Deborah Mary

Movement Art Therapist - Canada

Diviners, led by Ojas Oneness, is a heart lifting, and inspiring organization, touching the lives of artists, meditators, yogis and lay people who are looking for something that shifts them out of ‘automatic response’ mode into creative, expressive and curious mode while maintaining and attuning into awakened states of being through spontaneity, meditation, and practices in which Ojas developed and created. Over many years, I have studied and practiced many healing modalities and have a background in dance, meditation, and yoga. Being part of the Diviner’s group for over 2 weeks in Aug-Sept 2019 I participated in a 6 day course called TA which means ‘Spontaneity through movement’ and ‘Awareness through meditation’. I also took part in most of the Diviners’ activities which I found to be great tools to live by and are the basis of what the Diviner’s do. Both the TA course and the activates replenished and revitalized my energy levels and vitality and deepened my awareness connection.I see Ojas and his concepts as opening new doors towards spirituality through caring for the self from the inside out – from our personal journey to our global merging and from the heart-mind connection to our universal truths.

Well done! Thank you.



Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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