Tran Hoang Yen

Back to Nature

Sincerely grateful to Master Ojas Oneness and the Art of Transformation course for helping me change, return to my true self, realize that for more than 30 years I have been living like a robot, and now I know how to live happily and peacefully.

It is true that when you are ready, the teachers will appear. That was the time when I went to find a way out of my inner suffering after 2 years of severe depression after getting married, not knowing what I needed. I meditated 2 courses of Vipassana, became vegetarian 6 years ago, went to yoga, planted ornamental plants… still have not improved my haunting thoughts and memories.

I was determined to try this course, fully paying attention to every word, trying to practice every day. A surprising thing is that every day my mind is lighter and brighter, seeing more clearly the unconscious in my head. When I’m scared or confused, I immediately wake myself up and apply the teacher’s exercises such as improvisational singing, breathing observation, gratitude, doing something new… Discovering the change in me, my husband also joined the same course. He was very emotional at the end of this course.

After a few months of practice, I changed so quickly. There are arguing situations, with trembling hands, suddenly becoming stronger, I can see myself clearly, the breath is present in the present, I can hug an angry loved one, like a stream of refreshing water. I calm the burning fire, even though I still have fear, then that fear gradually disappears.

Life is constantly challenging to give me the opportunity to practice, to face my inner self, I am very grateful for all these difficulties and challenges. One thing I learned: how I feel around me will resonate like that as the law of cause and effect, so I no longer wish for the external circumstances to change, but I have my own transformation, my choices to be myself, everything will go with the flow naturally. Let it be!

After 1 year, and now 2 years, my husband’s eyes are becoming more and more gentle, understanding and awakening day by day. We live as close friends, no longer attached, happy and peaceful. Every time I go back to my hometown, I am more harmonious, understand and love my family more. My father and mother are more and more open, happier, and take better care of their health. I was happily allowed by my husband to live alone near the mountain, with a forest garden, plant a tree, remove a single piece of trash, and continue to shine on me every second. Really appreciate it.

There are exercises that Master Ojas gives me, I practice all my life, every second as a second nature, to increase my ability to observe, stay calm, and gradually realize the fragile boundary between reality and fantasy. Life still acts like an impromptu and challenging way, but I still enjoy life step by step peacefully like a game.

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