Why we need to transform?

“Transformation is the transformation into another form or state.” Because we humans always want to be better, always yearn to change, develop to become the best version of ourselves, thereby realizing our dreams and living a better life. full of happiness and meaning!

Transforming who we are now into the great person we want to be is a process that requires us to act, not just imagine. It is not just action, but it must be continuous action to become a habit, from habit to form character, and from perfect character to get the destiny we dream of. So, transformation is a mandatory process for us to live the life we ​​dream of. And the decision to transform is a continuous moment-to-moment action that we should choose!


You know, everyone knows exercise is good for health and certainly everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone does exercise, less often. The path from knowing to doing, from thinking to acting, is often not smooth and fast. There are many barriers from the mind that push us into procrastination, laziness, which leads to deadlock and conflict, loops of torment, resentment, sadness, anxiety and depression.

The transformation journey needs to start from understanding yourself, recognizing and changing the mind limits that “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do this”, “Must have… then I will.” only can . . . “, starting from recognizing and declaring war on the fears and habits that hold us back from action. If there is the will to move forward, it can also be just a journey of suffering with many negative emotions due to expectations. In order for our transformation to happen naturally and faster, we need the right practice, the willingness to explore all the deeper aspects of our consciousness. And if possible, seek out wise teachers to guide us, seek out safe, judgment-free environments where we are free to explore and express ourselves!

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In this powerful (and free) guidebook, you will learn simple ways to become your best self. This is a part of Transforming Art technique that is changing lives across the world.


Art is not just for entertainment or commerce, creativity is not just the gift of a few people on this earth. We all have an interest in art from thousands of years of human history, we all have a creative capacity that manifests itself in unlimited fields, and sometimes simply actions. Small but always new action in daily life.

Art is the best way to express ourselves, helping us to understand ourselves and express to the outside world. Art does not need any background knowledge and skills, everyone has the ability to create art, whether you are old or young, no matter what field you are working in, you can create art. a product/performance with its own unique identity! Pure art has no right-wrong, good-bad, good-bad! We just need to allow the artistic energy to flow within us with full awareness, without suppressing or blocking it in terms of conditioning, judging and comparing ourselves to others. Just let that creative energy flow freely on its own accord, let’s start singing, dancing, painting, etc. naturally, all we have to do is allow ourselves to be. more freedom and self-observation. That’s how transformation happens through art.

ART = Spontaneity
Meditation = Awareness


The combination of creativity in Art and awareness in Meditation allows us to connect with the powerful life force within to create the fullest reality for ourselves!


By expressing ourselves through art, we gradually rise above the fear of being judged and gain the freedom to create whatever is in our hearts in every moment of life.

When we feel the life within us, we feel the beauty of the outside world and enjoy every moment of our own transformation!


 In the stillness of our minds, we connect with our deepest truth.

 For many years now, science has proven that meditation helps us improve our emotional intelligence to guide our thoughts and actions and become the best version of ourselves and better connect with society.

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We believe that deep inside you is a Master. You have the ability to create your reality. You deserve to live life to the fullest and start exploring and enjoying this beautiful journey!

Master Ojas Oneness

Founder of Diviners and  Transformational Arts technique Master Ojas Oneness is a new-age spiritual teacher who carries the message of unlimited life. He has taught and guided thousands of people around the world to awaken and transform themselves to live their life more fully. He has dedicated himself to the great Oneness mission by spreading the values of healing, celebration, enlightenment.


Under the guidance of our divine friend Ojas Oneness, we will awaken our inner Teacher – Great Intelligence and creative energy from within ourselves.



Spontaneous Singing Therapy

Spontaneous games therapy

Conscious Imagination Therapy

Free Flow Yoga

Expression Therapy

Conscious Drama Therapy

Anapanasati Meditation and Mindfulness techniques along “Master Ojas Oneness wisdom” sharing.

Under the guidance of our divine friend Ojas Oneness, we will awaken our inner Master –

great wisdom and creative energy from within yourself.

Diviners looks forward to welcoming you home and accompanying you on your journey of transformation with so much freedom, peace and complete happiness!
Hugs. Much Love and Light!
Diviners Team

Inspirational story

Before taking the TransformingArt Course for only 1 week, I was a divorced woman who lived alone, struggled to raise children, and had been battling illness for 30 years. I was also suffering from terminal cancer. During the past 30 years, I've been through so much pain, so much sorrow, and tears... Now I've been completel...



After only a few days of Transforming Art with Master Ojas Oneness, I have been practicing awareness in every thought, action, and word, so I speak only honest words, do things from the heart with thoughts always bright. My life became at times still and alive with energy and life force within. I am grateful to my enlighte...


Yoga Instructor

“Thank you very much Master Ojas and the Diviners team. I was introduced by a friend and knew about the TA course taught by Master Ojas. After taking the course, I don't have as many fears and worries as before. I learned how to love myself, always love life and love people. I felt an inner state of happiness that I never ...



Thank you Master and team Diviners. I met Ojas in a sharing session on the topic "Love yourself" at Co's house. At that time, I was still a shy, afraid, self-deprecating girl. The Master's sharing that day touched me. I started taking the course “Transforming Art”. My life gradually changed markedly. I know how to accept a...

Tang Khanh Duyen


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The Full Moon phase is a special time for families to have conscious activities together. Families that sit and practice meditation together, then express what’s deep in their hearts, that family will receive many blessings, purifying karma.

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