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Q&A with Master Ojas about Transforming practice (ep2)

When you are ready to take one step forward, the universe will open doors for you the next 1000 steps. Start today and trust your process.

Master Ojas Oneness

Transformation is a journey where we need to engage in deep and continuous practice. The combination of Art and Meditation is a wonderful tool to help us discover the beauty of this process! The answers of Master Ojas Oneness below will help us understand and feel motivated to go through the transforming process.

1, “When I look within and find myself lacking in feminine energy, how do I release the feminine energy inside?”

Master Ojas replied:

Deep listening, sensitivity towards small things, and showing caring towards family and friends are what make us feminine. Feminine energy means full of kindness and compassion.

Mother Earth, water, most of the natural elements reflect feminine energy.
Women become manly because subconsciously or unconsciously she may get influenced by the dominance of the man around. It can be anyone’s father, brothers, uncles, etc. when the woman takes birth in a family where the man in the family is always strong with her mother. In order to protect her mother, she turned manly.

Once you are focusing to activate your feminine energy, few main steps need to concern:

  • Check your opinion about man, if you carry any hate or anger, start to work on it, bring yourself into forgiveness and let it go state.
  • Instead of spending time on competitive environment, engage more in spiritual activities.
  • Learn how to cook nicely, be conscious enough to wear feminine cloths and choose feminine colors ( pink, orange, green, purple kind of colors). Caring dressing style and good make up also reflect the femininity.
  • Please note here, when I said, cook nicely, it doesn’t mean cooking is woman thing. But cooking created the bonding between the one who cook and the one who eat. It reflects the caring.
  • Learn to listen with heart and practice to act with compassion.
  • Be active with playing and caring little children
  • Allow your inner child to express, enjoy every little thing in life. For exp: growing a small plants, decorating home beautifully. Improve creative approach in your daily activities.

2, “During my meditation practice, many doubts and fears surfaced over me, it overwhelmed me and it made me feel tired and sore in my chest near my heart and sometimes my head hurt. I don’t know if it’s part of my training that will show these signs? Thank you for explaining.”

Master Ojas replied:

During meditation time if anyone experiences different kinds of uneasiness, it means some blockages cleansing. Purification is going.

So it’s always good to let it happen, be objectively observant of the breath, and let the cleaning process happen. There is the time comes you will feel harmony within, which means now you have fewer blockages or all your blockages are cleaned.

3, “In my work environment, colleagues always have a rush of energy to get me caught up. At these times I practice breathing but still get caught up in the anxiety of not completing the work and fear. I will do wrong or be judged slow. Please guide me on how to stay conscious in this working environment?”

Master Ojas replied:

Only senior meditation practitioners can bring awareness in the work environment. The workplace always has intense energy. Commercialized work is all about completing targets on time. So speed is important. When there are high targets, In that intense place, while being speedy at the same time maintaining awareness is definitely needed expertise of meditation.

My guess is you are still a beginner at meditation. So you need to become a senior in meditation practice. Meanwhile, do your best to be mindful in the meditation practice. Fear of doing wrong or you will be slow, it’s just a mind game. The mind always creates self-doubts.

You can come out of anxiety when you improve your gratitude practice.

  • Be grateful with what you have,
  • Be thankful with all the support you receive,
  • Before going sleep, review your work flow and check your performance levels, give suggestion to your brain to improve yourself.

For example, suggest to yourself, “I will smile at work more times, I will appreciate others’ speed and I pick up my speed, I will give my mindful attention to my colleagues.” We can say conscious suggestions or affirmations to the brain. Before going to sleep if you practice this conscious self-talk, in a couple of months, you will see your transformation in your work field. Wish you great success at your work. Blessings!

4, “How do I know if I received a message? How to overcome my procrastination? Can you explain with more examples about awareness?”

Master Ojas replied:

Anything related to your spiritual growth we can concern it’s a message. The message means an idea and a motivation for self-transformation.

The message means an idea and motivation to know how to contribute your gifts and blessing to others.

Procrastinating is a huge pattern every human somewhere has this, where there is procrastination there is no productivity.

So breaking down our procrastination is a very important step. With a committed action, we can break down our procrastination.

  • First please do regular meditation at least 15 minutes everyday.
  • Always be with the groups and communities those already progressing in the area where you want to progress.
  • Before going sleep, review the things you need to do or complete.
  • Take reminder from your family members and create alarms ringing in your phone.
  • Stop consuming your energy for extra things, like using mobile over night, watching TV shows, or spending long time on social media’s.
  • Write the to-do list, prioritize the most important activities first.
  • Always be with right mentor or master. Have a great respect and surrender towards them, so with their presence we will get inspiration to break down our unconscious patterns.

=> With this simple setup, we can break down our procrastination.

After you raise your awareness, you can see every element of life in more details.

  • So awareness is the base to realize the unknown. Let us understand this, our universe and our human existence is so mysterious, what we know as an intellectual beings is still like a small drop in the ocean, so it’s a lot to explore about the unknown.
  • So awareness decodes the unknown and reveals reality of the existence.
  • This is an essential approach to improve our self awareness and universal awareness to know the unknown.

Awareness is like torchlight in the dark jungle.

Master Ojas Oneness

5, “Can you explain the meaning of the quotes in the Oneness cards “Discipline is my inner freedom” and more examples of Discipline?”

Master Ojas replied: Discipline means, knowing how to say no to your extra desires. Most of the time our senses are always in the wanting mode, “I want more and more.”

That mentality is what makes us a slave to the particular circumstances. So when you know how to say no to your sense, you know, “it’s enough for me.” This indicates self-discipline.

Only by being in the discipline, we can achieve the highest freedom. But living in the discipline is not that much easy in modern life where every entertainment is easy to access. Adopt unhealthy habits is so easy to fall into.

Practicing regular meditation, mindful living will bring us effortless discipline.

Effortless discipline means we don’t need to suppress ourselves to maintain the discipline. We love ourselves, that’s why we live in discipline.

Master Ojas Oneness

6, “When interacting with other people, how do you discover why they behave like this when they don’t want to connect with us, still want to keep the same prejudice?

Master Ojas replied: Human its conditions and limitation, over human is influence by our family and the society we lived in. So every person adopts certain behaviors based on the level of their knowledge. So when a person doesn’t process his mind into subtleness they always keep their prejudices. So we don’t need to judge them. Let’s bless them. When their times come they will start to understand they need to change. Don’t expect anything from the people or family members.

Do your best, leave the rest.

Master Ojas Oneness

7, “How to develop courage? You said fear is always there but go through it by saying “do your best, let go of the rest” but there are still many obstacles in mind (fear, sadness, feeling not loved and cared, …), how can I start taking action?

Master Ojas replied:

The problem of starting point is, having a wrong focus, having low self-esteem on own self, rather than seeing yourself as a divine source. See yourself as a universe. See your self a master and god. When you remember your true existence, you will never have starting problem. In order to improve this right focus, need to witness persons and master those who live life to the courage and fullest. In our brain, a process is called mirror neurons. This mirror neuron will copy or imitate the surroundings. So with whom you spend most of your time is also a factor. Chose conscious communities and space.

8, “Master, how do I let go of my attachment?

Master Ojas replied:

When you really have practical experience this world is temporary, there is no interest or attraction to cling to anything. Explore the truth. You have the possibility to don’t cling and waste the value of time. Practice to improve self-awareness, you will come out of clinging.

9, “Master, can you distinguish between spontaneity and impulsiveness?”

Master Ojas replied:

This is very simple to understand, nature is a perfect example of spontaneity, spontaneous is the life force that happens from beyond the mind.

Impulsivity takes place when the mind is not in balance. Spontaneous is naturally happening, impulsivity is a reflection of a damaged mind.

You see the birds, animals all living being reflects the spontaneity. They live life spontaneously. They don’t have any plans or goals. Just live life as it is.

When we see the persons who got deep addicted to alcohol and drugs we can see impulsive behavior from them. Because of their brain and mind for damaged.

Spontaneity and impulsivity may look the same but not the same.

Remember, anyways ultimately only spontaneity doesn’t help to explore the truth of realities. Only through spontaneity can’t transform. You need awareness.

That’s why TransformingArt means a combination of Spontaneity and awareness = flow.

Spontaneity + Awareness = flow

When we are in the flow that’s is right TransformatingArt method.

Which question here has helped you to solve your current problem, comment below and share with your loved ones and friends to help each other on this spiritual transformation! We are here with you on this journey.

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