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Recap Diviners Fest 2020

With 20 guest artists, 50 vendors and nearly 2000 participants cheering and watching, and a team of volunteers giving their all – Diviners Fest 2020 has ended with a great energy of the festival. for community.

After the festival, Diviners received a lot of great responses from attendees.

Many young people have found the energy they need, the freedom, the festivity, the sincerity, the trust …

Even if only one person receives value at the festival, it has been a success for us.

However, we have received many thank you letters from the festival participants and sent feedback on our deep gratitude for the opportunity to be present at the festival.

This is a Festival that offers very different values.

Our Volunteers are completely new, and unprofessional.

However, trust and sincerity are the things that lead us all to meet, creating the magical success of the Festival.

Sincerely thank the sponsors for their trust and support for the infinite precious intangible values, which are sources of positive energy vibrations from the Festival energy.

Diviners is very happy that more and more friends, businesses, communities understand the true energy of the Festival to trust and support Diviners to spread this energy even more.

Diviners Fest has ended with a new energy gifted with supportive arms.

We believe that with this companion, festive energies will spread across the loving planet.

Each year we go further with festivals.

Diviners would like to thank all those who have been involved in this process.

With so much love and cherish,

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