Awakened Artists Project

Location: Online
Time start: 06:00 AM
Start date: Oct 21st, 2021

Art” is the Heart of Life

“When we are in the arts,

Our heart expands more and more.

The more we expand, the more we experience,

The more we experience, the more we become.” – Master Ojas Oneness

The power of Art

Art is a powerful tool,
With art, we can get entertained, feel relaxed and released,
With art, we can bring the world together, explore celebrations and get awakened,
With art, we can heal the past trauma, explore our creativity, and see life in a refreshing lens.

However, art has been mostly explored as an entertainment tool.

It’s time for our world to explore the healing essence of art.

Art is not only for performance, shows, name and fame.

Art is also for your own realization, exploration, and transformation.

The two types of Artists

There are 2 types of Artists, entertaining Artists and Awakened Artists.

An entertaining Artist focuses on entertaining the audience to get name, fame and money earnings.

An awakened artist uses his energies for his inner transformation and at the same time contributes his artistic energy for a beautiful shift in this world.

An Awakened Artist’s artistic flow does not depend on the money, he will not earn for popularity, he never has a sense of insecurity to compete with others to claim his power.

Awakening is the door to explore the truth and source of life.

When we have awakened Artists in the world, the public has more possibilities to enhance their authentic way of living.

The Sad Reality

Now, most of the artistic energies are rolling in pubs, bars and hotels and restaurants. What is the connection with Art and Cigarettes? What is the connection with art and alcohol?

There is no connection, but there are many artists who believe when they take a cigarette or drink alcohol they will become more creative.

There are some loops going on in our artistic world.

That’s why most of the commercial artists have toxic habits like addiction, which pulls their artistic energies into the wrong direction.

Our invitation to you

Have you ever questioned yourself, do you become artists to express your soul or to become popular?

Question yourself, how art helps to explore your inner space and peace and how it’s improving your consciousness?

If you have this kind of questions and inquiry, the Global Awakened Artists project is right for you.

We offer the Artists the most sacred space to unite, connect, and collaborate to bring awakening energy to the world.

Here you will explore the powerful combination of Art + Meditation, which allows you to awaken yourself with your artistic energies.

Join our project

Awakened Artists are the ones who lead a new way of living, full of PEACE – CELEBRATION – HAPPINESS – FREEDOM.

Welcome to Artists of all artistic fields!

Join us in FREE MEDITATION SESSION guided by Master Ojas Oneness

  • 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM (GMT+7) | 4:30 AM – 5:30 AM (GMT+5:30 – India time) | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (Los Angeles time)
  • We meet on very Thursday, starting October 21, 2021
  • Via Zoom Online
  • Email:

What is Global Awakened Artists?

Global Awakened Artists project unites artists of all fields around the world and brings awakening energy through meditation and the self-purification process.

What you will experience in this program:

  • Learn the Foundation of Meditation and practice under the guidance of Master Ojas Oneness.
  • Receive wisdom sharing from Master Ojas Oneness on the realm of spirituality and self-transformation.
  • Receive practical exercise to help you become a conscious creator.
  • Join a high vibration and conscious community of awakened artists.
  • Collaborate and co-create Diviners Fest 2021, a global virtual fest that unites awakened artists of the world together.

After joining the project, you will be able to:

  • Gain clarity on your role as an artist and how you can contribute your artistic energy for a better world.
  • Feel more confident, calm, energetic in your creative output.
  • Banish your old habits, procrastination, and create your dream reality.
  • Co-create with other awakened artists meaningful and impactful arts.


  • We welcome artists from all fields. There are no limits to your nationalities, background, gender, etc.

How to prepare for this program:

  • A private space to join the program, ideally a quiet space where you can move freely
    Wear earphones or turn on the speaker as we will play music (optional) Light up the candle to welcome the fire element to your space.
  • Drink a glass of water before the session starts 100% be present and turn on the camera throughout the session.
  • Sit relaxed, be empty, suggest to yourself “I am open to receive the guidance from the universe”. A beginner’s mindset is very important for you to receive benefits from the program, rather than the mindset “I know”.

About Master Ojas Oneness:

Ojas Oneness is an enlightened Artist and Visionary of Oneness consciousness, who is spreading his light and wisdom to bring awakening energy to every artist’s life. Ojas teaches self-realization through Transforming Art, the unique technique that combines Art and meditation. His 16-year experience in meditation enlightened him to the essence of art, which was the beginning of the Diviners organization.

Read more about Master and Diviners Movement here.

Watch Master Ojas Oneness’s Purpose Movie here.

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