Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong

Mu Cang Chai Retreat

You know, everything happens for a reason.

As I grew older, I always heard my predecessors say “life is not as rosy as you think” and I used to believe in that limited belief. Until in my heart I always yearned and wondered how to believe in the dreams I thought and how to make it come to life, overcoming the full of fears in my mind. . At this time, the miracle has appeared.

One day by chance, I touched a flyer of Diviners Fest 2020 and now I know Ojas Oneness, the founder of Diviners. This is a person in whom I feel that he is a very awake person. I was fascinated by his strange dance, it seemed to be joy in every cell of the human being.

What motivates me to keep going with the experience and learning in the Mu Cang Chai Retreat journey is the saying from the teacher that changed me: “You work with the Mind or with the Soul, you go with the flow. of the universe or always planning, perfectionism and principles “.
I am curious to learn from this teacher about how to operate life, flow with the flow of the universe? I have witnessed firsthand the journey with Ojas Oneness from one surprise to another. The first thing in the 7 day retreat this teacher doesn’t make any plans, all experiences come from connecting inside the teacher with the universe, always improvisation. This is the art that I learned more deeply with his Transforming Art class. The second thing on this Retreat trip is that I can return to my childhood like heavy clay, impromptu dancing, improvisational singing, connecting with nature by walking barefoot, going into the forest to meditate. Through this exercise I learned the transformation “be unconditional to yourself” (stop judging anything about yourself). The next thing I learned was to overcome the fear in my mind with a 5am spring bath experience.

The water was very cold at 12 degrees Celsius. I didn’t dare to jump then, and when I jumped down I learned to focus on my breath and connect with the water. After a while the water gets warmer. I learned that nature is not as scary as I thought, but learning how to connect and give love, we are always safe. I also learned to accept the cold water the way the universe is, without resistance and my response is to enjoy each moment. This taught me that, in life, good things, sad things, bad things, let it happen, always flow with the flow of the universe and my response is that everything is fine, and in the case of Unsatisfactory sadness will certainly have some lessons from the universe to make me more mature and transform into an awakened person, so after this trip I am no longer afraid or have the concept of a sad story. more confident is more stress the more you are growing.

It is because of the things that I practice with the teacher Ojas Oneness that I am no longer afraid of the future, no longer tormented by the past, but only live for each moment in the present and happily be a carefree person. his innocence, always unconditionally with himself in every moment. So after going to Retreat my life every day is a new thing, every day is a miracle, every day is an enjoyment, and my journey to realize my dream is more and more flowing, everything is fine. arranged from the universe. Knowing Ojas Oneness a great teacher has given me an artistic and mindful way of living to connect within myself and my life is now very light and enjoying the magic. I would also like to thank the Universe for connecting me with Ojas Oneness who is a great teacher!! Thank you to the Diviners organizers who are full of love who have supported me a lot during this Retreat. With the transformation in me when I return to everyday life, I have a mantra that says:

” When you connect with your inner world, everything in the outside world is extremely simple and as long as you believe, life will flow. When you live with your own flow, you will do everything with inspiration, not fear.”

Find your own flow, connect them and everything is just an inspiration every moment… Right now I feel my life is very very very wonderful..!!! Thank you! I love you!

Author Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong, participant of Diviners Fest and New Earth transformation retreat in Mu Cang Chai.

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