Project “Conscious Teens”

Teenage – Rebellious age is one of the important stages of personality development and self-assertion, during this period, teen – ager are easily confused, lost and react strongly to the outside world. And in order for you to develop at your best, you need the right environment, a master to guide you go strongly through … Read more

Thank you for watering the seeds of transformation in Diviners garden | June 2021

First of all, Mr. Ojas Oneness and Diviners team would like to express our sincere thanks for all the support and contributions to the organization in the past time.Thanks to everyone’s companionship, Diviners can provide for the Volunteers team, operate the organization and maintain free programs for the community, and cultivate the seeds of transformation … Read more

Cultivating Awareness in Yoga Practice

Cultivating Awareness in Yoga Practice. Yoga is a famous practice in this decade.However, the pure essence of yoga is missing around the world.People have simply turned yoga to an acrobatic practice. Where there is nothing wrong to have great flexibility physically but the key point in yoga is not just to have a flexible body.There … Read more

Support, collaborate, respect our co existence and grow together in the wisdom & enlightenment of life

You and I exist here as humans, May we look different and may our carrier choices are different. But the unique point is, to experience the fullest life, all we need is to integrate our patience, self-love, the right focus, commitment, truthfulness, trust, faith, hope, and selflessness. In this case, we all are in the … Read more

Totality in our Consciousness

Life is frustrating when we are unconsciously conscious! We can never experience totality and completeness until we are objective to the happenings in our consciousness. People mostly live in a unconsciously conscious state.Take this example: After someone has scolded us, we become so conscious with the words used against us, but we forgot to observe … Read more

Recap Diviners Fest 2020

With 20 guest artists, 50 vendors and nearly 2000 participants cheering and watching, and a team of volunteers giving their all – Diviners Fest 2020 has ended with a great energy of the festival. for community. After the festival, Diviners received a lot of great responses from attendees. Many young people have found the energy … Read more

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