Transforming prana dhyana yoga.

Time start: 06:00 AM
Start date: Sep 20th, 2021
End date: Sep 25th, 2021

Prana is energy, vitality, power.

Prana is the foundation and essence of all life; the energy and vitality that permeates the entire Universe. Prana flows in everything that exists.

Furthermore, Prana is the connecting link between the material world, consciousness and mind.

It is what makes life on the material level possible. Prana regulates all physical functions for example, the breath, the supply of oxygen, digestion, elimination and much more.

The function of the human body is much like a transformer, receiving energy from the Universal flow of Prana, distributing that energy, and then eliminating it. If a person or a room has a healthy, harmonious vibration, we say: “There is good Prana here”. Illness, on the other hand, disturbs or blocks the flow of Prana. As we develop the ability to control Prana, we gain harmony and health, of both body and mind. In addition to this, with long and consistent practice an expansion of consciousness is experienced.

Because of the lack of prana we are unbalanced in our daily life. Prana is everywhere in nature and universe, but lack of awareness we are not utilizing prana energy.

In transforming prana Dhayana yoga, we show you how to balance body, mind and spirit to activate prana energy through physical, mental , spirituality activities.

Transforming Prana dhyana Yoga.

TIme: 6h00 – 7h30 am, on September 20 – 25th

What will you receive from this program:

  1. An alignment between your mind, body and spirit
  2. Increase flexibility and stability
  3. Strengthen inner organs
  4. Remove stress
  5. Build immunity
  6. Raises energy level
  7. Improve self awareness

What we will practice:

. Yoga asanas for stability
. Pranayama
. Meditation techniques
. Self-observation techniques
. Body-mind and spirit balancing techniques

Who is this workshop for:

  • Anyone who finds themselves challenged to deal with work-life balance
  • Anyone who wishes to find more joy and freedom in life
  • Anyone who desires to go to the root cause of a problem, become your own researcher, and experience the true freedom when you don’t have to depend on anyone, anything.
  • Anyone who has a calling for a more fulfilled life beyond a stable job and family life.
  • The one who heal them self from physical and mental problems

How to prepare for this program:

  • A private space to join the workshop, ideally a quiet space where you can move freely
  • Wear comfort clothes for physical activities
  • You should be with empty stomach
  • Wear earphones or turn on the speaker as we will play music
  • (optional) Light up the candle to welcome fire element to your space
  • Drink a glass of water before the session starts
  • 100% be present and turn on the camera throughout the session
  • Sit relaxed and repeat the mantra, “I am open to receive the guidance from the universe”, be attentive to Master’s sharing.

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Transforming prana dhyana yoga.

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Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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