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Support, collaborate, respect our co existence and grow together in the wisdom & enlightenment of life

You and I exist here as humans,

May we look different and may our carrier choices are different. But the unique point is, to experience the fullest life, all we need is to integrate our patience, self-love, the right focus, commitment, truthfulness, trust, faith, hope, and selflessness. In this case, we all are in the same purpose, we all are experiencing the same life, we all are moving towards self-realization. So Collaboration is the right choice than a competition. Our personalities and perceptions will be different before and after awakening. Once a person is awakened, the whole focus works to experience Oneness. We can see this world as a better place only through collaboration and Oneness. Without experiencing a state of awakening ( rebirth), we can’t see the higher possibilities of collaboration and oneness. Now look into our world, there’s competition, trading, and power games going on everywhere.

The power is moving from one hand to another hand, the one who holds the power, he/she is pretending like they are leaders or even dictators. But in the universal reality, no one rules over anyone. Temporarily, we may get the leadership to assist the system but we have to remember that when someone takes advantage of his leadership, he will never experience this fullest life he will be stuck in the loop of his ego. Finally, he will die in misery.

The unique message is, your life does not depend on the rules of the human system, it’s monitored by the cosmic system.

Once you know how to follow the cosmic system no one can control you from outside.

Let us be a concern that we are living the same life with the same purpose. Let’s raise our awareness above self greed. Let us all stop trying to control others to protect our power and pride.

Support, collaborate, respect our co-existence, and grow together in the wisdom & enlightenment of life.

Ojas Oneness

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