Kim Chau

Life insurance consultant

Today is the 20th day of the 21-day Quiet Meditation series with Master Ojas Oneness in a 42-day profound transformation practice with complete blindfold, fasting, and stillness. It was fortunate that I was able to immerse myself in the transformation process at the same time as the intensive practice of Master Ojas Oneness.

In order to completely transform from the inside, I was ready with a radically accepting attitude: being vegan, listening carefully, feeling in each lesson, from the Transforming Art course ( TA): combining the Spontaneity in the art of life with increasing Awareness through Meditation, and practicing profound transformation exercises daily, because I clearly understand that what I am looking for is what! I need to understand myself! I need to know what I live for, and what I need to do to make myself happy.

During the TA course, I listened to each message from the Master, listened to each profound explanation from the Master, and each word touched deeply inside my inner world, eliciting self-love. unconditionally, which I have been hiding for so long under the covers: judgment, evaluation, concern, fear, love, hate, anger, resentment… In addition to the TA course, I have practiced deeply with the Quiet Meditation course, the Full Moon Meditation course, and the Pure Self Connection course. Receiving profound messages after each day of Quiet Meditation practice, I feel that it is all made for me, I just need to open up to receive and transform.

I believe that to have such a strong inner transformation is thanks to the guidance and direction from my mother since childhood, she taught me to live and let go of anger, hate others, instead love others a lot no matter how wrong they are with you. I understood what my mother taught but was still very shallow, so she loved everyone like what she told her inside, but at the same time ignored all her feelings, buried herself, and always placed the importance of others to the top. In the hustle and bustle of life, going to school, going to work, getting married and having a baby, the relationships around, I gradually feel stuck in myself even though my love for everyone is still there. But I clearly saw the repression inside myself was always waiting to rise. I don’t want that to happen but also don’t know how to control the negative and positive emotions swirling in my heart. TRANSFORMING ART is the key to help me open the new door of my life, I discovered deep inside his Inner world. Each relationship in my current life is helping me practice for this profound transformation of mine.

In addition to the transformational practice that helps me to arouse and understand incredibly wonderful unconditional self-love, I also have a better understanding of love for all the relationships around me: do not judge, do not use their own experience to see things, but always use the objective will to recognize the true nature of things and phenomena. Practicing observing his own emotions will sometimes be good and sometimes not good, but Chau has changed himself, not disgusted, or denying his bad work, but calmly turned inside and looked back. Why do you yourself? The most useful tool to help Chau at this time is Meditation. And an extremely interesting thing that helps Chau to understand himself more clearly is that, in the process of transformation practice, Chau feels deeply that he loves things, simple, gentle, delicate things, what is more important. The colors are colorful, the more complicated Chau just likes to watch, to observe absolutely does not want to blend in because then Chau feels that he will no longer be himself.

Thanks to profound changes from within: raising awareness, transforming emotions, loving herself unconditionally, the value of Chau’s own health is also extremely great.

Grateful to the teacher and the Diviners volunteers for always creating conditions to help Chau and his friends practice effectively. Better and better every day, after a full month of practicing transformation, from the bottom of my heart, Chau is grateful for all the causes and conditions that come and go in his life to help him understand more deeply about himself.

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