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Short film by Diviners got top 10 best films in Tiktok

With the message of an awakened lifestyle in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Diviners’ film “Right choice always there” was voted in the top 10 best short films of Tiktok’s film contest 2021.

In just 3 days, Diviners team created a 3-minute short film with the message “No matter what the circumstances, we always have a choice to live life in a positive, motivated, grateful way. We are ready to give.”

The film reminds us of the time during the Vietnam war, in which we went through many difficulties, like the Covid epidemic situation that we are experiencing at the moment. When we understand how the strong spirit of unity has helped us overcome great challenges, we look back on what we have now and appreciate it even more.

Master Ojas Oneness shared: “The subconscious communication in this short film is one girl who starts to go from upstairs to downstairs, revealing each character of her housemates. When she walks from the 4th floor to the ground floor, it reveals how all girls feel low energy. A surprising bell and grandmother’s life story gave them the right direction to think positive and be optimistic.”

Difficult times are times when we develop a spirit of unity. Not just food or material things, the biggest thing we can give others is a lesson in changing our perception.

In addition, the film also carries a profound metaphor about life lessons in the form of characters. An elderly woman represents the mother of the earth, who loves unconditionally and wants her children (people of the whole planet) to live in peace and harmony and realize what is the importance and what is the purpose of life. Girls represent people with pressing problems of different nationalities and classes. Vegetables symbolize peace and mutual understanding, they awakened deep-seated feelings and qualities in the heroines. This film teaches unity, as well as allows you to comprehend the current situation in the world. Why do we feel isolated in Covid-situation? to become closer to each other, to rediscover in oneself all the high feelings and qualities of a real person.

Let’s watch the movie together and share the lessons you posted in the comment here:

With more than 10,000 votes, Diviners is proud and grateful for the love from the community, together with spreading good values ​​to society. The film will be premiered on the Tiktok Fanpage on September 11. We are honored to participate in the upcoming Blue Star Film Festival 2021 award!

Sending lots of blessings to those who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, praying for peace for us and for all of humanity!

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