Transforming Art:  A Combination of Spontaneous energy & Awareness 

Art = Spontaneity  

Meditation = Awareness 

Spontaneous + Awareness = Transforming Art 

Transforming Art is one of the main techniques in diviners. Transforming art means allowing ourselves to transform by using art & meditation as a medium. 

In this technique, various artistic & mindful exercises are practiced to relieve you from emotional blocks and set you free, realizing your true self.

Art is the free-flow energy that exists deep down in everyone. The free flow energy takes the form of expressions. We just have to allow our artistic energy- with complete awareness-without stopping or blocking it in our conditions, judgments, and comparisons with others. If we just let that creative energy free flow in its way, then we spontaneously start singing, dancing, painting, etc. When we start singing or dancing in that flow, all we have to do is to allow ourselves and observe ourselves more. That is how the state of transformation happens.

With the regular practice of this technique, we improve our creativity. All emotional blocks start releasing, finally leading us to the deeper state of meditation, hence purifying ourselves. 


Way to Practice:  

It goes with two main bases: 

  1. Spontaneous flow 
  2. Awareness

These 2 points are like 2 wings to the bird, only with 2 wings a bird can fly. 

Step 1: Doing any Art Spontaneously from the present movement. 

              Note: The Art shouldn’t happen through your memories or planning. Anything you do, it must be just from the present moment. 

Step2: Allowing the flow without any Judgment or comparison.

Step 3: Observing every happening In & out like a Scientist or Yogi. 

Constant Inner observation towards our Artistic flow and emotions helps to raise our consciousness and improve emotional intelligence. 


Tools for Transforming Art 

A. Movement Meditation
B. Art Therapy
C. Spontaneous Singing Therapy
D. Spontaneous games therapy
E. Conscious Imagination Therapy
F. Free Flow Yoga
G. Expression Therapy
H. Conscious Drama Therapy
I. Anapanasati Meditation
and Mindfulness techniques along “Master Ojas Oneness wisdom” sharing.

Note: Within 6 days all exercises can’t be covered, to practice exercises, and to go deeper into meditation it takes, at least, 21 days of regular practice. The 6 days practice is the first level, after this first level you can join 21 days 2nd Level. 

Our sessions are based on spontaneous flow. Divine Friend Ojas Oneness wants to bring self-mastery of individuals, all his intentions are people should be their Masters rather than followers of anyone outside. That is the reason he always guides people to be spontaneous along with self-discipline and by practicing the awareness. 


Day 1:

Introduction of the “TA” Technique & sharing experiences of old practices, Interaction with each other to create a free mind and friendly atmosphere. 

Learning about Movement Meditation and Practice with Master. 

Giving discourse on awareness and mindful living.  

Question & Answers 

Mindfulness exercise for the next day. Everyday practicing Transforming Art exercises are very important to get new energy in your life. 



Day 2:  

Starting with short Meditation and Spontaneous activity for a couple of minutes to create divine energy within all of us. 

A detailed explanation of what is the Unconscious mind and how it affects life. The root causes of worries, sadness, and disappointments.  

Preparing the students to understand their unconscious patterns and raising the purity of consciousness. 

Giving guidance on proper meditation practice and mindfulness tips. 

Giving additional mindfulness exercises for the next day.  

Every day new exercises will be added to the previous exercises, by practicing all of these simple and powerful exercises will bring you inner strength and will help the students to focus on the self-purification.  


Day 3:

Short Mediation and Spontaneous activity to witness each other divine energy.  

Going deeper into spontaneous energy and making the mind ultimately free and conscious.

Learning Spontaneous Singing Therapy and getting a practical understanding of unconscious patterns.  

Giving the inspiration to face the self and take self-responsibility. 

Giving Spontaneous exercises for the next day.  


Day 4:

Short Meditation and sharing of each other practical experiences regarding the Transforming Art technique and clarifying the right way of practice.

Doing Art Therapy and experiencing the inner child to refresh the mind and experiencing pure self-connection.   

Long Mediation and receiving more awakening energy from the sharing of master Ojas Oneness 

For the next day adding some more Spontaneous and awareness exercises. 


Day 5:

Short Mediation and creating celebration energy with the support of each other. 

Practicing Expression Therapy and Meditation.  

By this practice, many emotional blockages can be released but it depends on how ready the student is to release his suppressed emotions.  The Master & the Diviners Team presence will bring you emotional freedom. 


Day 6: 

Celebrating & Dance everyone together. Long Meditation & Spontaneous game therapy 

Sharing experiences and releasing thousands of advantages and benefits of Transforming Art Techniques.  

Getting guidelines from master to maintain the same joyful energy throughout your life. Gratitude giving to each other & Close.  


Note: To understand the practice and connect with the process for some people it may take a minimum of 3 days. Because of too much worry-mind, it is not easy to create calmness in the mind so it takes a minimum of 3 days to connect with the process. The Master’s constant unconditional love & compassion will heal your mind and you may start experiencing some peace of mind from the 4th day. But the people who are more focused and have good self-discipline can experience the benefit from the first session. It depends on each of the consciousness and how much they are ready to transform. 

The Key is the everyday practice of Exercise, which is guided by the master. It will give you more benefits if you practice it properly.



Please bring a notebook and pen to note the important points from the sharing of the Master and to note down the exercises given every day.

Please maintain the Eye contact with the master and with everyone and open your mind and heart to get new energy. 

Wear comfortable clothes which makes you free for Meditation practice. Don’t need to come with makeup, you can be free as you are (it’s up to your choice)

Please Allow yourself to Surrender to the Practice

If you can’t understand anything please feel free to interact with the Master. 


Code of Discipline: 

Once you entered into the session, mobile is not allowed to use. Your mobile must be switched off. 

Please don’t be absent in any session every day is very important to create balanced energy within you. If you miss any session it can break your focus. 

If you would like to go for a washroom or any personal moments, please have eye contact with the master and get his permission. 

If you want to bring any of your friends to the session please let the Diviners team know it.

Less than 7 years Children’s are not allowed in the session, without noticing please don’t bring your children may their presence can disturb the focus and practice. 

Always be 10 min before the session. If the session time is finished you are free to take the leave, feel free to take your leave even master continuing the sharing if you have any busy work or limited time.  

( Note: most of the time the master goes with his divine flow, and he will out of physical time) 


About Master & Divine Friend:

His teachings and guidance come from the present moment, according to the level of consciousness of the student and their capacity for understanding his wisdom.  

He is beyond others’ judgment and commercial teaching. His presence is unconditional and continuously motivates the self-mastery. We are bringing his nature to you so that you will prepare your mind to accept him as he is and get the inspiration and wisdom from him.  His teaching is not based on any existing philosophy rather then he follows his spirit and the truth of the universe. 

The Fee( energy exchange)  we are taking from you is to support the master and to cover his expense in this expensive city and to maintain the Diviners Org.  But his unconditional energy is not based on your pay, rather than the deeply contact deep into your true self ( Soul) and he values your presence with him. 

We are wishing you, may your life blossom with lots of peace and inner richness. May our Transforming Art course awake your inner potential and brings lots of freedom and wisdom. 


Hugs. Much Love and Light!

Diviners Team 

TA Participants

  • Tăng Khánh Duyên
  • Tạ Thị Thanh Thúy
  • Kim Phạm
  • Đinh Thị Thu Thủy
  • Nguyễn Thị Thanh Xuân
  • Tăng Khánh Duyên

    Thanks to Master Ojas và Diviners team.

    The first time I’ve met Master Ojas was in the sharing about “Love yourself” at Nha Co. During this time, I was a shy, fearful, unconfident girl. The sharing touched my heart. What I learnt was that: “Before loving someone, I need to love myself and live my life to the fullest”. After that day, I wanted to change myself. I started to join “Transforming Art” courses, some Diviners’s community activities and then became a Diviners volunteer. I’ve encountered many new people and experienced new things that I’ve never done before. My life has changed vividly. I learnt to show my acceptance and keep an open mind for everything. I learnt to express my feelings and listen to other people objectively with no judgement. I recognise everything is connected. And I am just a “point” of community, society and divine Universe. I feel grateful because I met Master Ojas and all of the Diviners’ friends in my 20s. Last but not least, I have a crystal belief that everything I’ve learnt so far will be a strong foundation for my journey ahead.

  • Tạ Thị Thanh Thúy

    Thank you Mr. Ojas. Thank you Ms. Tam Thank you to the volunteers of Diviners. Thanks Universe.

    Life is a roller coaster game, up and down with many levels of emotion, excitement, joy, or feeling of peace, expectation, hope ... and so on. I, fortunate to have a positive mindset as a child, but also cannot help but at times when my mind is always thinking, filled with regrets "if only, if" the types, and then cannot help when I'm worried about the day roof. Try asking, how could it be fun with so many things surrounded. But, I am also a lover of this life earnestly. There have been times when life has slapped me dizzy, or pushed me down while I was messing around and looking around the world. Things that I hide for myself know, in addition to friends or society I always show I'm fine, very good.It is the luck of my life, or as someone says, when you are ready, the teacher appears. I knew Ms Tam through a session at Long Thành to meditate on the Moon dance. Then, through my sister's Facebook to Ojas' classes, he - through the teachings that are so close to everyday life that is so thorough, profound ... I surrender! And more than once in the teacher's classes I cried a monk, I sobbed ... my child was pityed, how long he was neglected, how long he was abandoned. Nobody cared. Now I come back to pamper him, he burst into tears as I spread out how warm memories, it calmed and gradually happy as the nature of a child.My life is still passing day by day, still money, still conflicts, loss or unintended things. I should have been in torment, regret, feeling like that and that. Thanks to Ojas-sensei's practices, I see that everything is perfect, fortunate or unlucky, good or bad, and lost or ... everything is perfect. Like when I am writing these lines, I am having events in my life ... and I am very calmly accepting, by THANKING AND ACCEPTING because I have learned that I am precious, I is a small universe combined with the prosperity and immense love of the great universe out there.The most precious thing I find out is my life, which is to "love myself" is to accept myself to the highest degree, to be tolerant and forgiving, to comfort and embrace every emotion no matter what extreme or not yet positive.I learned that in every circumstance, I always had a universe that loved me immeasurably ...

  • Kim Phạm

    Thank you very much, Mr. Ojas and the Diviners.

    I was introduced to my friend by the friend and knew about the TA course. Taught by Ojas

      After taking the course, I feel my change and awareness within each day!
    I don't have as much fear and anxiety as before.
    Love yourself, always love life ? love people and love nature.
    I feel the fullness & inner happiness that I never had before! The happiness that no one needs gives me ..., so warm love and peace so much !!!
    Thank you very much, Mr. Ojas and the Diviners.

  • Đinh Thị Thu Thủy

    Thank you for bringing a festival life!

    I am an ordinary woman with many family worries; working to take care of my children and not loving myself. When my family broke down I went into stress and insomnia for 8 years. By chance I came to Diviners and Ojas Oneness and attended the Tranfroming Art course and I was awakened by the truth of the Universe. I lost my inner connection, didn't know how to love me. Very quickly I understood to live in harmony with nature and to think simple. I felt full inside and I cured insomnia. The simple course method and many quick effective practices have helped me to be more calm in life. I am full of love for myself and others, which is why I became a volunteer of Diviners Vietnam to look forward to helping people find balance in their lives and enjoy life as one. Festival.

  • Nguyễn Thị Thanh Xuân

    Dear Master

    Where did you come from?
    That saves me
    Overcome suffering
    Vivid every second
    From here happy
    Love is full
    Remember this scene forever
    Dear teacher
    Enlighten me
    Escape from fear
    Go home and have fun
    Transform every day
    Vegetarian meditation
    Mentally strong
    Thank you so much, master
    My master

The Diviners organization was founded in India by Ojas Oneness in 2014. It was created to offer the world a path of spiritually awakened transformation by way of meditation and the arts. Our platform is to unite awakened artists and people living consciously around the world to support world peace and encourage the celebration of Life.