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Mother is our source of birth,
Our Physical body has been given by our physical mother and our consciousness has been given by mother universe.

The best and the deepest thing we can do in our life is sending gratitude all the time to our two mothers.

Mother’s unconditional presence gives us immense faith and self acceptance.
Mother cares about us by healing us,
Mother cares about us by empowering us
Mother cares for us by leading us
Mother is our first protection
Mother is our source of life.

Never ever forget the great role that our mother plays in our lives. If our mother doesn’t reach our expectations we should take her actions as our blessings rather than taking them for granted.

One of the most profound things that has happened in my life is my mother’s ultimate blessing to me.
Once she told me: “Ojas I am letting you go to follow your path and serve the divine mother.
I will never let you pull down with our physical needs, your life is eternal, never turn back and go ahead.
In this journey I can imagine how big contribution you can give for the Oneness world.”

After I received this saying from my mother,
I started being a limitless person. After these blessings nothing stopped me from following my wisdom.

I am so grateful with my mother’s blessings. Thank you Amma.

May all our mothers in our world be treated with gratitude and deep respect. Let’s bow to our mother.


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