Luxury Retreat – Natural Immunity

Location: Tp Huế
Time start: 08:00 AM
Start date: Dec 10th, 2021
End date: Dec 16th, 2021

How does natural energy support transformation?

Nature offers wonderful healing energy to those who are willing to open their hearts to connect with Mother Earth, with the forest, and with other elements from nature.

That’s why Diviners’ Retreats always create unique experiences in the midst of nature to help us learn how to receive this abundant energy.

You will not only enjoy the comforts of a luxury vacation, you will also be able to participate in various and unique healing and transformation activities.

Let’s have a look of Alba Wellness Resort Hue with Diviners here:

What ​​you will receive at this Retreat :

Please take a look at a picture of a Diviners retreat in the mountains of Da Lat here:

And as soon as the epidemic subsides, we will have the opportunity to accompany each other on the journey to find the pure energy of nature, increase AWARENESS, find INSIDE PEACE and INSPIRATION to live to the fullest!

This fee includes:

If you are interested in activities and schedule of Retreat with Diviners, please register right below for detailed advice!

Please take the time to come back inside, strengthen your inner strength and rise to new levels of awareness and energy fields, only then can we firmly and peacefully welcome the changes of life!

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Luxury Retreat – Natural Immunity

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Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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