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Thank you for watering the seeds of transformation in Diviners garden | June 2021

First of all, Mr. Ojas Oneness and Diviners team would like to express our sincere thanks for all the support and contributions to the organization in the past time.
Thanks to everyone’s companionship, Diviners can provide for the Volunteers team, operate the organization and maintain free programs for the community, and cultivate the seeds of transformation for the hearts of the people. The soul aspires to wake up and together build a good, positive energy field for all of us.
Your enthusiastic support is a valuable source of encouragement and support for Ojas and the Diviners team to constantly spread the values ​​of healing, celebration, and enlightenment to the community more. , so that we can live together the most blessed and fulfilling lives!
Diviners hopes to continue to accompany and receive support with unconditional love from the community through the account number:
Transfer information:

Account holder: Nguyen Trung Hieu
Account number: 19033132953011 – Bank: Techcombank
Or MOMO account: 0916947790
Content: Full name – Phone number – Dong Hanh CungDiviners
Thank you and appreciate it.

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