Retreat “Explore the Darkness”

Location: Vung tau
Time start: 08:00 AM
Start date: Nov 26th, 2021
End date: Dec 2nd, 2021

7 days into the nature – Alter the senses to access higher possibilities

Hello light beings and Friends! During this lockdown it’s a lot of time you spend inside the home. May you are waiting to go out somewhere and get refreshed right? then we are holding a conscious space for you. Welcome to our unique retreat “Explore the Darkness”.

“Most of us have a fear with the darkness”

We don’t dare to explore the dark side in and out. Subconsciously we think dark means something dangerous and harmful. This condition puts us as a limited person and always puts ourselves in the fear mode.

Let us dig a bit into it. You see friends, all galaxies, stars, planets, everything inside the darkness. Darkness is holding space for every existence. Of course when we think about darkness, we only remember evils, ghosts, negative, black-magic kind of staff. But it’s our human limited knowledge and unwillingness to explore the ultimate reality.

Remember: If you want to be fearless, you have to explore the darkness.

It’s a special retreat for those who wants to see life with new insights. In this retreat we sleep in the day and we practice the whole night to connect with night nature, eating with your non-dominant hand and holotropic breathing at night and other unique healing and transforming activities.

The value you will get from this very special Retreat:

  • Heal childhood’s trauma
  • Learn to connect with natural energy and elements of nature
  • Increase confidence and decide power
  • Breaking limiting beliefs and fears
  • Upgrade your senses and bring in fresh and unique energy for yourself

Who can Join us?

  • Only Adventurous person are welcome!
  • Those who have commitment to come out of their fears an limitedness
  • Those who want to alter their senses and willing to have refreshing perceptions.
  • Those who want to do something new than regular boring staff
  • Those who want to be a master of themselves.

What is the age to join?

Any age from 10 years to 100 years are welcome, once you are ready to transform to become your better version, who is more fully free and happy!

Retreat “Explore the Darkness”

  • Time: 26/11 – 02/12/2021
  • Expected location: Vung Tau
  • Energy Exchange: 249 USD (excluding transportation fee)

Attractive offers when registering Retreat:

  • Ex-students at Diviners: 10% off
  • Early bird closes on 8/10: 10% off
  • Group registration of 3 or more people: 10% off

 Note: Promotion Offers can be combined

Special offers when registering for the combo courses:

  • Buy combo 2: Retreat + 1 course, 20% off
  • Buy combo 3: Retreat + 2 courses, 30% off

In particular, the details of the courses included in the program are as follows:

  1. The TransformingArt round 2 – 179 USD (including a free course “Create inner space” – 2 million and only for students who have completed TA round 1)
  2. Course “Be the Inspirer” – 179 USD
  3. Retreat “Explore the Darkness” – 249 USD

Note: This is a promotional program that does not apply to any other incentives (old practitioners, group registration, early bird) are not applicable.

Ready to join us?

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Retreat “Explore the Darkness”

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Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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