Lê Tú Uyên

TransformingArt Round 1 Online

I just moved to Ho Chi Minh City from April this year and had the opportunity to know Diviners through the Diviners Self-Vaccine program organized by Master Ojas. I heard that the TransformingArt class takes place on June 8-13, 2021, so I signed up to participate. At that time I had financial difficulties and thanks to Diviners’ support I was able to join the class. I haven’t practiced meditation before, but I have researched it but haven’t started it and think it is a difficult thing for me to practice and convert into a lifestyle, June 2021 is also the time when Saigon has a big Covid-19 outbreak. Most people were confused about the epidemic situation and the class helped me feel inner peace, that class changed me a lot.

Unlike other classes, TransformingArt class is highly applicable, I can practice every day. Master Ojas has imparted the tools and we practice ourselves like waking up without rush to feel gratitude our body grateful for life every morning we can wake up healthy have work to do.

“Gratitude for me is the material that helps me strengthen my inner energy, help me love life and aim for a better life”

In your toolkit, there is a tool to find 5 creative things every day, but actually, when I do a new thing that I haven’t done before, it makes me feel very happy, it makes me more creative. create, understand, and have more confidence in myself in my wit that I didn’t realize before. I also started a vegetarian diet from the time I joined the class and also started meditating until I wrote these lines for 40 days, meditation helps to observe myself and my mind, helps me to focus more, meditate Exercise helps me correct my gait when I observe myself and notice that I am not upright, helps me to observe the emotions of sadness, anxiety, fear, joy, insecurity that come and go.

In addition, I really like the tool for expressing therapy, I used to be a very rational person who forgot the feelings of my heart, I always wanted perfection and imposed my thoughts on others. and always try to create a beautiful image in the eyes of others but forget what I want, I carry all my burdens on my shoulders because I take the outside measure to apply to myself but I have never loved myself I’m enough.

Expression from the feeling of the heart helps me to appreciate more the relationships I have, helps me feel more about emotions and feelings from which I learn to listen and understand the other person. I feel the sincerity from my heart so that I can share the good things that create good conditions

And the other tools that Master taught me also help me have a more positive and optimistic lifestyle. I feel the tools that I learn in class like not procrastinating when doing anything as simple as when I finish eating, I need to go clean the dishes and wash them immediately, when I go out of my position, I adjust the chair. the same position for the next person.

TransformingArt has changed me from the smallest things,

From focusing my breath to focus on more effective work, looking at myself to feel more loved, to things that I didn’t do before. Now I don’t realize how to observe myself, listen to the sharing to understand and optimistically enjoy life, enjoy the joy in the present without worrying about the fear in the future.

I feel grateful for what I have been shared by the Master and I thank the Diviners team for helping me to take the first step on the path of spiritual practice to help myself transform. I thank you very much and I hope Diviners will continue their journey to bring miracles to everyone so that we can live a full life in this journey.”

Sharing by Ms. Le Tu Uyen (TransformingArt round 1 online practitioner )

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