Blessings from celebrity to Diviners Fest
About DIviners Fest
Our world is filled with lots of entertainment, wherever you go there is entertainment. Everywhere massage parlors, shopping malls, casinos, movie theaters, dancing & singing along with beer and wine. 

Entertainment is everywhere but purest joy, celebration, and healing life is somehow missing. ​That's why our society has 1000s of hospitals and tons of diseases because people forgot to heal and transform themselves and got blocked by temporary entertainment.

How can we make our world a better place, where there is no fear of disease and stress with competitions..?

We all need to switch from 

Entertainments To Celebration

Competition to Collaboration

 Emotional dependency to Emotional intelligence.

Negative judgments and comparison to Unconditional acceptance. 

🎇 Entertainments To Celebration 
🎊 Competition To Collaboration
🎉 Emotional Dependency To Emotional Intelligence.
🎈 Negative Judgments And Comparison To Unconditional Acceptance.

Diviners Org 7th Anniversary Conscious Celebration

Diviners Org 7th Anniversary Conscious Celebration

In order to bring this awakening energy to the world, our Diviners are contributing in many ways to the society.


One of them is, yearly once a grand Diviners fest to remind everyone about the importance of Purest celebration and Unconditional healing. Are you curious about it? To know what exactly it looks like?

Welcome to our Diviners Fest, where you are treated with the total Divine respect that you are.

We are breathing and are alive! it's enough to celebrate life actually. Because celebration brings Health and Wealth.

Letter from Master. Ojas onenes

Dear All,

November 20th is our Healing and Celebration day so we are dedicating this day to enhance the celebra​​​​​tion energy, this is a gift from diviners to people in the society. Welcome to Diviners fest, We will celebrate this great occasion by sending Gratitude to the life we have and experience the healing energy. 

Have you ever given enough time to heal yourself through Conscious Celebration? 

Then, what does a Conscious Celebration mean? Come and join in our fest and witness all Healing energies and Celebration. "Diviners" believe that whatever we are achieving in life is to be joyful and Celebrating, then we don’t need to wait until we achieve things.

Join us and feel the true meaning of Celebration...

You are free to welcome and invite your family members, friends, and neighbors, and those who are looking forward to transforming their lives, and to feel the newness. Enjoy amazing soulful performances from Artists. Listen to speeches from the soulful wisdom of speakers.

Why is this event free of cost?

We love to express our Gratitude to Life. Whatever we have created, the economy and the businesses, for all those systems people are everything. Every person deserves to be Healthy, Happy, and Joyful beyond trading habits. That's the reason we have planned it for free of cost to give it back and we are happy to receive your heartfelt donations. 

You can donate via the bank (contact to 094 743 1434 - Ms Van)  or via Paypal below:
Our Venue - Happy Land in Ben Luc, Long An province

Our Shuttle Service

By Motorbike

​By Car

By Bus

Enjoy Free Entry ! and many more exciting things...

Festival Itinerary Day 1

Festival Itinerary Day 2

If you want to spend the night at the festival venue, we support to rent tents, sleeping bags and information regarding motels.

Tent and Sleeping Bag Rentals


More than 50 vendors participate with their unique products

Yoga & Meditation

Yummy Vegan food stalls

Soulful performanc​​​​es by Unique Artists of different kinds

Creative artwork stalls exhibition

Our fest is all about Healing - Awakening - Celebration

Videos of last events

Dance Collaboration ​​​​fest in 2018 

Art and photography fest in 2018 

Vegan Fest in 2017

🌞 Looking forward to seeing you in Diviners Fest! 🌞