Nguyen Phuc Tham

Học viên khoá Tỉnh thức

“Have you ever wondered what purpose you are living in this life for? If it’s to buy a house, buy a car or marry a certain girl/guy, … then when you have it, Do we live without meaning anymore or if we don’t have them, then our whole life has no meaning.

As for myself, I have begun to ask myself the question “What is my purpose in life?” It’s been almost 3 years (from the beginning of 2016). So I took the time to learn a lot of places. And following that urge, I was fortunate to learn about Transforming Art (TA) – transforming myself through meditation and art by Master Ojas Oneness in July 2018. And from this moment I feel like I was born for the second time.

To us, Transforming Art is like a light that comes to dispel the dim clouds that have been wandering in my soul for so long.
I don’t know if there are many people like me, in the past what took me the most time and energy but didn’t bring any results was the mind’s habit of wandering. If I add up my previous reflection time, it would have taken up about a third of the time I had. I call it dead time, or wasted time. And when I come to Transforming Art, I know that it is my unconscious and I need to recognize it as soon as it appears, then I will immediately return to the present moment of real life.

The next thing is anxiety, fear of bad things that will happen to my family when I am away from home. Coming to TA, I realized that it was just an old thought pattern that I had carried around for a long time, but it did not come from reality. And now I just need to pay attention to what is really happening, when it happens, I will know, no need to worry and fear like before. No matter what happens in a positive or negative way, I completely accept it, seeing it as a guide for me to improve myself or my next direction.

Surely some of us also have bad memories of the past that we carry with us forever in our minds, affecting the quality of life not only ours but also those of others such as spouses, children. If you ask someone who was assaulted or molested as a child if they still feel hurt, angry, or indignant about it or the person who did it. The answer is probably yes in most cases.

When I come to TA, I know that when I keep my anger in my heart and suppress it inside, whenever I talk about it, that pain is rising, that I am allowing myself to be assaulted or molested. Other people only act once, hurting me only once, and other times when I feel pain and hurt, I do it myself.

For example, I was once an older boy who climbed up a tree and peed on my head, but since I was younger then I couldn’t “play” him again. So I carried that anger with me for a long time, until now, that boy has now become a normal father and husband, no harm to me at all. And when I finished the TA course, I realized that anger was only brought by its mind, trampled me so many times that the truth was that that day when I went to take a shower, there was nothing left of that urine.

Our daily life encounters a lot of problems, making us always hustle, lose our presence.

Before, I was also a “weak ass” person, so when I got into trouble, it was difficult for me to lose my temper, get nervous, and find it hard to think of anything else.

But when I came to TA, I knew how to make things simple and positive.

There are many other things that I have been awakened to and now I feel very free from inside to outside of life. Whenever, doing something, meeting someone or being alone, I enjoy the present. And another great thing is that I have found my purpose of living in this world.

With the good things that I have received from this course, I would like to thank Master Ojas Oneness, Diviners, and everyone for accompanying me, helping me and giving me the opportunity to help people during this time.

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