Topic 1

Earth is our home. While we are living on Earth, it is our responsibility to take care of the environment. For that reason, Diviners works with many different kinds of “green living” projects. For example, we plant trees, we use sustainable products, we improve our knowledge in organic farming and we inspire others to also care for nature deeply.

Topic 2

Purification is the process of the human evolution. To purify our body and mind, we at Diviners take on a vegetarian and vegan diet and we have a regular meditation practice. We also encourage and inspire everyone to improve the art of cooking and eating by being Vegan and taking on a meditation practice. When we align in our own personal purification we contribute greatly to the peace of Mother Earth and the Universe.

Topic 3

Having a great sense of ability to grow our own food rather than depending on the food marketing systems. Knowing how to preserve our own seeds and using them to grow our food instead of buying seeds from corporate companies.

Topic 4

Also at Diviners, we have a regular Transforming Art and Anapanasati Meditation practice. Through this, we spread the "TA" Method and connected meditations, to as many people as we can to help everyone in every walk of life.

Topic 5

We take a scientific approach towards the ancient wisdom of India and all traditions across the world. We learn how to utilize free energy, pyramid energies and renewable sources. Thus, we add a scientific approach in order to develop a free energy lifestyle and to raise awareness about it to people all around the world. Doing so will help us all remove the dogmatic split between rich and poor that alters our own behaviour. Only then we will live in a more complete and holistic way.

Topic 6

When we have a deeper understanding of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Inner Healing methods, we can become masters in self-healing rather than being dependent on modern medicines and synthetic chemicals. When we know how to access our own medicine, we bring an ultimate kind of freedom to everyone in the world.

Topic 7

We focus on exploring the inner artistic & creative abilities. We encourage everyone to ameliorate their artistic energy in order to improve their awareness for a deeper meditation practice.

Topic 8

We regard Friendship as Divine. When we stop identifying ourselves with each other’s body, age or social status, we begin witnessing others as conscious beings and we see them with our own names. Then we will no longer unconsciously behave in the division between young and old. The ultimate respect is Divine Friendship, so we keep growing in Divine Friendship and we encourage others to do this as much as they can.

Topic 9

Inspiring every artist towards transforming the people rather than only entertaining them. To bring wisdom and higher consciousness into the movies, stage events, cultural events and any kind of art shows.

Topic 10

Bringing awakening to every artist's life and inspiring them towards their inner transformation rather than craving to become famous by getting only 'name and fame'.

Topic 11

Family is the base of Life. Children's education is the basis for building a peaceful and wealthy family. Education should give you freedom, wisdom and unity and we should use technology to protect the nature and to raise awareness about peace in the world. Therefore coming out of social, religious dogmas and competitive schooling systems need to be part of the global future view. Every parent should encourage children to learn from nature. We need to move towards creating open school systems where children learn everything from the deepest freedom rather than from fears.

Topic 12

Using Art and Meditation in the family to improve the healthy & the conscious expression of the relationships to enjoy the beauty in all our relationships.

Topic 13

In order to enjoy life we do not need to depend on entertainment programs, there is no need to be an unconscious ‘big fan’ of any artist. Rather than that, be a big fan of yourself and use your creative energy to be part of the celebration of life. Be the star of your own life and enjoy your role to the fullest.

Topic 14

Whether we live under a tree or in a big palace we need to keep our state of mind equanimous. By remembering the wisdom that everything is temporary we can learn how to live moment to moment and enjoy the present moment.

Topic 15

In every full moon, new moon and special days we do group meditation with family and we spend long days into the deep nature and forests.

Topic 16

We buy less and we create more by improving all the basic skills to live, such as building a house, healing ourselves, cooking and reducing packaging and processed food.

Topic 17

We enjoy life to the fullest by being creative and stylish in our way. There is no need to live like a 'poor' monk. We can merge both the physical and spiritual life together and enjoy the richness of life through non-attachment.

Topic 18

We simplify every aspect of life not following any gurus or masters as a rule but following our own awareness and self-discipline. We see that everything and every single being around us is a master. Every plant and every ant is a master. The Master is everywhere as being a master has nothing to do with personality.

The Diviners organization was founded in India by Ojas Oneness in 2014. It was created to offer the world a path of spiritually awakened transformation by way of meditation and the arts. Our platform is to unite awakened artists and people living consciously around the world to support world peace and encourage the celebration of Life.