Full Moon Festival

Location: Online
Time start: 20:00 PM
Start date: Sep 21st, 2021
End date: Sep 21st, 2021

Free Program For The Community

The time of the full moon is the time when the moon’s energy is at its peak, which is a very suitable time for us to open up and receive the flow of divine energy from the universe to purify our thoughts.

The Mid-Autumn Festival has special significance for the Vietnamese people. This time of reunion and sharing, you can completely create for your family a spiritual activity. Meditate together for peace of mind, pray for good things to your family members.

When you are full of energy, everything in life will also turn in a more positive direction. It is time to release negative thoughts and emotions. Thus, everyone in the family will be closer and easier to express with each other in life.

Let’s bring your family members together with full moon meditation together at
“Mid-Autumn Festival” – A family reunion, full of joy” under the guidance of Master Ojas Oneness at 20:00 on Tuesday, September 21!

Let’s create for yourself and your family a sacred and cozy space to receive the wonderful energy of this special full moon night, let go of worries and spread pure love!

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Full Moon Festival

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