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Q&A with Master Ojas about Transformation practice (ep1)

“All things change through conscious action, not just through knowledge or expectations.”

Master Ojas Oneness

Transformation is a journey where we need to engage in deep and continuous practice. And the combination of Art and Meditation is a wonderful tool to help us discover the beauty of this process! The answers of Master Ojas Oneness below will help us understand and feel motivated to practice transformation.

1, “I have a question about expressing apology and gratitude to the person who passed my life. It’s over, but I still feel sorry for them. And I feel embarrassed when I accidentally meet them. So to remove this karma, should I actively express it directly to them or not? Or do I meditate on my own, express myself to say sorry, and remove this guilt?”

Master Ojas replied: Both ways are good, when you meditate and express your gratitude and inner apology, this will improve your calmness and focus (inner purity), due to that will bring more energy when you express it directly. So do both.

Guilt occurs when we don’t understand that life teaches us through mistakes. This feeling is useless. Therefore, it is very important to overcome guilt and we can do this by increasing our self-awareness.

Dear friends, persevere with the practice of meditation and TransformingArt, which will help you gradually gain self-mastery. Truth always wins. So let’s discover the truth.

Emotions are temporary. Truth is eternal.

Master Ojas Oneness

2, “What exercises should I practice to help me accept myself?”

Master Ojas replied: Practicing meditation is the best way to improve self-acceptance. If you start doing meditation right, within a few months you will experience great self-acceptance.

At the same time, give yourself the opportunity to do new things and accept your mistakes. When you know how to accept your own mistakes, your confidence will improve. Deep self-acceptance is great confidence.

Deep self-acceptance is great confidence.

Master Ojas Oneness

3, “I often watch porn when I feel nervous. After that, I often feel guilty. What can I do to get rid of this feeling?”

Master Ojas replied: Pornography is very common. Those who have the Internet in hand, 95% of people watch porn at any time. There’s nothing to feel guilty about watching porn, that’s what adults do. So the pornography guilt is our misconception about adult activities.

But anything that involves too much dopamine (mental pleasure) is also not good. Even eating just one more chocolate isn’t good. If you know how this pornography is helping you understand adult needs, this is healthy.

If you eat 100 grams of sugar for a month, you can stay healthy, if you eat 100 grams of sugar every day for a month, it’s not healthy.

Porn, sugar, chocolate – it’s all similar. So there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Understanding the science behind dopamine, you will know how to respect yourself even when you watch porn.

Finally, remember, when you put your focus and energy into your deep creativity and integrity, it’s possible to break free from dependence.

4, “Master said that when I have feelings like jealousy, anger, and annoyance, I don’t suppress it in my mind nor release it outside to hurt others. So what should I do when I have those feelings? Because the natural reaction of people is when angry, they will immediately yell back at the person who caused their anger.

Master Ojas replied: Emotions are the most beautiful things. Only humans have the ability to observe and choose emotions, as well as nurture themselves through the right perception. Imagine you are using software on your computer, if you do not know how to use it, you will find it difficult. That is why the fundamental approach to mastering feelings and emotions is to become an objective observer.

Here’s the formula: whenever you fall into a state of overwhelming emotion, uncontrollable by your own or someone else’s emotions, negative or positive emotions, whatever they are, don’t react, just respond.

Reactive means, you just follow your triggered instinctive actions without being conscious.

Responding means looking at the whole situation 360% through your awareness, being objective about your emotional triggers, and taking conscious actions accordingly to create space for mindful reflection.

Meditating and living mindfully every day will give you the ability to take control of your emotions and situations.

When you feel out of control of your emotions, don’t react, just respond.

Master Ojas Oneness

5, Can you share more practice exercises on how to have more courage to express yourself?

Master Ojas replied: You will have the courage to express yourself when you are truly conscious about your choice.

So first have clarity about your decisions and choices. Find out if your beliefs and options are reasonable and realistic.

Understand that once you go one step further, you will learn something new. Believe in your steps.

Regarding the person that you want to express, break down that person from a personality form to an energy form. (you will learn this in TransformingArt Round 2)

Give yourself more time to discover yourself, and the community of people who appreciate your presence.

Remember the mantra, “Don’t think too much, just do it”

Don’t think too much, just do it!

Master Ojas Oneness

6, When I encounter things that don’t go my way, have a conflict of opinion with others, I choose to listen to myself, but I’m not sure if I’m doing so as if I’m accepting myself unconditionally, or am I accepting my personality, my true self or not? Or am I being something like narcissism, pride, or shyness?

Master Ojas replied: This is a good question to ask yourself. Remember we cannot clap with one hand. When we feel frustrated or conflicted, there is certainly something we can explore and learn from. So it’s always good to reflect and discover something new from there. Accepting yourself unconditionally means never feeling stuck with anything. It can be relationship challenges or career challenges or thoughts in your own mind. Once we learn to accept ourselves, we will also become generous and kind to others.

How you forgive and respect others will reveal your level of self-acceptance.

How you forgive and respect others will reveal your level of self-acceptance.

Master Ojas Oneness

7, Where does my procrastination come from? Why am I procrastinating? Could you please share more about procrastination?

Master Ojas replied: Procrastination is not your own problem, it is a common problem in human life. Everyone has procrastination patterns, but some people have very deep patterns. Certainly, the procrastination pattern weakens the manifestation energy.

Procrastination occurs when we ourselves have no integrity. We lack integrity because we lack the right purpose and ambition to live, and we also keep ourselves in our comfort zone.

There are 5 steps to help us break procrastination:

  1. Change your lifestyle, check where your time and energy sucks. Using too much social media and cell phones, eating favorite foods too much. Once you stop unnecessary activities, your energy will flow towards your main purpose.
  2. Spend with a team who has an intense work flow and they always track you to finish the deadlines. 
  3. Take part in some adventurous activities that are outside your comfort zone. Like participating in 10-day meditation retreats, participating in adventure tours or traveling alone.
  4. Always be in the team work, because when we do alone there is a chance we procrastinate. 
  5. What you want to do, your plans and goals express to some of your good friends, let them track you weather you are doing it, according your commitment. A right human connection brings us out of procrastination. 
    Procrastination is easy to break when you are deeply committed to your purpose or responsibility.

Procrastination is easy to break when you are deeply committed to your purpose or responsibility.

Master Ojas Oneness

8, Can you share practical exercises to help me get out of my thoughts after work, or when I break a relationship?

Master Ojas replied: Thinking is the nature of the mind. Our minds, on average, are occupied with 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day, for healthy people. For people with depression or stress, this number can double.

Yogis and Masters have fewer thoughts than the average person. This is the secret, live mindfully. The masters never interfere in the personal lives of others.
A mindful person is not much curious about what other people think of him or is interested in entertainment. They filter out disturbances from society. So it helps to focus on priorities.

Practice self-observation as much as possible,
Watch your breathing, your body movements, your way of speaking attentively. 24/7 (except sleep time)

You should fast and continue to eat less. Our food and our thoughts are linked. When you fast, your mind is clear and focused. When you eat, eat slowly with keen observation.

Always remember life is temporary, events will happen in our life just to teach us something deeper than we already know about life. So learn to relax when you’re about to end any relationship. If you can’t relax, that’s okay too. Then you will as your wisdom grows.

9. Master, can you please guide me on how to get rid of bad habits?

Master Ojas replied: It is good to have bad habits.

Yes, I am aware of what I am saying. No bad habits. Those are just patterns that we change as we focus on new energies. If you think something is a bad habit, it is not easy to get rid of it, especially when it has become an addictive habit, in which case we unconsciously increase the guilt inside. Once guilty forms it’s more difficult to come out of bad habits. 

So first respect your habits whether you call them good or bad. You don’t have to think about your bad habits to change. Just observe your habitual activity consciously and objectively. The magical thing you need to do is involve yourself 100% in something that brings you new energies. 

It could be a great commitment to meditation, learning creative things, martial arts, or sports. Find your deep passion and explore it. When your energy turns to something profound, the memories of your body and mind will begin to change, that’s how you can be the one to make the choices and you become the change. Always remember you are not the victim here, you are the master of yourself.

Which question here has helped you to solve your current problem, comment below and share with your loved ones and friends to help each other on this spiritual transformation!

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