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November 19-20th


Vuon Ong Vang, Duyen Yet,
Hong Thai, Phu Xuyen, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

(+84) 828 346 125

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From 2019 - Now

Awakened Artists

Awake Your Inner Artist
Live Your Life to the Fullest

Dear Divine Souls,...

  • Whoever you are
  • on your quest to find
  • Peace and happiness, rare treasures of the mind

  • Or perhaps you've traversed life's tempestuous sea
  • To empathize with those lost in uncertainty
  • Ready to uplift, to stand in unity
  • Together we overcome, boundless as can be

  • This is a place where all paths intertwine
  • To love and be loved, an eternal design
  • In life's fleeting, ever-changing line
  • As companions, we free our minds


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  • At Diviners Fest, we welcome you with grace,
  • Where honesty prevails, every soul finds its place,
  • To understand ourselves and each other's embrace,
  • Uniqueness paints a world with colors that interlace.

  • So, we express ourselves in this sanctified space,
  • Art and Meditation illuminate,
  • Connecting in love and harmony's warm embrace,
  • Nurturing the blossoms of hearts with a healing grace.

  • Life's aroma deepens in myriad flavors' chase,
  • Harmonizing with nature, an effortless pace,
  • Innocence like a child, a new world's embrace,
  • Yet, wisdom unfolds every twist and turn's maze.
  • Enlightenment blooms, we become the Creator's face.

What is Conscious Celebration?

Where you shed the title "audience"
Resonate with the vibration of co-creation
Where you see your precious star,
Greeting joy and fulfilment, overcome drama
Where you switch from viewer's role,
To be your own artist, heart and soul
Generously giving values that build and aspire,
Nurturing lasting blessings for all to acquire

Break the bonds of the soul,
Welcome freedom's joyful flow

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No calculations, unconditional in what you bestow,
For love knows no divisions, it continues to grow

Diviners Fest, do you know what's in store?
Art in abundance, in countless forms to explore,
Awakening many artists and actors galore,
Tools to transform the soul, rich and evermore.

A space graced by nature's echoes and allure,
To feel the sacred connection, that's for sure,
Between humankind and Earth, roots that endure,
Nurturing us profoundly, steadfast and pure

What will happen in

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Awakening Festival, where comrades convene,
United in shared values, spirits serene,
Fostering holistic well-being, body and soul,
Creating positive joys, a constant, vibrant roll.
Enlightening oneself through truths we unfold,
Guarding nature, for enduring life to extol

Shared Values

Diviners Fest in Previous Years

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The unique feature of Diviners Fest

Is the commitment to be completely free,
Every transformative experience is a sacred quest,
For the joy of freedom is for all to see.
When we embrace what's bright and clear,
Without spending a single dime,
We begin to comprehend values that appear,
When we don't use money as a measure of time.
Shedding the commercial habit once deemed all,
To break free from money's apprehension,
Escaping the whirlpool's maddening thrall,
Freely exploring life's intention

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Event Series of Diviners Fest 2023

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Conscious Show
17/09 - Ho Chi Minh

Nurturing the Plasticity of the Soul (1)
30/09 - Online

Nurturing the Plasticity of the Soul (2)
21/09 - Online

Main Event

Give Love, Create Happiness

This ideal is not for one alone,
So, we hope you'll join, together we've grown,
In unity and ardor, a community sown,
Enlightening society, with Fest as our own.

The Awakening Festival seeks to unite,
Organizations, businesses, in shared light,
Elevate your brand, reach a greater height,
By collaboratively forging change that's right.

Together, we support the world's advance,
Uplift awakening art in its graceful dance,
For the sake of values, we're in every chance,
Harmonizing blessings, life's new expanse

For financial support:
Military Commercial Bank (MB Bank)
Bank account: 3303686868
Owner: Nguyen Thi Thuy Ngan
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Overview schedule
Diviners Fest

Time: 19-20/11/2023 (2 days 1 night)
Day 1 – 19/11 (Sunday): from 9h to 21h
The Empathy Game, Transforming Art
13h30 – 14h45
Master Oneness’s first sharing after 1 year of silence
14h45 – 16h15
Creation story, Sunset Ritual
16h15 – 17h
Share happiness
16h– 17h
Circle of connection, express your heart
13h30 – 16h
Break time 
17h – 18h
Receive wisdom from speakers, enjoy the art of mindfulness
9h – 12h30
Break time 
12h30 – 13h30
Break time 
8h – 9h
Connecting to purification, creative movement, new day meditation
6h – 8h
Campfire, Improvisational Art
18h – 20h
Connected meditation
20h – 21h
Day 2 – 20/11 (Monday): from 6h to 18h
Practice Transforming Art and  Zero Waste
10h50 – 12h30
Break time 
12h30 – 13h30
Ritual to start the festival
10h – 10h50
Check in, Experience refreshing activities, Exchange and Connect
9h – 10h

Yellow Bee Garden

Thôn, Duyên Yết, Phú Xuyên, Hà Nội, Việt Nam


Event Venue



Green Festival

Please do not use single-use plastic, minimize all types of waste


Healthy festival

Please do not use tobacco, alcohol, or any stimulants


Vegan Festival

Please do not use or bring any animal products or food


The festival is for all audiences, regardless of age, religion, gender, or profession.


The festival is free to participate and calls for contributions and cooperation from everyone to co-create.



How is the Awakening Festival different from other festivals?
* At the Diviners Fest, you won't just be a passive spectator enjoying performances; instead, you'll actively engage in the creative flow of art to explore and transform your inner self, experiencing greater peace, freedom, and happiness.
* This festival promotes a healthy lifestyle, refraining from the use of alcohol, stimulants, and avoiding comparisons and judgments, allowing everyone to express themselves freely.
* It's an eco-friendly festival, with limited plastic waste and a commitment to not using any animal products.

Frequently Asked Question


Is it mandatory to participate in the entire Festival?
The Festival starts at 9:00 am on November 19 and ends at 6:00 pm on November 20. The Festival is open to everyone, you can participate depending on the time you can arrange.
We encourage you to participate for the full 2 days to receive the most profound transformational value.


The cost of participating in the Festival? 
The cost of experiencing, practicing and staying at the Yellow Bee Garden is completely free.
However, you need to cover your own transportation costs and eat a vegan meal at Yellow Bee Garden
(There will be detailed instructions to assist you with all accommodation, transportation and the best experience at the Festival after registering to participate)


What activities will be available at the Festival?
* Enjoy conscious art with healing messages and positive lyrics from awakened artists.
* Practice a variety of holistic personal development tools: transformational arts (singing, dancing, painting, acting, yoga, etc.).
* Enhance your awareness through insights shared by experts from various fields.
* Learn sustainable life skills to become more independent and in control of your life.
* Create a new version of yourself that will surprise you.
* Experience a diverse, nutritious, and conscious vegetarian diet while supporting a sustainable lifestyle.
* Discover the map of healing and transformation spaces throughout Vietnam to find environments that support your continuous and diverse development.


What should you keep in mind when participating in the Festival?
Diviners Fest is a vegan festival, aiming for a lifestyle in harmony with nature.
- Please do not bring: food or items of animal origin (including milk, honey, eggs,...); Single-use plastic bags, bottles, and cups.
- Please prepare yourself: personal water bottle, comfortable and discreet clothing, and especially your wholehearted spirit to fully participate in each Festival activity.


How to get to the Festival?
You can get to Event Venue by 3 options: by bus, by your own car/ motobike or registery to go with organiser that you can get detailed instruction after registery to join Diviners Fest


Festival schedule?
- November 19: activities will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (breaks between 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.)
- November 20: activities will take place from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (break from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.)

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(+84) 828 346 125

November 19-20th


Vuon Ong Vang, Duyen Yet,
Hong Thai, Phu Xuyen, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Diviners Movement is an ecosystem of community projects with a mission to help millions of people open their minds to live life to the fullest, prosperity, freedom, celebration and enlightenment through Art and Meditation (the Transforming Art technique).

Currently Diviners' activities are taking place in India, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, South America, USA, European and expanding all over the world.

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