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Diviners Fest is not meant as an entertainment or commercial experience.

Coming to Diviners Fest offers you the rare experience outside of today's city- tech-centric world of coming to look inwards, reflect, gain a moment of clarity, stillness, and purpose through Art and Meditation activities.

An annual conscious celebration, filled with dance, music, speakers, workshops, healing tents and vegan food, since 2017 in India and Vietnam. Our purpose is to bring unconditional healing, enlightenment, and celebration to the world. 

Why we are doing Diviners Fest for free?

Nature and the world have given a lot to us, in return giving back is our social and spiritual responsibility. Diviners Fest is our gift to the world to express our deep gratitude for life. Beyond all trading and commercial system, every human being deserves to live a healthy and happy life at no extra cost.

Every year, we are committed to unite all great masters and awakened Artists on one platform to bring a huge conscious wave and wisdom to our world.
We believe conscious celebrations heal the world. True celebration happens only through contribution and Collaboration.

That’s why this festival is completely free and we welcome your generous support. You can openly invite family and friends to join you, and spread the word of Diviners Fest to anyone looking to change their lives and seek inspiration!

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Collaboration + Contribution

 = Celebration

Join us for >>

Meditation Practice

High-vibe community

Wisdom Talk 

Vegan Food 

Conscious Vendors 

Soulful Art Performance

An amazing experience you will never forget.

Note: All purchases on site are cash only. Bring cash.

Awakened Artists 2022

Conscious vendors

Diviners Fest is...


A Festival of Free Energy Exchange 

Art & Meditation

A combination of Art & Meditation
We spread compassion for all animals.

Radically diverse & inclusive

A conscious community of diverse ethnicities, genders, ages, cultures, beliefs and economic levels.


How to go to the festival?

Public transport

Take the railway to Via Princessa Station. Then take Uber/Lyft to the address - it will cost $20-$25.

13845 Sierra Hwy

13845 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390, USA

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Arrive in LAX. 

Throw back at Diviners Fest 2021 

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Art is the "heart" of life.







a. Whom do I contact if I want to perform at the festival?
We welcome to your presence at the Fest, if you have performances to deliver the awareness message to the world, please fill out your information HERE and we will contact you later.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact our email: with the format: Artist Performance I Diviners Fest 2022. In case it is an emergency, please contact us at 213-442 -4926. 
c. When will I receive an email response after registration?
If you still have not received an email response from us after two working days (apart from Sunday), please contact our email: with the format:

* For Artists: Artist Performance I Diviners Fest 2022
* For sponsors: Sponsor Request I Diviners Fest 2022
b. I would like to become a sponsor
The Fest is free to spread the healing energy to more people in the world and we welcome your generous support. Please share a few details with us HERE.
If you have other questions, feel free to contact our email: with the format: Sponsor Request I Diviners Fest 2022. In case it is an emergency, please contact us at 213-442-4926.
a. I am a member of the press and would like to set up an interview at Diviners Fest.

Diviners Fest welcomes interviews. Contact to schedule with the format: Interview Requests I Diviners Fest 2022. In case it is an emergency, please contact us via WhatsApp at +84 98 207 4891.
Please note that Artist interview requests should be sent directly to artist management.
b. How can I get a press or photo pass?
Please contact us in advance, at least 24 hours before the event to receive a pass.
Our email: to schedule with the format: Interview Requests I Diviners Fest 2022.
a. Do you accept applications for food, retail, or other kinds of vendors?
We welcome vendors to be part of our Fest. There are some vendor policies before application HERE.

Please read the Festival Policies Section to understand our cores.
Vendors need to supply their own tables, chairs, tents, and extension cords for the event, are responsible for personal set up, and clean up after.

Vendors can not sell products that are known to have been tested on animals.
Our Fest is placed in a desert, immersed in nature, so take care of your product in stored conditions if needed.

Vendors have to share the event post once when approved, one week before the event, and the day after the event.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact our email: with the format: Vendor Reservation I Diviners Fest 2022
c. When will I receive an email response after registration?
If you still have not received an email response from us after two working days (apart from Sunday), please contact our email: with the format: Vendor Reservation I Diviners Fest 2022
b. Can I host a booth at the festival?
Yes. We welcome you to be part of our Fest. Please read the Festival Policies Section to understand our cores before application HERE. If you have other questions, feel free to contact our email: with the format: Booth Reservation I Diviners Fest 2022.


b. When does volunteer registration open?
You can apply for the volunteer now. Please fill out your information HERE.
d. Could I support you before/during the event only?
Of course. Please fill out your information HERE and let us know your available time.
a. What do the volunteers do?
We are glad to have you as a volunteer for the Fest. In general, all volunteers will join either the logistics or programming team. The logistic team will support Participant engagement, Set-up & Technicals, Store, check-in & check-out. The programming team is in charge of Sponsorship, Programming, Speaker & Artists Care, Marketing and others. Please take note that organizing an event considers many tasks, so the volunteers could have more than one position.
c. Could I volunteer online/part-time?
Of course. Please fill out your information HERE and let us know your available time.
e. Other Notes
Volunteers need to bring your own camping gears.


a. Is Diviners Fest ADA accessible?
Our venue is accessible wheelchairs in open terrain environment. To provide more support for you, feel free to contact our fanpage or contact our email: with the format: Accessibility Support I Diviners Fest 2022 in advance so that we are prepared to support..
b. Is ADA parking available?
Our venue parking is large for plenty of cars to park, so feel free to come by your vehicles.
c. Where is the taxi/rideshare pickup/drop-off zone?
You can follow directions on google map. You will have a clearer view of the direction point when you arrive.
d. Where should I stay overnight?
Our venue is large enough for you to come to stay overnight without any costs. Make sure to carry your tent, blanket, and pillow. Give us confirmation in advance so that we provide more support for that.
b. Where can I park? 
Our venue parking is large for plenty of cars to park, so feel free to come by your vehicles.
a. Where is Diviners Fest 2022?
We will have an amazing Fest in a desert, immersing ourselves in the pristine nature. 20 yards away, there is a sign of our venue. You will see the balloon when you get to our venue. Here is the address: 13845 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390, USA


c. What do I do when I haven't received the announcement?
If you have not received it in your email after the application, please register one more time. In case you still haven’t had it, feel free to contact our email: with the format: Register Issue Requests I Diviners Fest 2022.
e. Where can I read the Fest information update?
You can join our Facebook Festival group to receive any vital or interesting info here. Moreover, you can follow our fanpage for any further news HERE. We will update on Instagram as well.
f. I need other supports
Feel free to contact our fanpage for more support. You may also email us at or call us directly at 213 442 4926.
d. What should I wear?
Please dress politely and comfortably for physical movements.
Prepare some warm clothings, jacket, gloves, suitable shoes.
b. Where is my ticket?
After application, open your email to check for the automatic application announcement which means you are successfully registered to our Fest. That email will be your ticket to the Fest. 
a. Do I need to pay to join the Fest?
Diviners Fest is free of charge and we welcome your generous support and contribution to spread the spirit to the wider community. 


a. What are some important things I need to know about the Fest?
  • There is No wifi or bank transfer, so remember to bring cash
  • Attend to your personal valuables at your own risk
  • The scheduled events may change based on divine flow and timing
  • Please be mindful of your own belongings not to be left unattended
  • Bring your own yoga mat
d. Are cameras or photography allowed?
  • Yes, you can take photos and videos of our Fest.
c. Are kids welcome?
  • We welcome kids to join our Fest.
b. What items are NOT allowed?
  • Food, drinks, and ingredients need to be vegan (NO animal origin such as milk, honey, eggs, etc are allowed)
  • Please be sure to bring eco-friendly packaging as we do not allow plastic. 100% zero plastic biodegradables alternatives must be used such as paper, bagasse and sugarcane containers, cassava bags, etc
  • Be careful with anything that can cause fire, It is dry season in California
  • No Smoking on site
  • Do not bring toxic items (alcohol, drugs, guns, beer, etc) to the event

Total gratitude for our partners and sponsors:

Harmony Connecis

Ra Yoga

Thomas Klepper (Tommy)

A musician and student of the world’s greatest living sitarist, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan. By the grace of his guru he plays the gayaki ang (vocal style) of Hindustani Classical music. At the age of 5 he began his musical journey as a cellist and has since learned numerous instruments, including the harmonium and bansuri.

He is a member Saffron Skies and produces electronic music under a number of aliases. He works as a corporate wellness professional, sound healer, yoga and meditation teacher. Follow @t_yoga_sound on the instagram.


Noonie is a light worker, music producer and vocalist from Inglewood! She currently lives in Downtown, LA with her beautiful Cane Corso “Shiru”. Noonie is a healer trained in Reiki, Yin-Nidra, sound healing and Oracle reading.
Her goal is to guide every soul she encounters into believing they can heal themselves with the power of thought.
Follow @nooonnniiieee on the instagram.

Stanford Reid

A NeoFolk Jazz/Chillwave musician with the ability to play a variety of instruments. He began his career at an early age by playing the piano and being part of the family church choir.

He is also an actor/model. For him, all the good changes in his life came from his Buddhist beliefs.

He has supported Diviners Fest since 2019 up to now with healing energy inspiration. Follow him on Instagram @stanfordreidsme

Skylar Temple Singer

Skylar Temple Singer is an intuitive energy healer by way of sound healing, yoga, and holistic wellness coaching as the CEO and creatrix of Yogi Sky Wellness LLC.
Skylar is an awakened angelic guide who creates sanctuary for souls to come home to themselves. She dives deep with you to embrace the journey of healing generational trauma to fully accept yourself for who you are and make positive ripples in your life. Step into healing space with Skylar to draw out the divine within you and shine the light on the true nature of your own soul essence.

Follow her Instagram: @skylartemplesinger

Tyger Heart

Her purpose on this planet is to share the love and light of the One Infinite Creator, through music, media, philosophy, comedy, and community building.
She is excited to share the wisdom she has come to understand throughout her millennia of experience of life existence, as well as the unconditional love of the Creator which overflows from an infinite well within her heart.

Follow her Instagram: @Tygerheart333 


From an early age she has enjoyed the stage and has always dedicated herself to perfecting her skills by participating in endless plays and live musical performances.

In recent years, thanks to her artistic abilities and dedication, she has received the invitation to be part of important tours, as was the case with Camila, in which for more than a year she toured the United States and all of Latin America.

Follow her Instagram: @alisonsolis_
An Ancestral Voice Liberation Guide, Sacred Feminine Empowerment Mentor, Multi~Dimensional Artist & Ceremony Leader. Creatrix and CEO of the Voice Alchemy Priestess Academy,
Mayumi supports people in liberating their voices so they can shine in their full authentic expression with confidence, self-trust and love. 
She is devoted to inspiring her community to embody their own Sovereign Power, speak their Innermost Truth and share their Unique Soul Gifts with the world.
Follow her on Instagram: shaktimayumi


Erin Pillman

A Los Angeles based songstress, recording artist, and vocal improvisationalist.

She creates music that inspires the heart, ignites the spirit, and nourishes the soul. Her songs are written with the intention of bringing upliftment, inspiration, and encouragement to you and yours.

Follow her on Instagram: @erinpillman
A songwriter, lyricist, writer, filmmaker & speaker.
Her interfaith memoir "MINEFIELDS & MIRACLES" has 3 literary awards and more than 30 endorsements from prominent religious leaders: H.H. the Dalai Lama, best-selling author Marianne Williamson, & founder of the Interfaith Youth Core, Eboo Patel.
In 2007, Ruth co-founded the Southern California Parliament of the World’s Religions ( and served as its Co-Chair for the last ten years.
She believes the arts are the most powerful vehicle for sparking interfaith dialogue.
Know more about her:

Ruth Broyde Sharone

Samuel Kiwasz

Since the early 1970's when Samuel Kiwasz first discovered the joy of being on the Spiritual Path, he has dedicated himself to being a catalyst for humanities upliftment through higher education.
He was a middle school teacher for LAUSD for 22 years, and took early retirement to become a Social Entrepreneur, Community Synergist, and Sacred Geometry specialist

Follow him on Instagram: @kiwasz

David Neptune

A rising star of the shakuhachi world with 46 years of steadfast dedication and 23 albums encompassing different styles of music like jazz, classical, traditional Japanese, and world fusion, John has become one of the top masters of the instrument and a world class musician.
While he lives and breathes music, he is also an avid mountain climber, surfer, punster, grandfather of two and occasional skateboarder.
Follow him on Instagram: @tunetown

Eva Haanen is a singer song writer based in Los Angeles. With the warm voice together with her acoustic guitar, she is singing some original indie-folk songs in Diviners Fest.
She will let you be in fantastic journey to nourish your waves of creativity, pleasure, and peace.

Follow her on Instagram: insideouteva

Eva Haanen

He has great experience in sleep optimization, nutrition, and breathwork were vital in achieving physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

A certified facilitator in breathwork lets us connect and find what works best for each individual. He is always directing people on this journey of self-discovery and experimentation.

Follow him on Instagram: @respirospace

Gianni Neiviller

Siddharth Chitnis has two decades of experience in performing and teaching Indian classical music. With a degree in percussion, he has performed solo and in accompaniment at numerous venues, festivals & cultural events in India and abroad.
He continues to collaborate with various artists, incorporating his love of vocals to bridge musical themes of East and West. Sidd's approach draws inspiration from Eastern folk & Bollywood drama, creating a rich and impassioned experience for the listener.

Siddharth Chitnis 

Quincy Coleman

As a singer-songwriter, her song is popular worldwide such as a guest performance on NBC's The Carson Daly Show, KCRW’s coveted Morning Becomes Eclectic or "The Pie Song (Baby Don't You Cry)" & "Give It Away" in Fox Searchlight's Waitre.

She's also a founder of the hosting event named H-OM-E, that creates, educate and celebrate Consciousness & Unity.

Follow her on Instagram: @quincycolemanmusic

John Silvers blends speaking, storytelling, acting, and live original music to deliver his one-of-a-kind “Keynote Performances”. He has spoken on 120+ stages to over 73,000 people at schools, conferences, and seminars throughout the USA and Europe and has been featured on ABC’s The View and on Radio! 
As a two-time winner of the prestigious Ira Aldridge Acting Competition and first place winner of the 1st Bar Songwriting Competition, he brings together his high-level speaking skills with his artistic talents to immerse his audiences in an unforgettable
He has always been a guiding light of hope and a powerful voice for positive change. More about him on

John Silvers


A visionary musician, album artisan, multimedia producer, inner engineer, community cultivator and Sound Bath practitioner
With over a decade of experience in the realm of sound and frequency, his FM live broadcast and theatre productions has led to worldwide travels and universal transmissions & the meditative power of music.
You will experience these moments which brings a deepened awareness of self, human & oneness connection & an appreciation of wellness 
Also a Co-Founder of Dank Radio broadcasting on PharcydeTV with support from legendary Hip Hop group The Pharcyde for 17 years through livestream broadcasts, musical meditations & movement workshops for creative wellbeing.
Follow him on Instagram: @welcomehomesound