Minh Nhu

TA Team Leader

"Always yearning to be transformed and live a full life, Minh Nhu is constantly looking for new experiences with many different fields of work: Import-Export Business, Travel Operations, Media Events and Yoga Instructor, she has also attended many self-development and spiritual learning courses to find peace and happiness just like everyone else.
And the chance to know Diviners Fest through the keywords "Vegan", "Meditation", "Festival", "Awake", she realized what her heart really wanted - "inner freedom" and immediately "falls in love" with the "Art of Transformation" method when it helps her break her inner fear and know what it means to "love yourself". This prompted her to want to practice more deeply with this method through her role as a Volunteer at Diviners. The more she immerses herself in the organization's activities, the more she becomes fascinated with the powerful transformational tool of the combination of ART and MEDITATION. As the TA team leader, she is gradually connecting and building a community to practice the ART OF TRANSFORMATION to jointly create the POWER of RECOMMENDATION to support the profound transformation and spread the value of the FULL AWARENESS lifestyle. This CREATIVE reaches thousands of people around the world in the belief that everyone deserves complete freedom, peace and happiness!"



Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

Art Therapy
3:00 PM
Oct 2nd, 2021
Create the inner ...
7:00 PM
Oct 23rd, 2021
At times things do not go smoothly, a tough and disturbing feeling may take place. So mastering the Inner Space proce...
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