Tran Bao Ngoc

TransformingArt Round 1

“TransformingArt – A new door opens to help me break old patterns”

I was fortunate enough to know about the course “TransformingArt” in the group of Vietnam Breast Cancer Support Network – BCNV, so I signed up to participate and I am very lucky to be in the class. I was finally selected near the start of the class. This course is a free program for F0/cancer patients but is of extremely high quality and value.

TransformingArt – A new door opens to help me break old patterns through meditation practice and spontaneous movement. Self-discipline, commitment, surrender, 100% involvement and daily practice are prerequisites of the course because it is a much-needed foundation on the healing and transformational process.

At first, sitting still and observing the breath and emotions to clear the inner problems was one of the big challenges for me personally. However, gradually, I feel the progress, positive changes through doing exercises to answer reflection questions, new practice every day, so any difficulties or obstacles will be solved. 

TransformingArt has helped me:

• Identify unconscious bias in actions, thoughts and words, restraining personal development, thereby making changes to transform them, overcoming invisible fears, procrastination and forming new habits that are healthier, more positive.

• Get to know yourself better through digging deeper inside, appreciating each of these body parts that work non-stop for you even when you’re sleeping.

• Increase self-inspiration and joy through spontaneous activities: art therapy, spontaneous singing… stimulating creativity, immersing in natural energy flow.

• More confident about themselves, more comfortable in sharing and expressing feelings with people. Live true to your pure being.

• Be grateful, happier, free yourself from the bonds in your soul and trauma to live every moment of life to the fullest.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my Master Ojas Oneness, along with the dedicated support and companionship of the Diviners Viet Nam team for bringing a meaningful and useful program to the community.

Sharing from Ms. Tran Bao Ngoc – a cancer patient with Hodgkin lymphoma, a practitioner in TransformingArt round 1 course (Sep 10-15th, 2021)

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