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Day 42 – The Inner Silence Journey of Master Ojas Oneness for 365 days

Art of trusting yourself 

How will you trust yourself? 

Actually, what is the self? 

Self is a complex system and mechanism that requires a breakdown of subtlety in order to understand what “self” truly means. When you realize yourself, you can trust yourself.

Well, actually, what is a car?

What is a “mobile”?

If you think about cars, you will have the sense that a car is transportation, and it means you can drive around, take rides, and travel.

The various parts, and mechanisms work together in the car. 

Engine, axles, brakes, radiator, transmission, air filter, steel, etc…

There are hundreds of parts. Without them, there is no smooth driving.

What is the car to you once it has broken down?

You need to assemble all parts in proper alignment so that the car can function properly. It must be engineered and maintained as it was intended.

At the same time, the car also doesn’t have any meaning if there is no driver to drive it.

A mobile also means you need to assemble all parts, and it becomes a communication medium.

With a mobile device, you can communicate wirelessly and conveniently in any part of the world.

But a mobile device alone also doesn’t have meaning if someone doesn’t use it effectively.

As a self, you have a body that contains cells, a genome, tissues, organs, a heart, a digestive system, a respiratory system, a reproductive system, etc. 

Your mental body has complex feelings, emotions, thoughts, analyses, memories, perceptions, beliefs, and intentions. etc. 

Just like a car is useless without a driver, the body and mind are useless without consciousness.

Your consciousness is the driver of your body and mind.

Are you in touch with your body and mind?

Only the state of consciousness gives you uniqueness.

In spiritual language, consciousness means your soul. The core of your consciousness is called the soul and spirit.  

So, you have a body, mind, consciousness, and soul.

Are all these together you

Still not yet.

The ‘Self’ means not just subjective and personal, but also objective and reflective. 

The ‘Self’ means the journey of consciousness. And so to are the body and mind is your vehicle. 

Your relationship is your communication channel and your consciousness drives your relationships. If you have higher consciousness, your relationships become harmonious and smooth. Wholesome and well-being. If you have lower consciousness your relationship becomes slogy and disturbing. 

So, Who are you, and how do you trust yourself? 

A driver trusts his car when all parts of the car are properly functioning and he knows how to handle the functions of his vehicle.

In the same way, As a Self, you need to know about your body and mind as much as a driver knows about the car. 

When the driver has great skills and connections with his car, The driver can drive a car with a super adventurous spirit. It means the ‘car’ is trusting in him and the driver trusting the car. It’s a great connection. 

The more you know about your body and mind the better you can use them. 

When you have a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit, you can trust yourself. The more you realize about your consciousness, the better you can trust yourself.  

In order to trust yourself, work with your consciousness 

What is consciousness? A state of awareness in every happening. 

What is real? and what is unreal?

What is right? and what is wrong?

How, why, when, whom, and where is consciousness aware of everything… 

An awareness between things and subjects (memories) are able to distinguish reality in everything.

Being aware of the source of everything. 

When you are able to be aware of your spirit and soul, that’s your expanded consciousness. 

There is a thin difference between your consciousness and intellect: 

First, you can understand that you have knowledge, intellect, and intelligence. These are growing from your new learning, your new experiences, and the influence of your memories.

There is no limitation to growing them; the more you learn and practice, the more they will grow. That’s why everyone’s knowledge and intelligence are not the same. because there is a learning difference. Anyhow, your knowledge, intelligence, and intellect are still subjective; above all, you need awareness, which is the objective consciousness that helps you drive yourself into higher dimensions.

That’s why, when you live your life subjectively, you have your knowledge and intellect but can’t experience ultimate realities such as oneness and enlightenment.

For example, Buddha lived his life in objective reality, so he came out of attachment with his body and mind and realized the truth of life and guided everyone about the righteousness of life.

When you are objective, you are able to see things from all sides.

This means you do not only fall into your feelings, emotions, and wants and become biased, but you are also aware of wholesome reality.

You can understand others, feelings, emotions, and how they are going through, thus it will improve your empathy and compassion for others. 

Once you are objective, how you can love and respect yourself, in the same way, you can love and respect others. This is the grace of 360 degrees of awareness. Simply saying you are a person with wisdom. A wise person. 

When you are not in objective reality, 

You become totally subjective, you will take everything personally. When people don’t give you enough attention or respect you will feel hurt. You always feel worried and attacked. That shows you are not a wise person. 

You can learn about your body through anatomy, and you can learn about your mind through psychology. But you can learn about your consciousness only through your objectiveness. The more objective you are, the better you will know about yourself. 

That means the more objective you are with your subjective reality, 

You can trust yourself effortlessly. You will make the impossible possible. 

You are unstoppable once you are able to trust yourself. 

The more objective you are, the better expansion you will have. The more subjective you are, it will limit you in the same limited zone of consciousness.

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