“Expression is the unfolding of life”

Expression is when we open our inner space to the outside world.
Every animal, every plant or anything has its own expression. For example, a flower, at first is a flower bud but gradually, thanks to the resources of life and sunshine and rain, that flower grows more and more, then it blooms. That is how that flower shows expression.

Master the Money game

Money is a human-created system, so we need to control the money, not the money, this is just a game and you are the players. We are honing the skills necessary for the game day by day. There will come a time when you will master this game, so it will take time to practice. We do not live for money, we just need it to sustain, we are in an active position.

What is difference between Physical reality and Spiritual reality?

Physical reality is created by human knowledge. If something comes out of human knowledge it may represent as physical. Spiritual reality is the source of all physical realities. For example whatever humans created everything came from the 5 elements. Water, fire, earth, wind, space, our 5 elements represent spirituality. Even our human body consists of … Read more

Why are our moods so ups and downs?

Why do our moods change when we feel happy, sad, depressed, insecure…? Because we feel life has too much burden of responsibility. We are always in a state of comparison, competition. It’s easy to get caught up in the mind game of expectations, assumptions, discriminations, and being influenced by external factors. When we don’t live … Read more

How to turn a house into a home?

Master Ojas shared: “To turn a home into a home, we need to take time to nurture ourselves”. Nurturing here does not mean indulging, but giving yourself unconditional love and acceptance, taking the time to cultivate your own wisdom. So how to cultivate your own wisdom? The answer lies in the fact that we dare … Read more

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