Quynh Duong

“I never thought I could meditate and now I have started to meditate every day”

I wish I could say all the wonderful things I have received from this class’s Transformational Meditation sessions to everyone I meet so that everyone can feel the same from Master Ojas.

We parents are still having a headache with our own problems and have no answers for our children…. All will be resolved in the Transforming Art course. May these good things spread and help everyone.
I never thought I could meditate because I thought I was extroverted, and liked to be active… Now I have started to meditate every day and I know that I need to fully love myself before I want to love those around me. Positive energy will transform all relationships around you. Being aware and non-judgmental, gratitude and spontaneity will help you find true happiness within yourself.

Thank you universe, thank you parents, thank you to everyone who always loves me so much. I hope that many people know about this class and meet this energetic teacher.

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Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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