Ms Orange Ng

Yin Yoga Teacher, Zumba Instructor - Singapore

November 2019, I attended the Diviners Fest in Ho Chi Minh, a celebration event organised by Diviners Vietnam volunteers. When I was at the fest, everyone was just enjoying fullest in that moment, totally present with themselves. I was amazed by how they were totally not affected by other's judgement at all. Master Ojas also led a mass mediation session at the end of the festival. By this time I have also encountered a few mediation sessions and feel the peace within when I was mediating. It's pretty known to many people that meditation is good but most people would also agree that it's really hard for them to just stand still and not be distracted by physical disturbances and thoughts. But Master Ojas has such amazing ways to teach almost everyone to just sit and observe and meditate. So I was really curious to find out more about Transforming Art Techniques.
In February 2020, Master Ojas visited Singapore again for another round of TA workshops as there was good response during the September 2019 workshops. This time round I have attended the entire 6 sessions of TA Round 1. True to its name, Transforming Art, the Techniques which Master used in the workshops were so powerful to reach deep with me for that transformation to happen. Expression therapy left the deepest impression in me and I was brought to a state of facing the deepest emotions within me and being able to release and let go of these emotions really touched me deep inside. I can never forget this expression therapy where I was able to look so deep within myself. I'm very thankful for being to meet Master Ojas and being able to experience the power of Transforming Art workshops.
I'm also very much looking forward to the 12 days Himalaya Healing trip with Master Ojas happening in May 2020.



Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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