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Love is like Gravity force

In this video, you can find an interesting similarity from Love and Gravity. A new approach to Love will help you understand Love to master love and live more peacefully and happily! I Hope it is helpful for your soul!

00:00 – 00:13 What do you know about love?

00:14 – 2:27  Same with gravity, love is the base for everything in this life

2:28 – 3:17 We need to master love like master gravity

3:18 – 4:05 Love is love, it always exists. It’s just like gravity, you can’t remove gravity from the planet. In the same way, we can’t remove love from life.

4:06 – 4:17 If you learn to master love in your life, it will allow you to reach higher possibilities.

4:18 – 4:25 Place you can find more wisdom from Master Ojas Oneness

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