Online Course Master Your Sexual Energy

Location: Online qua Zoom
Time start: 19:00 PM
Start date: Nov 4th, 2022
End date: Nov 6th, 2022
Number of student: 100 học viên

Have you ever thought and wondered: “Am I letting my sexual energy dominates my behavior and overrules own or my family’s happiness?

What is the sexual energy?

Sexual energy is the fundamental source of energy that exists within each of us. This is an infinite source of energy and poyour, which can govern our actions, our minds. However, not everyone knows how to master and transform this powerful energy towards a true free life.

“In this busy life, many people do not properly understand their sexuality and fall into temporary pleasures, attachments to feelings of physical reality, and have difficulty breaking out of unconscious entertainment habits.”

– Master Ojas Oneness –

Until you discover the truth about sexual energies and choose to master them, you will live life to the fullest.

Sharing from Master Ojas Oneness about mastering and transforming sexual energy

What happens when a man masters sexual energy

When men know how to transform their sexual energy, they respect and love the woman who accompanies them: sincere, faithful, actively protective and caring.

They convert sexual energy into concentration, creativity and the ability to realize all their dreams and goals. Success and happiness come to them completely and sustainably.

Only when each of us, men or women, learns about how sexual energy works will you know how to manage it. you will get rid of the memory of shame or guilt related to sex. This is one of the purification processes to help us manifest our dreams and visions.

What is the relationship between hunger and sexual energy?

Animals eat unconsciously – Man eats consciously

The way an animal and an awakened person have sex is completely different. The way an animal and a awakened person eat food is completely different.

Animals have no perception and where food comes from, just hungry to eat. But as humans, you eat not because you are hungry.

You discover the love and care when you eat. you can feel the taste of each dish deeply when you eat with awareness. The very fact that you become mindful and explore each aspect in detail is indicative of the feminine energy.

Similarly, when you eat and have sex, if you have awareness, you know when it’s enough.

When you don’t feel enough, you’re holding this back inside, you’re having sex without mindfulness. You don’t feel nourished and filled. When you are in a state of pushing someone, this is one of the very important things he reminds us to balance these two energies.

For example, to master hunger, you practice fasting. When you fast, you practice patience. Mindful fasting you make friends with hunger and accept hunger. When you feel nauseous and miss food, it makes you feel youak and angry.

The same applies to sex energy, when you keep wanting, then this doesn’t help us to feel complete and complete. When there is sexual energy rising within, observe and befriend this energy do not rush into a relationship.

So, when you have the opportunity to be intimate and close with someone, be detailed, mindful, and observant.

Mastering sexual energy means discovering another dimension of life beauty. There is a lot of sexual trauma that many men and women are suffering. Some people are confused about their sexual orientation.

When you understand about our sexual energy, you can enjoy every life experience to the fullest.

When you become aware of the truth, you begin to contemplate and explore.

When you have faith, you begin to approach the art of transforming sexual energy.

Opportunity to discover how to master sexual energy

With his wisdom, Master Ojas opens up a space of awareness to explore this delicate field with you using transformative art methods.

If you,

  • Want to properly understand sexual energy and grow your ability to create, realize your dreams, achieve your success…
  • Want to help your children, family members, friends be equipped with knowledge and skills…

Join our course “Master sexual energy”.

This course is your only chance to find out the truth about “Sexual Energy” and understand the “Art of Transformation”.

You will hear instructions from Master Ojas Oneness – TransformingArt Master to discover the truth about sexual energy and become the best version of yourself!

Learn about Master Ojas Oneness

Benefits when you join the course:

– Learn the truth about sexual energy
– How to convert sexual energy into creativity
– Improve the ability to realize by focusing internal resources in the right direction
– Know how to “conscious intimate with your partner and loved one”
– Balance relationships to achieve deep, sacred and sustainable connection

Course Information

Time: from 19h00 – 21h00 on 4,5,6/11/2022 (GMT+7)

Format: Online via zoom

Contact Heartline (+84) 828 346 125 for detailed advice

Tuition fees and incentive programs

Single ticket 850,000
Double ticket: 1,000,000/ couple

Transfer information:

Account number: 664567888899
Military Bank (MB Bank)
Account holder: Nguyen Thi Thuy Ngan
Content of transfer: Full name – Phone number – nangluong

See you here, where you begin our journey to enjoy the full version of ourselves!

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Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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AA16-Cristian Eltrayan

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International holistic speaker, Soul Healing therapist

Master Niranjan Banka

Founder of Inner Flow Healing
AA 15 Windy Zarah

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Energy Healer, Mentor and Coach
AA17 _ Mukesh Joyful

Mukesh Joyful

Spiritual Master
AA18 Sahil

Sahil Kandoi

Spiritual Master , Founder of Awakened Youths & National President of PSSM PYMA
AA 34 - Nguyễn Hồng Huấn

Nguyen Hong Huan

Speaker, book author
AA40 Van Anh

Van Anh

Co Founder & Host @Be Blessed Sacred Feminine Tribe

Arts & Speakers in Health

AA32- Shreans Daga

Shreans Daga

Manifestation Mentor & Breathwork Coach
cô Thảo

Dinh Thi Hương Thao

AA08 - Aneta

Aneta Kichenko

Vegan Chef of Heal & Celeb Restaurant
AA10 - Hong

Phương-Hồng Nhất Lê

International Breastfeeding/ Child Nutrition/ Parenting Counselor
AA 14 DR Romy

Dr Romy Paredes MD

Holistic Medical Doctor
AA36 - Hoành Nguyễn

Hoanh Nguyen

Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Meditation Instructor
AA39- Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa

Award Winning Independent Childbirth Educator

Arts & Speakers in Art


Master Ojas Oneness

Founder of Diviners Movement

Nimesh Patel (Nimo)

Singer, Musician
AA22 - Kasara

Professor Kasara

Professor & General Director of UCM Teaching & Research Center.
AA31 _Karen Drucker

Karen Drucker

Healing song writer, singer, author
AA33 - Nina Rao

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AA27 Linh An

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Jazz Dancer
AA03 - Ho Nhat Ha

Hồ Nhật Hà

Composer, Singer, Author
AA07 - Kali Dan

Kali Dan

Spray Paint Artist
AA19 Kavita

Kavita Saraf

Art Therapist, Life Coach, Soft Skill Trainer

Petr Pospisil

Overtone chanter, soundhealer
AA06 - Thủy Tiến

Hồng Thủy - Trần Tiến

Acroyoga performer
AA35 - Tien Zenda Nguyen2

Tien - Zenda Nguyen

MC, Yoga & English teacher-preneur

Edo Kahn

Mantra Musician

Ruth Broyde Sharone

Creator of INTERFAITH: The Musical
AA41 JessMagic-3

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