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Fullmoon Meditation

In this Video, Master Ojas shares the right insights on the root of the problem and the healing message for the family. Hope this video helps you overcome the burdens of life and start taking control of your life!

0:00 – 2:52 : MC introduces the program, announces the winner in Cooking Show and share overview of Diviners organization.

2:56 – 9:03 : Master Ojas shares why our family has tragedies?

9:03 – 21:02 : Why should we practice meditation and express emotion with our family members? And why we should meditate at the full moon time?

21:03 – 23:48 : Where is the root of our problem really?

23:48 – 35:15 : Lesson “Objective recognition of pain and lessons of self and family”.

35:15 – 36:42 : Introduction of mindfulness space and invitation to join a family Retreat.

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