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Sept 30 - Oct 7, 2023

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Welcome to the "Karmic Purification Retreat", an enchanting journey designed to rejuvenate your spirit amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas. This is not just a retreat; it's an opportunity to embark on a transformative voyage guided by the wisdom of Master Oneness, whose insights are truly priceless.

Diviners Team

Karmic purification involves the process of cleansing accumulated karmic imprints to alleviate suffering and create space for growth and transformation. 

Just as a river purifies itself as it flows, the human consciousness too can cleanse itself through self-awareness, positive actions, and intentional living.

Embark on a transformative journey of karmic purification in the serene embrace of the Himalayas. Join Master Oneness in a retreat that combines meditation and art to cleanse your karmic imprints.


Diviners Movement


8 days

Your Path to Clarity - Introducing the Karmic Purification Retreat, nestled in the serene beauty of Dharamsala, Himalayas. Master Oneness, a wise guide, invites you to explore your karmic complexities and find healing like never before.

30th Sep 
Chandigarh Airport Pick up and head towards Dharamshala. 
* Night stay in Jawalaji
2nd Oct 
Wake up early to see beautiful Morning view of the Nature surrounded with mountains. Explore Naddi Village and Visit Bhagsu Nath Waterfall, H.H 14th Dalai Lama monestary etc.
* Night Stay in Naddi/Dharamshala
3rd Oct 
Dharamshala to Bir Billing The Paragliding capital of india.
Visit other peacfull monestries.* Night stay in Bir.
1st Oct 
Jawalaji to Dharamshala visit Jawalaji Temple(one of the shakti peeth of Goddess Durga) on the way and witness the jyoti which is burning without any oil.
* Night stay in Naddi/Dharamshala
4th Oct 
Bir Billing
Anyone wants to experience paragliding then bir billing is the best place in India for it. 
*Night stay in Bir.

5th Oct 
Bir to Dalhousie
*Night Stay in Dalhousie
6th Oct 
Dalhousie to khajjiar.
enjoy the beautiful Nature while traveliing to khajjiar. Khajjiar is well known for its beautiful Meadow and it is know as mini switzerland because of topographical resemblance with Switzerland.
* Night stay in Dalhousie

7th Oct 
Dalhousie to Chandigarh Airport Dropping.

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Meditation Practice


Practice mindfulness yoga

Vegan Food 


Do you see patterns in relationships shaped by actions?

The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect

"Cleaning up our past actions through karmic purification is like polishing a mirror – it helps us see ourselves clearly and create a better future."
-Master Oneness-
"Through karmic purification, we untangle the threads of our past actions, weaving a brighter future for ourselves."



If you could have a conversation with your past self, what advice about karma and actions would you offer?


Ever wondered how your actions shape your life?
Understand Your Karma: Delve into your karmic patterns and origins, guided by Master Oneness's wisdom.
Release and Renew: Through meditation and artistic expression, let go of past attachments and create space for growth.

Find Healing: Experience the power of forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-awareness in a supportive environment.
Embrace Possibilities: Unravel the threads of destiny and open doors to a harmonious and fulfilling future.

Transformative Journey across Dharamsala Region

"In the embrace of the Himalayas' energy and guided by the presence of Master Oneness, the journey becomes a powerful catalyst, helping to cleanse the accumulation of past karmic imprints."

Expect Divine Conscious Creation

  • Imagine a journey unlike any other—a year of silence, 8 transformative months already lived. Master Oneness is leading this unique experience, sharing profound wisdom through the power of silence itself.
  • The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect: Ever wondered how your actions shape your life? It's like a universal rule—what you do, think, and want creates ripples that impact your world. This is called karma, and it's the key to understanding your journey. Every action sets off a chain reaction, creating patterns that shape your destiny.


  • Experience the Uniqueness of Each Place:
  • Jawalaji: As you arrive at Chandigarh Airport, our journey begins. We'll visit the revered Jawalaji Temple, a shakti peeth dedicated to Goddess Durga. Witness the miraculous jyoti that burns without oil, symbolizing divine energy. Spend the night in the tranquil ambiance of Jawalaji.
  • Naddi/Dharamshala: Wake up to the stunning morning view of nature enveloped by mountains. Explore the quaint Naddi Village and visit the serene Bhagsu Nath Waterfall and the monastery of H.H 14th Dalai Lama. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Naddi.
  • Bir Billing: Known as the Paragliding capital of India, Bir Billing offers not just adventure but a chance to soar like a bird over picturesque landscapes. Feel the rush of adrenaline or simply enjoy the serenity. A night in Bir awaits you.
  • Dalhousie: Travel to the charming Dalhousie, where you'll be captivated by the tranquil monasteries and the beauty of nature.
  • Khajjiar - Mini Switzerland: A journey to Khajjiar is a journey to an ethereal paradise. Marvel at the picturesque meadows and the striking resemblance to Switzerland's landscapes. It's a perfect place to reflect and find solace.

What you will be exploring:

  • Silent Wisdom Transmission: Experience the profound power of silence as Master Oneness imparts wisdom without uttering a word. The silence itself becomes a channel for enlightenment, allowing you to connect deeply with his teachings on a level beyond language.
  • Guided Meditation with a Silent Master: Engage in meditation sessions led by Master Oneness, where his silent presence becomes an anchor for your journey within. Learn to find stillness and clarity through the unspoken guidance of an enlightened soul.
  • Stargazing and Mindful Observation: Explore the beauty of silence through the art of stargazing. Master Oneness will lead an evening of mindful observation, where you'll learn to connect with the universe and your inner self in perfect harmony.
  • Nature Walks with Silent Awareness: Embark on nature walks guided by Master Oneness. Through his silent companionship, learn to attune your senses to the natural world, discovering profound insights in the whispers of the wind and the rustling of leaves.

Master Oneness

Spiritual Guide & Founder of Diviners Movement
Master Oneness is visionary of Oneness Consciousness, inspiring lives worldwide with his teachings. He discovered TransformingArt, a fusion of art and meditation, during an experimental journey in the Himalayas. Fearlessly exploring the boundaries of body and mind, he achieved remarkable feats like walking barefoot and inner silence for a year and fasting while blindfolded. Master Oneness's profound insights inspire seekers on their path of awakening.

He is an intuitive speaker, filmmaker, spiritual practitioner, entrepreneur, and writer. Endowed with an innate talent for art and equipped with an early and deep engagement in the spiritual journey since the age of 16. His life's mission is serving communities and practitioners combining the creative flow of traditional arts and the awareness of meditation.

His first trip to the Himalayas 14 years ago was his experiment to discover himself and the nature of life more profoundly. With $8.00 and 10 days, he was determined to investigate the path of nature and the operation of the universe. He hiked around 300 kilometers in the Himalayan region. With sometimes a dire need to pay for a place to stay or food to eat, there were days when he suffered from starvation and faced a near-death experience. Along the way, he was blessed to meet masters and mentors who encouraged him to continue his journey.

He has devoted his whole life to the big mission of Oneness Consciousness by spreading the values of healing, celebration, and enlightenment. That is also why he founded the international nonprofit organisation Diviners Movement in 2014. 

Conscious Investment of Diviners Karmic Purification Retreat




Register after Sep 15, 2023

A 10,000rs non-refundable deposit is required once your invitation is approved. All payment balances are due 15 days before the start date.




Register after March 1, 2022



Registered by Sep 15, 2023



Himalaya Retreat has a LIMIT OF 25 PARTICIPANTS
Payment plans are available upon request.

The Cost Does NOT Include

  • Your flight round trip
  • Adventure Sports
  • Laundry services
  • Visa fees
  • Own private excursions 
  • Personal expenses

Refund Policy 

In cases where a student has paid for the retreat and for whatever reason cannot attend:
Notice 25 days before the trip you will get the full fee back minus 10,000rs. Notice 20 days before you will be refunded 75% of the fee minus your 10,000rs. Notice less than 10 days until the retreat begins the payment is non-refundable.

Your Conscious Investment includes:

  • Airport pick up 
  • Standard two and three star accommodations at each Himalayan village, single private rooms and shared cottages; simple, natural, green accommodations.
  • 3 Vegetarian/Vegan meals per day/ fresh fruit, tea (please specify any dietary restrictions)
  • All domestic transportation (including domestic van transportation)
  • Wifi is included, but may be limited to select areas of the locations
  • TransformingArts Practices
  • Daily Meditation discourse
  • Spiritual development with Master Oneess
  • Vegetarian Cooking
The 10,000rs deposit is non-refundable.

Registration Information for Karmic Purification Retreat

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Behavior During the Retreat

  • Actively cut through unconsciousness to become more alive
  • Do not limit yourself. Be a creator!
  • Live a vegan lifestyle during the retreat
  • Consumption of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs and use of tobacco is not permitted
  • We act in loving devotional service, non-judgement, kindness, and gratitude
  • Acceptance of the present moment. Be comfortable with spontaneous
  • Trust in the process of awakening
  • If you have any medical conditions, be sure you are able to complete this retreat with the appropriate health plan.
We request guests to follow a code of behavior that compliments this journey to get the most from it.

TransformingArt - The Transformation Technique

TransformingArt = Spontaneity + Awareness
TransformingArt = Art + Meditation
TransformingArt is a technique that breaks your unconscious patterns and transforms you to reach a higher possibility by using arts and quality meditation as a medium.

Art is a free-flow energy that exists deep down within us. This free-flow (spontaneous) energy takes the form of many expressions. By allowing our artistic energy - with complete awareness of meditation - without stopping or blocking it in our own conditions, judgments and comparisons with others, we can release a lot of stuck emotions and break the patterns that limit our potential.

When the creative energy is free flowing in its own way, you may gain more confidence to be self-expressive. Transforming Art techniques is a workshop to develop your confidence through spontaneously start singing, dancing, painting etc. Through the TA process, you will notice your journey of increasing ‘I can do it’ and ‘I am enough’ positive self-affirmations. You will go deeper and gain more appreciative awareness of yourselves - what emotions, thoughts, feelings are triggering, and how our mind reacts to work through these difficult triggers...

With the regular practice of this technique, you improve your creative energies. All emotional blocks start releasing, finally leading us to the deeper state of meditation, hence purifying ourselves.

Master Oneness has continued to deliver TA technique internationally, helping thousands of participants break out of their cocoons to unveil their more confident and enthusiastic selves.


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Diviners, established in 2014 by Master Oneness, is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to organizing self-transforming activities and projects that aim to inspire conscious living, healing, and enlightenment.

At Diviners, we provide a space where individuals and communities alike can undergo significant transformation. Our primary focus revolves around enriching and spreading the Conscious lifestyle, focusing on four core themes: Health, Environment, Creativity, and Enlightenment.

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