with nature, strengthening family bonds.
16. Cultivating Self-Sufficiency
Learning essential life skills, we reduce reliance on external systems.
17. Balancing Richness with Non-Attachment
We embrace abundance while finding contentment beyond material desires.
18. Wisdom from All Beings
Acknowledging universal guidance, we learn from the wisdom of all living entities.
19. Mindful Consumption
Reduce waste and environmental impact through conscious choices and sustainable practices.
20. Compassionate Service
Extend help and kindness to others selflessly, promote social welfare and equality.


Bring Blessings

 Your kind donation will be used efficiently for all Diviners’ free activities like silent meditations and Transforming Art sessions as well as Volunteers’ basic maintenance.



Diviners Movement’s activities are run almost entirely by volunteers. 

If you are looking for a space to transform yourself and contribute to a noble cause, Diviners offer volunteer opportunities. Fill out the form below and our team will reach out to you shortly for the next steps! 

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Diviners Ashram

Diviners Ashram is a space that is close to nature, offers vegan meals and organizes transforming activities through art and meditation, completely free for those who want to explore ultimate freedom and the journey of enlightenment. It is a place to nurture and spread divine friendship and unconditional love, a conscious home for you to explore your true self and live life to the fullest.

Consciousness about


Becoming vegan or Vegetarian, utilising the power of healing energy from nature, using non-plastic and non-chemical products.

These three choices lead to a healthy life and a healthy environment.

Consciousness about


As human beings, it is our highest responsibility to care for our environment for a peaceful life. We focus to protect our nature, promoting non-plastic and non-chemical usages, renewable & free energy usages.

Consciousness about


Everyone is born with creative force. The creative force is seen only when it is directed and utilised in a conscious way through any form of art like singing, dancing, painting, or drama because art is nothing but the form of expression. This helps one come out of all suppressed emotions, leading to a balanced state of emotions and a stronger immune system.

The beauty of life explores when the power of creativity is utilised consciously.

Consciousness about


Enlightenment comes from the metaphor that ignorance is a state of being in the dark and that knowledge is illuminating. It is the total purification of body, mind & soul. With the help of meditation & transforming art technique, we can explore deeper wisdom by realizing the greater understanding of the truth of Life.

Artists & Speakers in Environment

AA23 - Michelle Carrera

Michelle Carrera

Vegan Activist
Minh Phương


Thành viên Concious Teens

Phương biết đến dự án Teen tỉnh thức cách đây 4 tháng, ban đầu bạn ấy không nghĩ nó là sự tình cờ mà là Vũ trụ gửi mình một cơ hội để bạn ấy chuyển hóa bản thân, và Phương nắm bắt điều đó. Phương muốn nói rằng thật sự rất hạnh phúc khi được tham gia vào dự án, được làm việc cùng những người bạn tỉnh thức, luôn nâng đỡ bạn ấy và cùng có sự nhất quán trong mục tiêu là giúp đỡ những người khác. Minh Phương mong có thể đưa Teen tỉnh thức tới thật nhiều bạn trẻ khác để họ nhận ra vẻ đẹp bên trong họ và bắt đầu quá trình chuyển hóa.

Thiên An


Thành viên Concious Teens

Luôn hướng đến một cuộc đời hoà hợp giữa con người với con người và với thiên nhiên. Đối với bạn ấy, mỗi ngày trôi qua đều là những cơ hội trải nghiệm tuyệt vời để hiểu sâu hơn về giá trị của cuộc sống.

Hiện nay, với vai trò là một trong ba bạn tiên phong của dự án Thiếu Niên Tỉnh Thức toàn cầu, Thiên An mong rằng sẽ lan truyền cảm hứng về sự tỉnh thức đến với nhiều thanh thiếu niên trên toàn thế giới. Cùng với đó là luôn hết mình đào sâu vào sự thật, không ngừng phát triển và sáng tạo để mang đến những giá trị ý nghĩa cho cộng đồng.

Cẩm Hà


Thành viên Concious Teens

14 tuổi với niềm đam mê được sáng tạo và mang đến những giá trị tích cực cho cộng đồng. Bạn ấy tin rằng chia sẻ và giúp đỡ mọi người trên con đường chuyển hoá của họ chính là sứ mệnh cao cả của Hà.

Bên cạnh đó, bạn ấy luôn yêu thích việc được trải nghiệm cuộc sống muôn màu, và dự án Conscious Teens chính là nơi khiến bạn ấy có những trải nghiệm tuyệt vời cho cuộc hành trình chuyển hoá của chính mình. Vì thế, Cẩm Hà mong muốn chia sẻ, lan toả những không gian tỉnh thức, đầy giá trị đến với mọi người để cùng nhau chuyển hoá và đi sâu vào cốt lõi của cuộc sống.

Artists & Speakers in Enlightenment

AA 38 _Michel-Pascal

Michel Pascal

Meditation teacher, , film director of spiritual documentaries, Transformational Meditation singer,….
AA20 -Pari Patri

Pari Patri

Executive Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher, Energy Worker
AA28 Temple Hayes

Temple Hayes

Global Spirtual Leader, Author, Difference Maker
AA16-Cristian Eltrayan

Cristian Eltrayan

International holistic speaker, Soul Healing therapist

Master Niranjan Banka

Founder of Inner Flow Healing
AA 15 Windy Zarah

Zarah Windy

Energy Healer, Mentor and Coach
AA17 _ Mukesh Joyful

Mukesh Joyful

Spiritual Master
AA18 Sahil

Sahil Kandoi

Spiritual Master , Founder of Awakened Youths & National President of PSSM PYMA
AA 34 - Nguyễn Hồng Huấn

Nguyen Hong Huan

Speaker, book author
AA40 Van Anh

Van Anh

Co Founder & Host @Be Blessed Sacred Feminine Tribe

Arts & Speakers in Health

AA32- Shreans Daga

Shreans Daga

Manifestation Mentor & Breathwork Coach
cô Thảo

Dinh Thi Hương Thao

AA08 - Aneta

Aneta Kichenko

Vegan Chef of Heal & Celeb Restaurant
AA10 - Hong

Phương-Hồng Nhất Lê

International Breastfeeding/ Child Nutrition/ Parenting Counselor
AA 14 DR Romy

Dr Romy Paredes MD

Holistic Medical Doctor
AA36 - Hoành Nguyễn

Hoanh Nguyen

Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Meditation Instructor
AA39- Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa

Award Winning Independent Childbirth Educator

Arts & Speakers in Art


Master Ojas Oneness

Founder of Diviners Movement

Nimesh Patel (Nimo)

Singer, Musician
AA22 - Kasara

Professor Kasara

Professor & General Director of UCM Teaching & Research Center.
AA31 _Karen Drucker

Karen Drucker

Healing song writer, singer, author
AA33 - Nina Rao

Nina Rao

Kirtan singer
AA09 - The Alchemy Affair

The Alchemy Affair (Mike)

Music Band
AA - 37 AnhKien4

Trinh Trung Kien

Songwriter & singer
AA12 Minh Quan

Minh Quân Bùi

TV host, singer, actor
AA24 - Maya Banawa

Maya Banawa

Prophetic Artist Healer | Genuine Voice Coach & Sacred Life Guru
AA01 - Anand


Zumba Trainer
AA02 - Standford Reid

Stanford Reid

AA27 Linh An

Linh An

Jazz Dancer
AA03 - Ho Nhat Ha

Hồ Nhật Hà

Composer, Singer, Author
AA07 - Kali Dan

Kali Dan

Spray Paint Artist
AA19 Kavita

Kavita Saraf

Art Therapist, Life Coach, Soft Skill Trainer

Petr Pospisil

Overtone chanter, soundhealer
AA06 - Thủy Tiến

Hồng Thủy - Trần Tiến

Acroyoga performer
AA35 - Tien Zenda Nguyen2

Tien - Zenda Nguyen

MC, Yoga & English teacher-preneur

Edo Kahn

Mantra Musician

Ruth Broyde Sharone

Creator of INTERFAITH: The Musical
AA41 JessMagic-3

Jess Magic