DR. Romy Paredes MD

Doctor - Philippines

Our Health Institute in Cebu Philippines had the opportunity to host Ojas Oneness. We were able to organize a Transforming Art Session-Workshop with Ojas Oneness. The Session-Workshop was attended by our staff, our guests and our patients. It was a very beautiful gathering facilitated by Ojas Oneness. Ojas has a gift of healing through Transforming Art. The level of spontaneity brought about by Ojas is outstanding and superb. Through spontaneity and arts, Ojas was able to inspire people a powerful form of medicine, which is Transforming Art.



Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

Art Therapy
3:00 PM
Oct 2nd, 2021
Create the inner ...
7:00 PM
Oct 23rd, 2021
At times things do not go smoothly, a tough and disturbing feeling may take place. So mastering the Inner Space proce...
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