Art Therapy

Location: Online Zoom
Time start: 15:00 PM
Start date: Oct 2nd, 2021

Self-healing and unleashing endless creativity

6 hands-on classes with Awakened Artist Kali Dan

If you love painting and want to develop your passion…

If you are looking for hands-on therapy to heal your trauma and understand yourself….

Or you simply want to practice an art form to increase your creativity….

Then Diviners present a special course for you: “Art Therapy” with Professional Artist Kali Dan from Ukraine. He is one of the few artists who pursue the theme of Cosmic Art with a unique spray painting technique. He inspires a mindful lifestyle with Meditation and unlimited creativity and Art through his unique works.

What you will learn to:

  • Take your painting skills to the next level
  • Connect deeply to understand yourself through art
  • Learn to release emotional blockages and express creativity to become balanced and harmonious when connecting with the people around you
  • Increase the ability to observe objectively and the subtlety and aesthetics when in the environment of art practice.
  • Unleash the creative flow and help you discover your unique identity and enjoy the fresh beauty of life.

Course infromation:

  • Time: 3h00 – 4h00 on Saturday and 10h00 – 11h00 on Sunday, starting from October 02.
  • Online through Zoom
  • Tuition: 890,000VND/ 40 USD for 6 sessions
  • You can win a chance to receive a gift from Artist Kali Dan upon completion of the course (randomly selected from among students committed to full practice).

Register now and allow yourself to discover yourself through this special art form!

It will be even better if we join our relatives and friends, this will help strengthen the bond and the fun!

Ready to join us?

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Art Therapy

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Full immersion. Powerful experience. Amazing transformation.

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