Diviners Virtual Fest 2021 – True Freedom

Location: Online
Time start: 00:00 AM
Start date: Nov 19th, 2021
End date: Nov 20th, 2021

Free Program For The Community

“Conscious Celebration Heals the world”

Why this time and this year?

It has been more than 2 years since our lives were turned upside down by the Covid epidemic. Many people are facing a lot of difficulties and challenges from finances, to family pressures and even inner turmoil of insecurity. Some people feel nostalgic for the past and always long to be free to move here and there, to meet loved ones. Others are worried about the bleak future. This pushes us into a state of deadlock in the present.

Are you in this state? Do you yearn to be free? “Freedom is not just about doing whatever you want.” 

You will explore the true meaning of Freedom through experience at Diviners Virtual Fest. 

Here, you will not just listen to speeches passively, but you will have an experience with transformational tools that will raise your consciousness. You will walk out not as the same person. 

We are delighted to have you in our conscious space. Mark your calendar, claim your free spot, and share this information to your beloved ones! 

Why Diviners Fest exists?

We think that modern life is full of pressures that make us need “Entertainment”, and we believe that “Entertainment” helps us live better, work better. So we often look for a lot of ways to “Entertainment” and spend a lot of time and money on this. 

Everywhere around us is full of Bars, discos, Karaoke, casinos, shopping centers…all to serve this need.

And how do you usually feel after entertainment? Have you ever felt empty, meaningless, exhausted after long, draining games? You must have also wondered, “Is what I really need to relax from the pressure, is it “entertainment”?

If the answer is “No”, then what do you really need?

We have been mistaken for too long about what we really need. The more we plunge into “entertainment,” the closer we come to burnout. Energy, vitality, love, compassion – these are what truly nourish us. And these things cannot be obtained from Entertainment activities, but can only be experienced in the space of Pure Celebration!

The celebration is the natural state of the soul when it is freed from the manipulation of the mind and attains true freedom. Freedom is unconditional, freedom is not dependent on any circumstances or external objects. Pure joy, unconditional healing energy and endless festivity will flow from free spirits, which is the divinely arranged flow of the Creator.

If you feel that this life is too narrow, too tired, too painful, it is because you have not unleashed the celebration energy within yourself to immerse yourself in the sacred flow of the Universe.

And Diviners Fest is organized to help us experience the true celebration to transform ourselves and help us enjoy the true peace and happiness within us. “Conscious celebration will heal the world!” 

Let’s review the emotional moments at Diviners Fest 2020 here:

Diviners create conscious space for each soul to be Healed, Unconditionally Free, and always living in pure celebration. 

Diviners Virtual Fest 2021 – True Freedom

  • Time: 19 – 20/11/2021
  • Online – Global Event

If you want to change the reality of yourself, those around you and the world, join the flow with us:

    ⁃ Turn Entertainment into Celebration

    ⁃ Turn Competition into Cooperation

    ⁃ Turn Emotional Dependency into Emotional Intelligence

    ⁃ Turn Judgment and Comparison into Unconditional Acceptance

We believe the true meaning of the festival is:

Collaboration + Dedication = Pure Festival

Collaboration = when everyone comes together, no matter where you come from, who you are.

Contribution = you give unconditionally, you come with an open heart, an open mind. No expectations, analysis or overthinking.

We want to bring healing by awakening to the world.

And more specifically, the Diviners Fest experience is completely free for everyone.

Why is this event free?

Diviners Fest is our gift to the world to express our deep gratitude to life. Beyond all trade and commerce system, every human being deserves to live a healthy and happy life at no extra cost.

That’s why this festival is completely free and we welcome your generous donations.

You can openly invite family and friends to join you, and spread the word of Diviners Fest to anyone looking to change their life and seek renewal!

Join us and awaken the true meaning of the Festival!

Welcome to Diviners Virtual Fest and join us to feel the true meaning of the Festival to embrace true freedom, peace and happiness.

What’s special at this year’s Diviners Fest?

Diviners Fest is held online – so we can access and participate in the celebration energy from any corner of the world!

  • Be in a conscious space with more than 50 awakening artists, healing and enlightenment Masters, spiritual vendors and organizations resonating to create an atmosphere of positive energy.
  • Enjoy soulful performances that can uplift your spirit.
  • Receive the wisdom sharing of Master Ojas Oneness to enlighten your mind
  • Connect with other beings of light around the world who share the same desire to transform and contribute to world peace.
  • Meet mindful vendors who are creating healthy products for people and for the earth.
  • Learn delicious vegan dishes with Heal & Celeb Vegan Garden’s Art of Vegan Cooking program

How to be a part of the Diviners Festival?

  1. If you want to become our Conscious Vendor, please send email to: vietnam@diviners.in with subject: Organization name – Phone number – Vendor Diviners Fest
  2. If you are an Awakened Artist who wants to dedicate your love and artistic talent, please connect with us here.
  3. If you want to become a Volunteer for your development through contribution to this meaningful global event, please register here.
  4. If you want to join in Diviners Festival, register now below

Ready to join us?

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Diviners Virtual Fest 2021 – True Freedom

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