I am here to reflect your highest possibility. Remember, you are the Master of yourself.

Day 44 – The Inner Silence Journey of Master Oneness for 365 days

When you try something difficult, you may feel disappointed because you do not get the result you want.

The cosmic law is: Where there is consistency, persistence, and a focus towards a particular direction, it is bound to unfold. Failure is an illusion. Failure never exists. It’s not a failure; it’s learning. Every failure is unexpected learning. 

You learn thousands of times and never get tired of or disappointed in yourself. That’s the right focus and the right friendship with yourself.

May the world, family, and friends criticize you. But all those are temporary and take energy from criticism. All criticism is your blessing.

Even if they are critical, at least someone is listening to you. Actually, criticism is a good force for you to come out of laziness and weak patterns.

Pressure is an essential force for transformation.

The one who is able to embrace the pressure will master themselves.

Any metal can’t be a utensil until it is sculpted and molded under pressure.

Any seed can’t unfold until it is pressured under the layer of mud.

Definitely, every son and daughter will have some level of family pressure. 

Financial pressure and cultural pressure aside, the universe arranges everything perfectly for your growth and transformation.

A wise person enjoys all pressures like pleasure. 

A mother enjoys her pressure as a pleasure because she loves her children unconditionally.So, regardless of how hard she works to provide for her children, she finds enjoyment and pleasure in the pressure.

Sacrifice is not always a sad thing.

Some people are super satisfied with their sacrifice. You can see it in some healthy and wise parents and in great friendships.

Here is what you must understand:

When you go through failures and pressures, you will feel like you are sacrificing something, but in reality, it is the process of growth.

Understand clearly the processes of growth, progress, and transformation.

Then only you will never give up. Otherwise, you will become weak and have to give up many things. Giving up doesn’t allow you to grow. It keeps you in the same old habits that force you to struggle with the pressures of life.

The more you give up, the more pressure you will put on yourself.

Finally, you need to overcome your ignorance to escape the pressure. That’s how people become addicts, and they will ruin their precious moments of time and energy.

So never give up!

If something is hard for you, that is totally fine.

Slowly move; tiny things are not small things when they are consistent.

Just like every drop of rainwater becomes a huge river,

Every one of your small efforts is like a raindrop.

One of the most important rules of success, it is said, is that every great success is the result of hundreds and thousands of small efforts and accomplishments that no one sees or appreciates.

That is why you should never be discouraged or doubtful if someone does not recognize your efforts.

When you try to attract the attention of others for recognition, you will be disappointed sooner than later, which will lead to a stigma. When you have stigma, your childlike innocence and enthusiasm will fade.

There is no need for recognition or appreciation.

Trust your process; the most important thing is to notice and celebrate all your micro-growth.

Be grateful for all those tiny updates and transformations.

“Small is a big thing,” and every big thing can break into smaller elements.

All your small efforts are your seeds being planted. That will become a huge thing when the time comes.

So, the most important thing for growth, progress, and transformation is consistency and persistence.

Learn, study, practice, and keep doing consciously without becoming tired, and giving up.

When the time comes, you will become super successful in your endeavors.

How do you know you are growing and transforming in the right direction?

  • Signs of relativity What are the difficulties you are facing? Some successful people have already gone through it. You may hear their life story from their books or interviews.
  • Day by day, you will become more honest, accountable, and responsible in your actions.
  • Instead of being ignorant, you become transparent in reflection.
  • You are inspired to be more disciplined and systematically detailed in your communication.
  • You don’t run away from people, even if it’s hard to face them. You are ready to learn and grow.
  • Early in the morning, when you wake up, sometimes you will have very refreshing thoughts, ideas, and realizations.
  • You will frequently feel grateful and have gratitude to your parents, siblings, and friends for their support and assistance, as well as to your teachers or masters.
  • You start to value your time, and if you notice that sometimes you are unnecessarily spending it on the internet or with some casual friends, you will direct your time towards some values and productivity. You are careful not to spoil your time.
  • You are generous in teaching others what you are good and skillful at, and some people will be inspired by you.
  • You will never interfere with others’ personal thoughts, and you don’t take anything personally.
  • You always have a self-dairy or reflection time to evaluate your efforts and journey. 
  • You trust your instincts, so you will never mind jumping into the unknown.
  • Overall, you always have a kind of awareness that the universe is taking care of you, and your righteous efforts never let you down.

Value your micro-growth and be consistent in your practice.

You will unfold into the best version of yourself at any time in your life.


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Global Spirtual Leader, Author, Difference Maker
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International holistic speaker, Soul Healing therapist

Master Niranjan Banka

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AA17 _ Mukesh Joyful

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Spiritual Master
AA18 Sahil

Sahil Kandoi

Spiritual Master , Founder of Awakened Youths & National President of PSSM PYMA
AA 34 - Nguyễn Hồng Huấn

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Co Founder & Host @Be Blessed Sacred Feminine Tribe

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Manifestation Mentor & Breathwork Coach
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AA10 - Hong

Phương-Hồng Nhất Lê

International Breastfeeding/ Child Nutrition/ Parenting Counselor
AA 14 DR Romy

Dr Romy Paredes MD

Holistic Medical Doctor
AA36 - Hoành Nguyễn

Hoanh Nguyen

Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Meditation Instructor
AA39- Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa

Award Winning Independent Childbirth Educator

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Master Ojas Oneness

Founder of Diviners Movement

Nimesh Patel (Nimo)

Singer, Musician
AA22 - Kasara

Professor Kasara

Professor & General Director of UCM Teaching & Research Center.
AA31 _Karen Drucker

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AA09 - The Alchemy Affair

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