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Have a Conscious New Year 2023

This new year will be nothing novel if you go into it with imitative fun and cling to the old habits of the last year.

The “New” is a precious, unfounded moment.

The “Year” is the collection of new things.

Throughout the year, you may collect many experiences; those experiences are your treasures. When you can break down your experiences to its undercurrent of true reflective understanding, you collect lots of wisdom.

So every year gives you experience and wisdom. Because every bad experience can be broken down into wisdom, there are no bad years in life. For example, in the years 2020 and 2021, the COVID pandemic took place. Those were terrible years, but COVID changed working styles and reminded us of the importance of human connection.

Many people learned the value of life and spent more time with family as a result of their COVID experience, and they realized there was no need to be in the constant rat race. That’s a primary reason why the great resignation in many traditional industries is taking place. Now people are finding their way to more conscious, sustainable lifestyles.

Spending the New Year in a commercial area with lots of alcohol and being cheerful with new friends or strangers, everyone unconditionally wishes each other a happy new year. It’s a spark of the moment. After waking up with a hangover in the early morning on January 1st, go about your daily routine. Does this kind of New Year’s sound familiar to you?

Let 2023 be your conscious new year.

It’s time to refresh, revive, reconnect, and realize the worth of your existence. 2023 will be a year of shifting, updating, and settling into new jobs, new projects, or new businesses for many people. There is a lot of financial fluctuation going on in this world. So stay grounded and maintain your mental health. Follow your heart and wisdom; it will be an amazing year, and it offers you unlimited wisdom.

So, let all the stuff that keeps you worrying be washed away by the end of 2022.

Let go of all heavy emotions and feel relief.

Worries, suffering, and sadness can’t welcome the New year.

Reminders and steps to welcome the Conscious New Year 2023:

Forgiveness is the most powerful medicine for mental health.

Gratitude is a powerful vitamin for mental health.

Self-acceptance is a powerful booster of mental health.

Meditation practice is the perfect vaccine for mental illness (stress and anxiety).

Explore nature, go tracking, hiking, or on adventures with minimal cost, switch from too much exposure to commerciality, and connect with nature.

Nature is a perfect healer for the rush in your mind.

Have the spiritual discipline:

We all know that there is something bigger than our human intelligence and egos, regardless of how far humans have progressed, because everything still happens in this tiny ball that is our Earth. So, beyond our habits and lives, there is something huge happening in the cosmos.

Surrendering to the Ultimate is a method of developing spiritual discipline.

This year, write about the top 10 disciplines that help you improve your productivity and connect with your higher self.

For example, not using plastic and becoming eco-friendly for a whole year

  • Every day, at any cost, meditate for at least 30 minutes throughout the year.
  • Don’t fall into arguments with family members; surrender, be a role model for positivity and conscious awareness, and be around in all situations.
  • Walk more and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Cut down on sugar and unhealthy fast-food habits.
  • Wake up early in the morning, before 5 a.m., and go to the park and do exercise.
  • Do volunteer work at least a few times a month for noble and spiritual activities in the world.

Like this, you can make at least 5 to 10 discipline guidelines and keep 100% discipline to make your new year more special and improve your integrity.

Conscious Family: 

Express yourself to your family to eliminate any communication gaps. Whatever you are holding will become heavy as time passes, so express yourself to your family, tell them about your passion and your choice, and give them clarity and trust. When there is trust from family members, no matter how difficult this world is, you can face everything with ease. That is the power of family trust and support.

Don’t control each other in the name of love and care. Give each other space. value the differences and reduce our expectations of each other. Allow things to become a little easier. It will maintain your family’s mental health.

Don’t be busy with too much work; at least twice weekly, if possible, every day, and sit with family without TV, phone, or any distractions. Share each other’s feelings; express; compliment; appreciate; create new family games; and let the joy flow with new innovative activities.

From time to time, all families gather to meditate and reflect on their values.

Conscious friendship and interactions:

  • Make sure you don’t engage in gossip and rumors that will absorb negative energy into your energy field.
  • Don’t interfere in some personal matters related to sex or money.
  • Don’t take anything personally, and don’t seek special attention.
  • Be minimal and express your authenticity without fear of judgment or rejection; just be yourself.
  • Help and support without personalization All these conscious detoxes come from stress-related mental problems.

Conscious Consumer: 

What we buy has an impact on our world. If you buy more chemicals and polluted products, our world will become more and more toxic.

So conscious consumption must be a movement. Until now, humans have released tons of toxicity into nature. We need to revert to make our world healthy. 

When you need something, buy it locally made.

If possible, grow your food—at least a few vegetables in your garden—or arrange small garden pots. On YouTube, you will find tons of videos on how to create a kitchen garden. Invest your time in learning to grow your own food; it heals you and helps the environment.

Consume nutritious and high-quality foods. Healthy food, even in small quantities, keeps you in great health. Unhealthy food, no matter how much you eat it, is still a waste of energy. Choose quality food and eat sufficiently.

Let this new year be filled with mental health and spiritual energy.

Let the new year bring abundance and wealth.

Divine blessings!

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