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Do Hue

Combo 5 "Hanh trinh kien tao cuoc doi phi thuong”

“Now I know what I want in life, and how to overcome my fear. I am no longer afraid of being judged by others. I dare to do things that I have never done before, and then I am received things that I never thought I could receive”

Before, I was an open-minded person but was afraid of being judged. When I am doing something, the first thing that comes to my mind is what kind of person would people think of me. I also want to please people, even though they can take advantage of that. I find myself having endurance in relationships as long as they are fun and sociable. 

There are a lot of good ideas coming up before doing something. When I first start working, I am very excited and I can totally focus on what I wanted to do. But after a while, I start to lose enthusiasm and feel bored. I want to quit. I almost feel like I have such a vicious cycle like that in everything. I have no persistence in anything.

There is another problem: I am very afraid to speak in front of a crowd because I’m afraid that I may say the wrong thing and people will laugh at me. I’m also afraid of doing things that go against the tide. I don’t want people to say things about me, criticize me and think that I’m abnormal. As a result, there are many things I want to do but never happen.

But when I started to practice TA1, TA2, I gradually did things that I hadn’t dared to do before. For example, in movement therapy, when I first moved my body, I had to look around to see if anyone was looking at me or criticizing me. I still moved normally when no one was watching. But when there is somebody, I would stop immediately and not dare to move anymore.

However, when I practice facing my fears

I dare to move and sing spontaneously, go with the flow without any hesitation. I feel more confident and brave than ever.

When I learned English, I always tried to have daily conversations, but it never worked. But when I presented to the group (which I didn’t dare before as I was afraid that people would think it was too simple to present), I could connect with more people, and what I got was not only those conversations but much more.

  • Expressing also helps me to connect with my parents more, understand each other better (before I was afraid to talk to my father. That fear has been there since I was a child. I didn’t have many arguments with my mom but dad).
  • Expressing helps my family get along better and reduces the frequency of arguments (we had a lot of arguments before).
  • Expressing helps me to reconnect with my friend who I have not talked for more than 10 years (there was a conflict between us before due to our different perspectives that we stopped keeping in touch with each other)

When practising the 3-day fasting exercise, I thought that if I had a stomach ache and low blood sugar, I could only do this for a day. As the Master said, 1 day is fine. But when I started the process, I felt so determined. Therefore, I went through 3 days without eating, yet my body was still able to handle it.

I feel very happy because I have done something that I didn’t think I could do. It also helped me realize that I should believe in myself to do whatever I can and focus on it, then, the results will appear. … those are my biggest changes. I feel more confident. I love myself more and dare to do more things.

Thank you, Ojas and the Diviners team for letting me know what I want and how to overcome my fear. I am no longer afraid of being judged by others. I dare to do things that I have never done before. Then, I received things that I never thought I could receive.

Moreover, I will continue on my own transformation journey to help myself to gradually become fearless in any changes in my life.

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